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3 Tips for Grooms

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It is true the bride is the main focus of the wedding day. Everybody is curious to see how beautiful the bride is, what type of dress she has shown, what she has done with her hair and how she is shining. That doesn't mean the groom should not be in the lime light as well. In fact I encounter a lot of grooms on their wedding day that can benefit from this post.

1. The Suit

It sounds strange especially when most grooms choose for a tailored suit but a lot of grooms wear a suit that is to tight. When I ask a groom to sit or squat down they can't do so comfortably and tell me the suit is to tight. When selecting a suit it is far better to choose pants that have a loser fit and actually need a belt than a pair of pants that is tight at the seems. The same applies to the length of the pants that are in general to long. Most grooms do not wear a suit often but when you try on a suit squat down and sit down as well and see if it feels comfortable.

2. Phone, wallet, etc.

I am always suprised to see grooms who put keys, a (thick) wallet, a phone or all of the above in their pants pocket. This doesn't benefits anybodies silhouet I can tell you that. If you have to take a wallet or phone along with you put it in the inside pocket of your jacket. But best is to leave them at home. Let everybody call your best man and make sure everything is payed for in advantage or let all money related things be taken care of so you can look sharp in your suit.

3. Shoes

If you are not used to walk in dress shoes and you buy nice pair of leather shoes be aware that you have to break them in wll in advance of the wedding day. Do not wait to wear them on your wedding day for the first time. You might get sore feet or are slipping and slding on all those shiny floors.

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