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den Heyligen Berg Wedding: Neeltje & Patrick

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Today the selection of Neeltje and Patricks Wedding at den Heyligen Berg on Thursday. When I went through their selection I was still amazed by the peace and quite of the surroundings so close to the town of Amersfoort in Leusden. A location that Neeltje and Patrick found when they went for a drive. They just knew eachother but had a cup of tea with some nice cake and thought, if we ever get married this would be the place. It was not a wedding location then, but since the beginning of this year its and the perfect backdrop for this wedding.

As we were at the location earlier, the wedding party had not yet arrived and it was still dry then we took the opportunity to take there wedding photographs. A very good decision as we had some rain later on and the newly weds could stay with their guests for the remainder of the afternoon. We walked around the beautiful garden of den Heyligen Berg and had some fun with the tractor.

Every item in itself was a natural prop that looked great in the shots and Neeltje and Patrick were absolute naturels. I did not have to give them any direction and the result is amazing. These two are really made for eachother, true soulmates ready to walk every road together. Neeltje and Patrick thank you for this great day and I wish you both long, long roads to walk together.

To see more of this wedding click here for the slideshow.

They were in their own world.

Two of my favorites of the day

Give me some attitude, baby!

Neeltje was truly glowing!

Neeltje's grandfather was beaming with pride


So happy she said YES!!!

Some amazing cakes made by den Heyligen Berg.

den Heyligen Berg Wedding Preview: Neeltje & Patrick

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We connected via the Internet last weekend. It was all on short notice but we pulled it off. Me photographing their wedding, the wedding of Neeltje and Patrick. We are not like other ordinary couples, Neeltje told me on the phone and she was right. No traditions for these two but a celebration of their love. In an amazing location, the teahouse of den Heyligen Berg, with people who are near and dear to them. So they had a wedding party of about 40 close family and friends. But one thing was for sure, you could feel the love. The love that everyone was feeling for this couple. But above all you could feel the love between Neeltje & Patrick, they most definitely glowed!

They had an outdoor wedding and the sun came out just after they exchanged their vows. The rain came just a little later, after everyone had congratulated them but they were so relaxed about it: Rain is a blessing!! and I know they are right.

So here a first preview.

Details, details Food and more

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I mentioned in an earlier post how wedding photography is changing. It used to be all about the bride, then the groom found an more important spot as well but no wedding album is complete without details. Food is one of those items that becoming more important during the wedding day.

Usually every couple has a lunch or diner (or both) planned during their wedding day. A lot is spend on table setting, on color and styling of the food. So instead of just eating it, it now becomes a major part of the photography as well.

It is not just about the food but also an excellent way to show the mood of the day and as vendors try their best to present it in an appealing, inviting way, photography can do it even more justice when it is capture in this fashion. Makes you want to take a bite when you see the pictures.

Details, details the groom

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Only a couple of years ago all the attention in wedding photography was on the bride. The big reveal from the stairs had to be one of the shots in the wedding album. This trend in bridal photography has changed dramatically as now the whole preparation is a big part of wedding photography and the wedding album. It is the beginning of the story and I think should be captured whether the photographer is there for a couple of hours or for the whole day.

Usually the groom would literally be in the picture when he would come to get his bride to take her to the courthouse or church. Now again a shift is visible, as the preparation of the groom is becoming more important. What to photograph? The shoes, the suit, adjusting the tye, tying a shoe lace or adjusting the cufflinks. As a fan of details I like this shift in wedding photography because it brings more balance in an album but it also gives the bride insight in how he her husband to be, is preparing for this big day. A moment they experience separate from one another but now can actually share.

The Story is in the Details

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I look at the white clouds that pass along my window. The trees have leafs on them, the garden is in bloom and the warmth is tickling my skin. My eyes adjust to the bright light and look around me. The newspaper that is waiting to be read. Email that undoubtley needs my attention. I see the roses that are in bloom and look so pretty. We are in the middle of the story of 2010. With photography I do not have this film of life but a single image I capture every single time. The power of a single photograph should have enough impact to tell a story in just one single frame.

I love to capture details, the dress, shoes, accessories, flowers. It is the foundation of every wedding story. As a photographer it is a special experience to be part of it without being in it. Especially with the bride. To capture in the best way possible all the choice she has made these past months to look ther prettiest on her special day.

I see a lot of weddings that do not start at the beginning and that is okay. But just like with every story, a wedding day has a beginning, a middle and an end. If I can recommend anything I would say start your day at the beginning, start with the details. The big ones and the small and let it tell the complete picture.

Showit Web

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I have tried a lot of slideshow creators but I must admit that now that I have Showit Web I have finally found the one. The ease and speed with which I can create a slideshow and publish it on the web is amazing. I love it! It is now part of every Admiron Photography Collection. It has the option for you to email it to friends and family and share it.

If you are a photographer and considering purchasing Showit Web you can use the promotion code of Jasmine Star: STAR and you will be eliable for a $50 discount.

To show you what it looks like see one of my slide shows here.

