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When a picture literally says more than a 1000 words

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I came across a great post this weekend that showed how you can be more creative with Photography in Photoshop. I found it on the site of Layers Magazine one of the magazine of the NAPP the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. I became a member in 2008 and am loving all that they do for photographers, designers and anyone who like to know more about the Adobe products. The have a magazine called Photoshop User Magazine, the have Photoshop User TV with almost weekly episode where they show tips, tricks and a whole lot more of what Photoshop can do. They host Photoshop World which I told you about a couple of weeks ago. They also host Layers TV for anything Adobe and D-town for photographer that all follow the same rules, showing you how to get the best out of your tools and gear. 

But anyway back to the picture and the 1000 words. I do not remember what I was checking out when I came across this post but it definitely got my attention. So I tried to convert a self portrait into a pictures that says more than a 1000 words. I really liked the result. If you want to know how it is done you can find it here

So what do you think? The original and the end result. I think it looks pretty cool.

Adobe CS5 preview for photographers

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Yesterday was the big reveal. A first look at some of the new features of the Creative Suite 5. In a total of 36 minutes 30 features were discussed. Julieanne Kost Adobe Evangilist presented the features for photographers. In short these were the features:

1. Extensive HDR support
2. Improved removal of noise reduction and dark room features like image grain, dodge/burn and vignetting
3. Automated lens correction features
4. Content aware fill (remove an object and fill with what the background will be)
5. Advanced Painting features

Here some captures of this preview. If you like to see Jullieanne herself take a look at this video.


Shout out!

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The other day I came across such a fabulous blog that I had to give a shout out via my blog in order to share this information. I am a fan of Adobe products and have the entire CS4 suite. I came across the coffeetea blog where Rita is sharing a lot of great tips, actions and other freebies for Photoshop and Elements.

I have already downloaded a number of actions and really like them. She provides a nice instruction with the download and has the actions available for Photoshop and Elements. Like I have said a couple of time before you have got to love the Internet when you can go online and find someone who is super nice and wants to share.

So go and check it out this great blog

BlogEngine and Linkwithin widget

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While surfing the Internet I came across a really nice tool that can be embedded within just about any blog. As you can see at the end of each blog post there are a number of photo thumbnails that links through to other stories on my blog. This service is provided by LinkWithin and can be found on their website for free! You can choose between 3, 4 and 5 photo thumbnails. After applying your website or blog on their website you will receive an unique website identifier that will index the stories on your site. The code available should be stored in two files, the site.master file. The code can be stored just before the </blog> command in this file and saved.

To position the thumbnails on your page you can insert <div class="linkwithin_div"></div> where you want in the postview.ascx file and you are ready to roll. I really love the design and the way it fits just about any site. You can adjust the text that appears above the widget to your own liking. The only thing that I have encountered is that the widget will not read all of my blog posts. It only indexes the stories that are part of the first visible page of my blog no idea why it will not index the rest. But still it is a really nice feather and if you want to use it you can go to their site.

To capture or create the magic

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I went to a seminar this weekend on Photoshop and Lightroom. I love the Adobe tools because the possibilities are literally endless. Lightroom is a great tool and far easier to use for photographers to help with your workflow. It helps me organise and structure when in Library mode, while in Development mode I can really develop my pictures on so many levels. The best part of it is it will never destroy you original photograph so you can always go back. Something that can easily go wrong when you do it all in Photoshop. So a very comforting though. But then again Photoshop that is a whole world on its one but an overwhelming one as well. Fabulous integration across the various applications. This tool can help me get the most out of every picture. Can turn a mediocre into an amazing picture.

Going to this seminar I thought I could hold my own with these tools but I was wrong, wrong. If I know 1% of all the possibilities that might be stressing it. Boy how impressed I was when I saw how black and white photographs can be transformed into realistic color photographs. Just seeing a fraction of what these tools hold made me want to jump right in. Try to soak in everything there is to know about it. Impossible I know but that is how I am build. If I want to take it all in, I want to take it all in now. I can't wait. And indeed by the end of the night I was on my laptop trying all sort of tips I received in the seminar.

And then I realised that there is no better way to ignite creativity, inspiration, learning, giving and receiving by opening up to new things. To see what can be learned. Invest in myself, read books, attend seminars, workshops. To make me look for that one picture that is in need of rescue. There are times I just want to capture the magic but I really can get a sense of achievement if I manage to create the magic. That is what these tools provide, the option, the choices. Because nothing can give me a better feeling, a kick, umpf when I have saved a photograph.

But it all starts with inspiration so look here the basis of my workflow.