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Biggest Bridal Trends Simply Bridal

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Every year new trends can be found in the wedding industry the changes are often subtile but it is nice to see what is hot right now. Even though it is already 2014 I like to share the wedding trends from this past season so you have an idea what to look for all things wedding that have been made possible by Simply Bridal. Just double click on the image so you can take a look at the whole image.

Gift from Simply Bridal to start the year right

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A new year usually starts with a lot of resolutions and I have a good resolution for the readers of this blog and that is start with a gift. At the end of 2013 I had the pleasure getting to know Catherine of Simply Bridal. They offer beautiful wedding gowns, bridesmaids dresses, evening wear and amazing accessories at a great price! The best part is that they have expanded their shipping and now also ship to the Netherlands and there offer their range of great dresses to brides here.

To celebrate this I have the honor to give all readers and brides of this blog a discount code on items of Simply Bridal (not including shipping). The discount code expires on the 5th of February 2014 so go and have a look on Simply Bridal and if you see something of your liking use discount code: SBL280RS at check out.

Now isn't that a great way to start the new year especially if you are getting married this year! Happy shopping.

3 Tips for Grooms

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It is true the bride is the main focus of the wedding day. Everybody is curious to see how beautiful the bride is, what type of dress she has shown, what she has done with her hair and how she is shining. That doesn't mean the groom should not be in the lime light as well. In fact I encounter a lot of grooms on their wedding day that can benefit from this post.

1. The Suit

It sounds strange especially when most grooms choose for a tailored suit but a lot of grooms wear a suit that is to tight. When I ask a groom to sit or squat down they can't do so comfortably and tell me the suit is to tight. When selecting a suit it is far better to choose pants that have a loser fit and actually need a belt than a pair of pants that is tight at the seems. The same applies to the length of the pants that are in general to long. Most grooms do not wear a suit often but when you try on a suit squat down and sit down as well and see if it feels comfortable.

2. Phone, wallet, etc.

I am always suprised to see grooms who put keys, a (thick) wallet, a phone or all of the above in their pants pocket. This doesn't benefits anybodies silhouet I can tell you that. If you have to take a wallet or phone along with you put it in the inside pocket of your jacket. But best is to leave them at home. Let everybody call your best man and make sure everything is payed for in advantage or let all money related things be taken care of so you can look sharp in your suit.

3. Shoes

If you are not used to walk in dress shoes and you buy nice pair of leather shoes be aware that you have to break them in wll in advance of the wedding day. Do not wait to wear them on your wedding day for the first time. You might get sore feet or are slipping and slding on all those shiny floors.

One year ago today Schiedam Wedding Kriszta + Myrko

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Thinking back on this wedding makes me smile. We were refered by one of my clients and it was all very short notice as the bride was just out of the hospital after an operation and they would leave to move to the other side of the world shortly after. But it was still a great wedding day and this time it was held in a windmill where Kriszta and Myrko said 'I do' to each other. A year has passed and I hope it has been a great first year for these two.


Selecting you album images - 3 tips

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Even though not every couple decides to get one I think every wedding deserves an album. Just like with every childhood album you might not look at it every day but opening up your book every now and then really is fun to look back and see the images. It just is different to see it in book than on your laptop.

But how do you select the images for your wedding album in today's blog three tips.

1. Tell the story

When you receive a couple of hundred images how do you select the images for the album? I am a big believer in having my couples select the images and add images that I think should be included but the images that mean the most to the couple should be featured in their album. Moments that my couples find important might be different than what I would select. Look for images that tell your story and take moments from every part of the day. Try to limit selecting images that look similar. Choose the one that speaks to you the most. As a photographer I try to do this already when selecting the images but when reducing images that go in the album look this applies even more.

2. Look for details

Combine images of people with images of detail. Images we capture always include a lot of details and when creating an album this adds to the variety of the album. Especially if you have invested a lot of time and resources on details make sure they are featured.

3. Less is more

In a thirty page album I advise my couples to select about forty to fifty images. In my experience albums become more beautiful to watch and enjoy if they are not overcrowded. So even if you would like to put every image in your album be selective and choose the ones you love the most.

Lovely magazine

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With the fall in full swing and lots of rain and wind it is an excellent time to cuddle up near a fire and read a beautiful magazine. I love the Wedding notebook and they have a new installment available. So take a look at all the pretty they are sharing here.


3 things to consider when choosing your getting ready location

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The getting ready part of the wedding day might be one of the most fun moments of the day. Everything is about to unfold, some brides are nervous and panick at every turn where other bride are the calmness self. A lot of brides choose their getting ready location with sentimental reasons like the room they grew up. Other choose a suite in a hotel room while others get ready in their own home.

With a lot of family and friends present here three things consider when you choose your getting ready location.

Consider the size of the location you are getting ready in

Especially when you want images of the getting ready part of the day choose a location that has enough space. If you have a make up artist, a hairdresser, girl friends, mother a childhood room can grow crowded very fast. Choose a location that is not to tight, that allows all of the people present to walk around including a photographer and a videographer if you have one.

Consider a room that has larg windows to provides enough day light

Images are light and so have plenty of light helps create beautiful images. If windows with harsh direct light it might help to cover them with sheer curtains to filter the light into the room. With lot's of natural light there is no need to use artifical light, lamps or a flash which benefits the end result.

Consider a neutral location

Put a lot of girls together and before you know it you will have a mountain of stuf in one place. When choosing your getting ready location consider a room that has a neutral background if it is an option e.g. choose a room in a hotel. Hotels usually have clear and clean backgrounds that do not draw a lot of attention and puts the bride into the spot light.

If you choose a bedroom e.g. take a look at distracting elements and remove them from view. You will be so happy to see a clean background in your images.


Choosing a wedding location

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Choosing a wedding location might be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make when you are getting married. The problem is that there are so many different type of locations to choose from so how do you make a selection?

If there is any type of advice to give I like to give some here on the blog. 

Limit the number of locations

Now that you can get married almost anywhere you want, there is hardly any limit in your options. What I found is that selecting one/limited amount of location(s) to get married, have your reception, diner and party is peace of mind. If you have multiple locations you have to consider how to get there, traffic to get there, parking at the various locations. One location makes that so much easier and with enough stress on your wedding day don't add more stress by having to get to many different locations.

Consider the size

A lot of couples start out thinking they only have a hand full of family and friends they want to invite and select their location(s) on this number but along the way more and more people are added to the list. Then on the wedding day the number of people that have to fit in the ceremony room is much larger than expected. So when you select a wedding venue keep in the back of your mind that it can fit an growing number of guests.

What about the backdrop

A photographer can make anything work can see beautiful imagery in dark and dim surrounding. But a beautiful surrounding can add significantly to your wedding photos. So if photography is a priority consider your location from a photography perspective.


One year ago today Zandvoort Wedding Femke Peter

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One year ago today Femke and Peter got married. How fast this year has passed! Congratulations Femke and Peter to many more happy years together.

Inspiration: Wedding Magazine Fluttermag

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It is all about inspiration here at Admiron Photography so I have to share a next episode of this beautiful magazine. Take a look and be inspired.