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Wedding Inspiration + Honeymoon Lisbon

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Where do you go on your honeymoon? Cruising in the Caribean? Roadtrip in Florida or California? Backpacking in Bali? All great options to relax after an innovating wedding day. But another options is to go and have fun and take a city trip. There a many great locations but one of the great cities to visit is without a doubt Lisbon. It has all the good things to continue the romance and enjoy the first days as newly weds.

The climate, the food, the sights and the lifestyle. Lisbon has it all. So take a look at what you can do on a honeymoon trip to Lisbon.


One year ago today: Myronne + Bart

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A lovely and intimite wedding. With tears of joy and happiness. Everyone who was there could feel how happy Myronne and Bart were to say I do to eachother. I hope that this happy day turned into a happy first year with there children.

Myronne and Bart congratulations on this first milestone, to many more to come.

Wedding Inspiration + Lovelines

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The ultimate wedding blog is Style me Pretty and this summer they are sharing a mid year E-glossy. To give you some additional inspiration when you are planning your wedding for the end of this year of even for next year this is a must read. So many beautiful weddings that can give you idea's and inspiration.

Inspired by all this beauty? Get a copy of the Admiron Photography MAGAZINE! Full with beautiful images, tips and advice.

One year ago today: Giullitta + Liselotte

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The day started with rain and it never seemed to stop, but it turned into a beautiful day. Because where the sun didn't show was compensated with a beautiful loving wedding. It is a year ago today and I hope that a loving day turned into a loving first year.

Giullitta and Liselotte congratulation with this first milestone, to many more.

Wedding Inspiration + Grace Ormond

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One of the biggest bridal magazines and inspiration of couples getting married is Grace Ormond Wedding Style. As a photographer it would be an absolute dream to be featured in her magazine. Oh well we have to dream about something.

Normally the magazine is only available in hard copy and usually only in the US. Well I received the message in my mailbox that Grace Ormond Wedding Style now published their first digital version. That is great news because it is one beautiful magazine that inspires not only brides. So for everyone to share here on the blog the digital edition. I love it!


Wedding inspiration + flowers

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Call me old fashioned but I like a wedding bouquet for a bride. A bouquet of real flowers. In the color theme or just simple and white. Why? Because it complements the bride and it makes her even more beautiful than she already is.

So if you are thinking whether or not to choose one, don't hesitate. Here is why.

One year ago today: Cenda and Drikus

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A year ago today it was so warm it felt like high summer. It was the day that Cenda and Drikus said Ido. It was a glorious  day and I hope it turned into a glorious year. Congratulations on their first anniversary.


Wedding style

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Love is a beautiful thing, it is and different for everyone. That is why I like weddings so much because everybody celebrates this day in their own style. Some big and lavishly while others keep it small and intimite.

I like to revisit my images every now and then and see if there is more behind and image. To give it a new or different feel to it and show case it here on the blog.

Have a great day today!


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There is something about the light, the shadows at 12.00 noon, the colors that gives it away immediately. The light of the mediterian. Where the sun is already shining brightly in March and stays like that until late autumn. So a great reason to go  down south and choose a beautiful location to get married. The light, the weather, the food, the feeling of the place, all pretty good reasons to choose for a destination wedding.

True that a smaller group of people are likely to join you but if you can choose between the people that matter most or a big party that can for some be an easy choice. And a lot of other reasons will apply but after I attended the destination wedding of Peter and Kanika in Sorrento I would be more than happy to shoot this type of wedding any day of the week.

You must admit if this is the view from your wedding location then the answer to a destination wedding is easy: I do.

Featured on Coeur Events & Weddings

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It is Monday and I am happy to say that I am featured on the blog of Coeur Events & Weddings which is run by Marit. She is a great weddingplanner and life saver when it comes to couples that have a wedding date but are in serious need of help to make their wedding day dream come alive. But Marit provides not only wedding services but also organises your business event so go check out her site.

If not for the last part for this sweet introduction of Admiron Photography. So go ahead and take a look at this great features and all the services that Coeur can provide.