Sorrento Wedding: Kanika and Peter

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They met 6 years ago when they worked for the same company. They say eachother and that was it. A done deal. Peter saw the sparkle in Kanika's eyes and wanted to get to know this beautiful girl. Wanted to look into her eyes for the rest of his life and Kanika wanted nothing more.

But the company had a strict policy regarding office romance and while they could keep it a secret for a while at some point they had to make a choice. Well they choose love! The love that was sealed into marriage in Sorrento.

I have never experienced a couple so relaxed. Rain was pouring down, the forecast was anything from sunny but they did not panic. They justed trusted upon the fact that everthing would be okay. They only thing they needed on this special day was eachother and that was enough. Well it was and the sun came out like a soft sweet kiss. When these two looked at each other you could see that sparkle, you could see their eyes light up.

Kanika and Peter you have a love for eachother visible for everyone to see. Look into each others eyes and see that sparkle, cherish now and forever.

I am so proud I was part of your celebration and could document your love for each other and everybody around you.

Here are the long awaited photo's! If anyone likes them as much as I do write a comment. Have a great Thursday

Peter wrote a letter to his bride which brought a tear to Kanika's eyes

Kanika's letter brought a smile on Peters face

Look at little Noah don't you think he is almost as cute as the bride? He was amazing all day no cry what so ever.

Kanika's brother was her witness

Peter and his best man

Look at that sparkle in her eyes!

Kanika was touched by her mothers words.

Such beautiful words from mama Fehr touching everyones heart

We did it!

It was raining confetti

Auguri! Best Wishes

There was Eureka written on the wall and they could not contain themselves

We had so much fun

The opening dance

We had an amazing sunset

Indian Wedding: Kanika

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Well here they are! I am really excited to show you all, the end result of the photographs of the Indian Wedding evening for Kanika. How to edit a set like this? There were so many great ones to choose from. As I said on Wednesday it was a super evening and I still feel very blessed to have been part of it. The funny part is that although I have experienced most of the evening watching through my camera it feels I have experienced it super intensely.

And look at the colors of all the Indian dress. They were so beautiful and bright which gave the evening color. I loved the outfit of Kanika. Her dad Ashok purchased the outfit but when the sales lady asked him what size he wanted for his daughter large, medium or small he had no idea. So he looked around the shop and when he saw that one of the girls was about the same size as his daughter he asked her if she could put the dresses on. And she was willing to model the dresses. As you can see the dress fitted perfectly.

Well enjoy!

Every one wanted to capture Kanika!

The bangle ceremony

Delicious food.

Indian singing and chanting

Night fall in Sorrento

And then Peter joined the party!

Peters shirt said Game Over but really the fun and games are just beginning

Sorrento Wedding Preview: Kanika & Peter

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Today was the wedding day of Kanika and Peter. It was finally here and I was super exicited. But I woke up to a wooshing sound and when I looked outside I could not believe my eyes. It was raining! Oh no. No, no, no. It is not going down like this. A destination wedding in the south of Italy we were not having any rain. I was determined to wear of the rain, I guess we all were.

Even though it rained again an hour and half before the ceremony something magical happened, which got to be proof Kanika and Peter had an angel looking out for them, because the sun came out! When we went to the Cloister the sun appeared and kept on shining all the way through the ceremony, which was absolutely beatiful.

This wedding was a celebration of love, a celebration of the love between Kanika an Peter but also the love they share for their families and friends. All around the Cloister you could feel this energy, you could feel the love. There was even a moment for the love ones that are in their hearts, and it had everybody shedding some tear, myself included. 

The most touching and memorable moments of the day, was when the mothers of Kanika and Peter addressed the newly weds. It touched everybody when they shared words of wisdom on what it takes to have a happy marriage and these ladies are subject matter experts, as they both have been married for more than 30 years (Peters parent exactly 50 years!).

We had a great time after the ceremony shooting some great shots. I share a couple today and will share more next week.

Oh and rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck!

Look at this light!

They look fabulous together.

Doesn't she look lovely?

Sorrento here I am

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After a bumpy flight and a bus ride of almost 2 hours I arrived in the city of Sorrento. In Naples the sky was dark en cloudy but as we came closer to Sorrento the sky cleared and the evening sun appeared. Tomorrow is the wedding but on this evening a special Indian ceremony is held for Kanika where all her family and friends gather and share in a number of Indian rituals that show their love for the bride to be. Show that they support the bride in her marriage and in a special ceremony the bride receives braclets so she can bless all the single ladies in this wedding party to show them the way. To support the Indian theme of the ceremony a lot of family members and friends wore Indian sarees and bracelets for the women and Indian dress for the men.

As a lot of family and friends came from all of the world so this evening was also a very good occassion to get acquinted. It was a very special evening with ceremony, rituals, blessings, singing, eating and drinking. I have never witnessed a ceremony like before and it was quite an experience and a memorable evening.

The lovely Kanika looked absolutely stunning in Indian dress. The only one that was not allowed in the ceremony was Peter but at the end of the night he was allowed to come and join the party which he did. I will show more soon!

As it is late a quick preview of a number of photographs and then sleep.