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Dennis and Marine's Album Design

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It is done! The album design of Dennis and Marine is finished and I am really happy with result. When creating the album I realised what a beautiful wedding this had been. The album design showed their day with all the amazing moments and how beautiful they both look, a couple in love. The final result will be a 30cmx30cm album.

If you want to see the full result you can look here.

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Trouwbranche borrel - Noordwijk

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I was at the Trouwbranche borrel for the first time yesterday. An initiative of the stichting Nederlandse Trouwbranche Organisatie. Brenda Leusink started this organisation to improve the quality and the professionality in the wedding industry. On a regular bases she organises together with sponsors a drink where companies in the wedding industry can meet and connect. This time the drinks were in 't Klooster Podium, a church and chapel near the sea. An interior design, art gallery but also a wedding location.

Coincidentally I was called by NTBO if I wanted to take some images during the drinks to show the surroundings, the people and the fabulous styling. I had my camera with me so as I did not know a lot of people I could walk around and photograph. It was a good place to meet other photographers en share our experiences. Besides drinks there was beautiful pasterie and good food from All Class Catering.

A small impression of the evening.

Brenda started the evening with a word of welcome

Miran van 't Klooster told about the location and on the theme of styling.

The styling was awesome!

Classic singer Maaike Kitslaar sang a beautiful song and she did it all without any microphone

Thank you card

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When I got married 7 years ago I was very common that after the honeymoon the weddingphoto's would be ready for viewing. The photography studio would make a thank you card that could be purchased separately. So after a couple of weeks all invitees to the wedding would receive a thank you card fom the married couple. We also did it like this. Well in this day and age that can be done so much faster, it can be created on the wedding day.

One of my couples asked me prior to their wedding if it would be possible to create a thank you card that could be printed and ready before the end of the evening so that they could give all friends and family a thank you card. Based upon their invitation I created a thank you card in advance which required a photo that I could include on the wedding day. As we made portraits during the first look I had a number of options for them to choose from. They had found a photo print shop in advance that was able to print the requested amount of cards and one of the wedding coordinators could pick them up.

That way the cards could be handed out at the end of the evening giving everybody there an immediate reminder of a great day.

De Deining Wedding: Mireille & René Part II

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Here it is, part II of the amazing wedding of René and Mireille. There were so many details to shoot on their wedding day and I know how René and Mireille love details so we could eat our hearts out. The sun did not show it's face but we had about fifteen minutes before dinner to shoot on the beach and they turned out great. René could not stop smiling and Mireille was positively radiant.

But that was nothing compared to what René and Mireille had in store for all their guests as opening dance. They made a mix of songs starting in the 60's up until 2010 and created their own choreography to these songs. It was absolutely amazing and the Booming Piano's kept the crowd on the floor all night long.

René and Mireille hope you have a great time in Marocco on your honeymoon. I want to thank for allowing me to document your wedding and being one of the first to trust in me. Thank you, thank you.

If you want to see more of this wedding check the slideshow here.

The mothers also had an emotional speech in store

An then the dancing started!

The Booming piano's kept everyone on the dance floor all night!

Landgoed Waterland Wedding: Mireille & René Part I

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They met exactly 10 years ago for the first time during Alkmaars Ontzet. She was with her girlfriends and he was with his friends. They saw eachother, chatted and went their separate ways. They met again for the second time that night and set up a date to go swimming with the two groups, the girls and boys. Well René was the only one of the guys who showed up. They had fun, saw eachother more than once in the months that followed but the flame ignited behind a deep fryer on new years eve. Well that flame has kept on burning and if you would see them today you would think they just met. Their flame is still burning full force.

Just 4 months ago on the Piazza San Marco René went down on one knee and asked Mireille to marry him. Violins were playing in the background and Mireille's eyes filled with tears. It could have easily been a movie scene. Off course Mireille said yes. The violins stopped playing and the people on the piazza sheered, not clear if it was for the violin player or for the proposal of René but they did not care they were getting married.

Well 4 months later their wedding day has turned out nothing short of spectacular. It was a long day with so many memorable moments that I decided to dedicate two posts to this wedding. I was touched by the way Mireille and Rene's family took care of us during the day. Their lovely parents and grand mothers made us feel so welcome.

Here an impression of the morning and the ceremony at the Waterland Estate. Check back soon for Part II and the slideshow.

Mireille got her beautiful dress at Joyful Day Bruidsmode

Beautiful jewellery that complemented her dress in every way.

Mireille's mother made sure her daughter looked her best on this day.

At the same time René was getting ready at home.


Love this shot that Toinie made of René trying to get his tye right.

Not only René was waiting to see his bride but Mireille's father had not seen his daughter.

All this while René was waiting anxiously for his bride


A classic first look

Love these!

René had to take another look at Mireille


Mireille's niece was the ring bearer on her birthday.


An emotional moment between father and daughter.

Everybody was touched when Laura, René and Mireille's sister in law, sang as a surprise for them the song Une Belle Histoire.

