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Leiden Schiedam Wedding Preview: Kriszta & Myrko

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It looked like a rainy day, a rainy day in November but it was in fact a very special day as it was the wedding day of Kriszta and Myrko. What a special day it turned out to be. They organised this wedding in a very short timeframe and made it a perfect day.

While the day started with rain, it ended with a clear sky near the Mills of Schiedam, the miracle of Dutch weather at work. Starting today with a small preview. More to come soon.

Zandvoort Vooges Wedding: Femke + Peter

They were in the Florida Keys and Peter had been thinking about a proposal and when to ask her. He brought a ring and when they went out to capture the setting sun on video Peter had other plans. So in the lights of the setting sun he went down on one knee and asked Femke to marry him and she said yes.

Just like this past week she said yes again and again on the beach. The sun was not setting but luckily it was shining bright and had enough time to stay out and capture this perfect day. I am so happy that Annerieke pointed Femke and Peter my way because it gave us the possibie to capture their wedding. We are honored to have been there to capture your day. Have fun in Spain while reliving your wedding day for the second time.

If you want to see more of this wedding CLICK HERE FOR THE SLIDESHOW

Zandvoort Vooges Wedding Preview: Femke + Peter

Category: Photography | Wedding

Sometimes you meet the love of your life when you least expect it, when you work together for what seems like ages and then one day you look up and you know. When Femke and Peter found each other they first denied it, like that was even possible. That by saying nothing was going on that would make it so. But love is stronger, love can't be denied and love will concur all in the end. 

That is so true for Femke and Peter. Working together they found each other, fell in love and were happy to say I do in front of a small group of family and friends. As always a small preview.

Kasteel de Wittenburg Wedding: Rachella + Felix

It was a perfect day, a perfect couple, a perfect location, perfect organisation with perfect weather. All family and friends dressed the part for this special occassion because as the location and the couple all of their guests looked just as beautiful.

They were both a little nervous and when they spoke the words I do a smile never left their faces for the remainder of the day. They were both so happy to be husband and wife. They laughed, kissed, toasted, dances, ate and were married.

Rachella and Felix we feel so blessed that you allowed us to be part of your special day. You two are beautiful, with a beautiful daughter and beautiful familiy. Have a great honeymoon in Spain.

If you want to see more of this beautiful wedding. CLICK THIS LINK FOR THE SLIDESHOW

Rachella's brother prepared a beautiful speech for his sister and brother inlaw

Dress: Ladybird

Shoes: Rainbow

Suit: Corneliani

Bouquet, Boutenier and floral arrangements: Stijlvol Groen

Wedding and Party Location: Kasteel de Wittenburg

Weddingcake: Kasteel de Wittenburg

Wedding coordinator: Astrid Blaauw


One year ago today: Meike + Martijn

Category: Wedding

A romantic wedding in the heart of Amsterdam. On a beautiful location with people they cherish but most of all each other. Because one year ago today Meike and Martijn said I do. I hope that this romantic day turned into a romantic first year.

Meike and Martijn congratulations to this first milestone, to many more.

Published Bruid en Bruidegom Magazine: Judith en Wim

It was a beautiful wedding and to see it in print is a dream come true. The beautiful wedding of Wim and Judith has found it's way into print in the biggest wedding magazine of the Netherlands Bruid en Bruidegom.

You can imagine how proud I am to see the beautiful images in print.

One year ago today: Yulia + Jochem

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525,600 minutes seem enormous. It is in fact the amount of minutes that are part of a year and one year ago today it was the wedding day of Yulia and Jochem. 525,600 moments have passed but I am sure that Yulia and Jochem will remember each and every one of their wedding day.

I hope you had a great first year together.


Amsterdam City Wedding Celebration: Chieri & Itoshi

This may have been one of the most amazing and fun sessions we have ever done. Walking around Amsterdam, looking for little allies, beautiful canals, streets, bikes and squares to photograph in. We found some amazing spots but also rode the tram, toasted with Procecco and found an ice cream car.

Amsterdam showed her best side, the old architecture and the new showing off in the sun. We got the chance to capture Chieri and Itoshi as they were wrapped up in the city and celebrate their wedding like it just happened on that day.

As we said goodbye on Amsterdam Central Station it felt like saying good bye to old friends. Chieri and Itoshi thank you so much for asking us to capture you Wedding Celebration in Amsterdam. We are honored to have shared this beautiful day with you.

If you want to see more of this session VIEW THEIR SLIDESHOW HERE.

Merel of Pure Glamour transformed Chieri into a beautiful Bride.

Chieri you are so beautiful!

Location: Hotel Mauro Mansion

Hair and Make up: Merel from Pure Glamour

Wedding Dress: Privately owned

Shoes: Repetto Paris

Bouquet & Bouteniere: Bloemenhoekje Drenth

Suit, shirt and tie: Brooks Brothers

Shoes: Van Lier

Amsterdam City Wedding Celebration preview: Chieri & Itoshi

Category: Photography | Wedding

She was positively radiant as the make up was being applied, her hair was done and she was transformed into a beautiful bride. All the while Chieri didn't look outside at the rain that was coming down. Like she knew rain would not affect the day. The forecast was good but still we saw rain coming down. But then she stepped into her wedding dress and put on her shoes and something changed. The sky became lighter, the clouds parted. When Itoshi tied his tye and put on his jacket it was official, the rain was gone and the sun came out.

The Mauro Mansion Hotel turned out to be the perfect backdrop for this Wedding Celebration session. Located right in the heart of Amsterdam we could start the session and walk around the city. It was amazing afternoon and there are so many beautiful images to share but here is of course a first sneak peek.

Happy Monday!

The beauty to PASS

Category: Engagement | Wedding

What about the disc? The disc with digital negatives. Every couple wants to have a disc of images from their engagement session or wedding. What I never realised is that the life span of a disc is limited. So eventhough a disc feels secure the truth is it is not. The same applies for a lot of storage devices which makes it a necessity to have a back up of every storage device and keep another copy at separate location. This sound a little over the top but you never know what can happen to a device or your home for that matter so it is good to store a copy at another location.

Besides offering my clients the best possible solution to store their images, I also want to share the images in an environmental consious way. So recently we decided that all of our upcoming engagements and weddings images will be shared digitally. The digital option we provide is via PASS, it is a great way to shoot and share without the disc.

Our couples now have the option to download all of the images to any device they want. You can share the images in an onine album or a slideshow via Facebook and Twitter without having to resize. You can also view the images with the special gallery app for iPhone and Android. Now you will never be without your images, how cool is that. You can even select the images via the gallery for you photo album. All of these goodies come included in our collections. I love it!

The gallery with images is available for a year and every couple has the option to extend so they have their images in the Cloud for a longer period. For couples who really, really, really want a disc we provide one a la Carte on top of the gallery.