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2nd shooter

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A second shooter might be a common thing in the US however this is (still) not the case in the Netherlands. Why would you want to have a second shooter anyway? Doesn't it cost it much more than a one (wo)man photographer?

The answer to the first question is very easy. Two pair of eyes see more than one. As a photographer it is becoming increasingly more important to not only shoot preparation photo's of the bride but of the groom as well. As they are usually preparing in two separate places it is virtually impossible to be in two places at the same time. Comes in that the second shooter can be with the groom while I take the preparation shots of the bride.

But there is more. When we got married the wedding photographer had every shot except the kiss. I knew that when that happened. She shot with flash and the flash went of after our kiss. I was so full of emotion that I never thought to kiss again. With a second shooter I decrease the change of missing a shot, an important shot like the kiss. But I also have the advantage of a second perspective. There are times that I can not move to another position like in a church during the ceremony. Where I can not walk around and there are perspectives that work better from one angle than another. For those times it is even more reason to have a second shooter on site.

But what about the cost? This depends off course on the photographer in the first place. I may not be the cheapest photographer but I think it is important to guarantee my customers the best quality available for the best price. Therefore I provide my clients with a second shooter. It is not optional but it is part of the package.

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