The amazing cake from Patisserie Tummers

Landgoed Waterland took care of a light lunch.

A touching speech from Mireille's father.

We got like 5 minutes for some shot in Waterland but René and Mireille rocked them out!

Mireille looked absolutely stunning

We had the privilege to work with two amazing wedding coordinators, Thessa of NJoy & Party and Astrid of Astrid Blaauw Weddings & Events on this day. These two ladies made sure everything was running smoothly on both venues and it was a pleasure to work with them.


Landgoed Waterland, De Deining Wedding Preview: Mireille & René

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I have been looking forward shooting their wedding for months and now it was finally here. What an amazing day it turned out to be!

I remember how Mireille and myself (still find it so funny that we share the same name) talked about the wedding day and I told her how I had been crying just about all through my wedding day because I thought everything was so beautiful and special. All these people that came out to celebrate with us.

Well we not only share the same name but we share also a little of the same emotion I guess. Because there were some tears ched on Friday when René and Mireille got married, tears of joy and happiness, tears of emotions and tears of love. The Waterland Estate was packed to the roof with all their family and friends who were there to witness their union and who wanted to be part of their wedding day. René and Mireille felt it, the love of the people around them for them, who wanted to wish them well.

They all came back to party in De Deining beach club and off course we had to go out on the beach for some shots. Mireille looked absolutely stunning and could not stop smiling.

Here a first photo.

Begijnhof Church Wedding: Marine & Dennis

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When they met in college they had one thing in common, they both played tennis. They met each other and probably thought they would never have anything further in common than that. They did not even made an impression on each other or did they? Because it turned out that they had more in common than they realised. Like both being from Europe, both being a little headstrong and as it turned they really liked, no, loved each other.

When Dennis showed a photograph of Marine to his parents saying she was just a girl, the flush on his cheeks gave his real feelings for her away. They knew that this girl had found the key to their sons heart, game, set and match no doubt. If you have met Marine you know why, he lost his heart to her because she is such a beautiful woman.

On Saturday family and friends from France, the United States and the Netherlands shared in their special moment in the beautiful Begijnhof Church where they became husband and wife. Where the sun came out to shine its warm rays on every one there. It was a beautiful day from start to finish.

Marine and Dennis I am proud and honored that you allowed us to document your day. Every photograph we took put a smile on our face, you two are beautiful people. I hope Holland will stay in your hearts, no matter were you may travel in the future.

To see more of Marine & Dennis wedding, click here for their slideshow.

Dennis was a man on a mission. He could not wait to meet his bride.

We saw this car and I thought this will make a great backdrop. I was right.

One of my favorites. Beautiful!

Love, love, love!

The advantage of having a second shooter. Two perspectives.

Their first dance.

Begijnhof Church Wedding Preview: Marine & Dennis

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Do you know that feeling when you are cold and somebody wraps a blanket around you, gives you a cup of tea and puts you in front of the fire place to make sure that you get warm? Well that is how it felt this past weekend when we shot the wedding of Marine and Dennis. What an amazing couple, an amazing master of ceremony and what an amazing family. All such warm people, who made us feel so welcome and made sure we were well taken care off during the day.

In the process we were part of this beautiful church wedding were a lot of their close family and friends gathered to witness and be part of this celebration of love. All the praying of this past week for good weather helped because the rain stayed away, the sun came out and it turned out to be one of these spellbinding moments in time when everything is just right.

I off course want to leave you with a first preview of Marine and Dennis. More to come.

Berkel en Rodenrijs Wedding: Esterella & Martin

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There is love that grows surely but steadily, one step at a time and then there is love that is instant, that strikes like lightning. The love between Esterella and Martin is more of the latter. They saw each other for the first time in the bus on their way to Dance Valley, their eyes met and then again and again. And in that instance lightning struck, hard.

At the end of the evening they counted the money in their pockets, shared a hamburger and it was a done deal. We are a couple of years down the road, they are a family now but they are still very much in love. Their eyes lid up when they saw eachother for the first time on their wedding day and it remained that way all through the day.

Martin and Esterella, I wish you both this love for the rest of your lives together, may you forever be reminded of that first look.

To see more of Esterella and Martins wedding, click here for their slideshow.

The girls really loved apples!

Not tack sharp but there is something about this moment between sisters.

Love these! Doesn't Esterella look glamorous


Berkel en Rodenrijs Wedding Preview: Esterella & Martin

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He asked her three times. She said yes every time but then everytime there was a very good reason not to get married (yet). The first time there eldest was born and they decided to postpone, the second time their youngest daughter was born and they decided to postpone. But with the third time it was finally right.

Esterella and Martin probably have something with number three because within three short weeks they managed to set up this wedding and they did a great job. Having a small intimate wedding with their close family.

I am honored that we could shoot this wedding today and document the love between Esterella and Martin. Because one thing is certain after this day. These two are still very much in love and were both absolutely radiant.