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To choose a wedding location

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The summer reached our country. The sun is high up in the sky and that is really nice if you are getting married today. But how difficult is it to choose a wedding venue? Because when you select a venue months before your wedding day you have no idea what it is going to look like on your special day. Do you want to get married in a castle, a mansion or at the beach?

Every location has it's pros and cons so it is good to think about what you wish your wedding day to look like. Especially when photography is important to you it is good to look at a venue from a photography perspective.

So what to consider:

How many people are you inviting for your wedding? Ceremony sites are usually very small. With a lot of people in a tight space you limit the options for the photographer. We photograph with two photographers to reduce this problem but it is alway good to take it into account when selecting your venue.

Look at the light. Especially in castles and mansions the windows are small and high and as a result not a lot of light is getting in creating a difficult situation for the photographer, shadows and backlight. When you want to limit flashlight a light room with natural light has a lot of advantages.

You want to get married outside? An outside wedding during the summer? Consider the timing of the ceremony. Usually wedding ceremonies are in the early afternoon when the sun is high in the sky with hard, direct, unflattering light that result in deep shadows. So consider to hold the ceremony in spot with open shade e.g. the shadow of a big tree, use a tent or a light arbor. If you do not have the option to change the ceremony sight you can always consider the time of the ceremony to late in the afternoon.

Inspiration: The Wedding Notebook

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Love, love, love this beautiful online magazine is a feast for the eyes. Totally focused on weddings with some of the most amazing photography and with real weddings. You can also go to the website of the Wedding Notebook for even more information. So what are you waiting for, get inspired.

Amsterdam DoubleTree by Hilton: Frans and Mark

Today the result of the whole session of Frans and Mark and I can say I am proud and thankfull to all the couples that we had in front of the camera. We had 4 seasons in one weekend, great venues, great vendors to work with, great service when we stayed in the Hilton hotel and 5 beautiful couples to capture.

So you can image that we look forward to show this final set of images of Frans and Mark that we captured at Doubletree by Hilton. Have fun with this sessies.

Location: Doubletree by Hilton Amsterdam

Suits: Roka

Photography: Admiron Photography

Amsterdam DoubleTree by Hilton Preview: Frans and Mark

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We complete our Hilton series with a bang. These two grooms we got to capture were such a great couple. Enthousiastic, funny and real pro's in front of the camera. I was sure they had been in front of the camera many times but they were not, this was a first.

On their wedding day 5 years ago they did not even have a photographer. We had so much fun with the cake, the view and the sun on the balcony. So here the preview of Frans and Mark.

Amsterdam DoubleTree by Hilton: Kirsten and Michiel

Today you can see the result of the session we did with Kirsten and Michiel. We were lucky to get a beauiful day, a beautiful view and a beautiful couple with their beautiful son. So every ingredient available for a great day. Kirsten and Michiel are a great couple. Every look was returned by a smile.

On one of the top floors of the DoubleTree by Hilton venue near Amsterdam Central Station you get treated to an amazing view and an amazing location for a wedding and party. The rooftop garden gives you access to dance the night away.

Amsterdam Hilton by DoubleTree Preview: Kirsten and Michiel

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One of really sweet couples we got to capture was in the Doubletree by Hilton in Amsterdam next to Central Station. Kirsten, Michiel and their little son. What a cute couple and real naturals in front of the camera. Kirsten was also beautified by Liesbeth and looked so beautiful in her wedding dress.

We had clear skies and what a spectacular view you have from up in the Sky Lounge. There is a balcony at the ceremony site and you can see all across Amsterdam. There is also an outside patio where you can see all they way up the IJ canal.

When the sun is out you can't go wrong with this location.

Inspiration: Mag Rouge

Category: Photography | Wedding

Another beautiful magazine to spend with and day dream, provide you inspiration and use on your own wedding day. Because the wedding day is getting more and more personal and couples are adding their own elements to get there.

Magrouge is also filled with big amounts of beautiful photography so have fun reading this great magazine.

Creating Blog Borders

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While the website underwent a major change there are some subtle changes on the blog. The logo, the fonts, pinable images (more on that in a separate post), etc. A couple of years ago I found Blogstomp and I was a fan from day 1. The ease with how I could now create my blog images has changed my life. Recently a new version came out that contain even more features and I am sure they will keep on improving. So with the changes on the website changing the blog borders with BlogStomp was a breeze.

So if you are a photographer and like to simplify your workflow and get amazing blog borders? Go get Blogstomp.

Soestduinen Hilton Wedding Photography: Danielle and Daan

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It felt like a real wedding. The flower girls, the girls parents as audience, the fully decorated ceremony site and decorated tables. A classic car waiting outside. All ingredients were available for a beautiful wedding session. Only the sun didn't show but with a beautiful couple as Danielle and Daan we didn't even notice.

The Hilton Soestduinen venue is located in a beautiful forestlike environment and a great location for a wedding as you can see in the images below.

Location: Hilton Soestduinen

Hair and make-up: Tess from Tess Schoonackers Visagie

Photography: Admiron Photography


Soestduinen Hilton Wedding Photography Preview: Danielle and Daan

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The suite in the Hilton Soestduinen was buzzing with anticipation. A bottle of champagne was on ice, chocolad covered strawberry waiting to be eaten and three little bridesmaids in white dresses could not wait while Danielle and Daan were just about ready. Make up artist Tess applied the finishing touch and Danielle was a radiant bride again.

What a super sweet couple Danielle and Daan are. So in love and happy to get "married" again. Hilton Soestduinen was a perfect backdrop for this session. Here a small preview.