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The right shoes

Another week has passed by so quickly. It is Friday again and the weekend awaits, the last weekend of February. Time is passing to fast. So I was thinking about a blog post. What should I write about on this Friday? Shoes! Why? You say. Well I would like this blog not only to be a place where i share my work but if possible provide some inspiration and tell you readers what I like. To start of I am not shoe junkie nor Carrie Bradshaw with a closest full of shoes but I can understand why women can get happy just by looking at shoes let alone buy a pair.

Because a good pair of shoes can last you a lifetime, that's probably why women are willing to invest a months pay in the right pair. They will be with you forever. Okay that sound dramatic but it is true. If you maintain them, nourise them properly they will last.

So I am kind of surprised to see that a lot of brides choose shoes they will most likely only wear once. Choosing "real" wedding shoes, saving them in box and put them on only on their wedding day. Selecting shoes that feel comfortable and that look amazing they can have the added bonus that you will have a daily reminder of that great day and wear your amazing shoes over and over again.

So choose something beautiful and wear them again and again.

Happy Friday

A Hair Affair

Some people have a fear of flying, a fear for the dentist, a fear of spyders or dust, I on the other hand have a fear of hairdressers. Well maybe fear is stretching it but I have a tendency to postpone a visit. You see I was born with this straight no curls kind of hair as straight as a doornail. If you see me now that is hard to believe. My sister on the other hand was born with curls. Somewhere during our early years, nature did a reverse on us and Antoinette ended up with the straight easy to comb kind of hair while I got the curls.

It grew fast and hairdressers in our neighborhood had no idea how to cut my hair or advice me what products to use. And my "fear" of hairdressers was born. Fastforwad to 2010 when I decided to have a hair cut and Inge adviced me to visit her hairdresser Dany Diop who cuts blackhair as well. My struggle began and for a year I wondered about the haircut, about when to go, about the result all the while postponing my visit. No idea why but three weeks ago I finally decided to call and make an appointment and I went. Dany is a great hairdresser and put me at ease and I loved the result.

Loaded with a bag full of hair goodies I left his salon feeling light and new, with a promise to Dany. I'll be back!

Happy Friday

And here the result of my hair cut!

Inspiration: Lonny Magazine

I turn up the volume, just a little bit more, stretch my arms while wrapping my hands around the steering wheel, like a race driver about to get into some serious speed. All the while my fingers are tapping along in ritme to the music. When I am alone in my car I am the world #1 entertainer. I sing like nobody is watching/hearing and I am sure no one is or else the glass would've spontaneously burst. I can not sing, never have and mostly likely never will. But it does not stop me from singing out loud. There is no greater feeling. But what does this all have to do with the title of this post Mireille? I have no idea other then shedding some light on who I am and what I like.

As I told more than once I am a reader of everything I can get my hands on. While I have not adjusted to the new thing (read iPad) and not sure I will soon, I have already made the transition to reading magazines online. I read Photoshop User Magazine online, which is great by the way, and a couple of weeks ago I came across Lonny Magazine. We used to eat at a great Indonesion restaurant called Lonny's but this has got nothing to do with this magazine. It is a magazine up to the ceiling with inspiration on living. Best thing is if you see something you like you just click on it an a new browser window will open and shows you to the site. I absolutely love it. No subscription required it is free.

Hope you like it, even if you are not redecorating it is great to look and see. Have a great weekend. Click on the image and a new browser window will open with Lonny.

Things I like Friday

It is Friday and I am distracted while writing this post. In fact I think I have started this post four times or maybe even five tmes. I am having difficulty gathering my thoughs and translating them on to the screen. What do I want to say to you the reader. What do I want to share?

Not something deep or profound on this dull Friday, I just want to share stuff that I really like and for some reason I can not find to words to say just that. So instead of making it more difficult by putting words in this post I am just going to show you the stuff I like! Because the images speak for themselves items of Zara, H&M, Amazon, Levi's 572.

Have a great Friday.

Things I love Friday: Digifoto

It has been a while for Things I love Friday. I love to read and I love photography so today I had the best of both worlds reading magazine Digifoto. A pile of magazines is waiting for me but I started with this one. I like this magazine as it is a nice mix of gear review, portfolio review, different styles of photography. It gives great insight in the world of photography that can be very inspiring.

As a photographer especially a wedding photographer it is so easy to just make the same photograph over and over again. For every client it is new but I want to prevent that in the end my portfolio is the same. By reading a magazine like Digifoto give me fresh idea's about photography and that I really like.

Things I Love Friday

I am starting a new category on my blog the Things I Love Friday. As my weekend usually starts on Friday and there are a lot of things that I love (think food, drink, read, watch, do) I thought it a good idea to combine these two and show you all the things that I love.

But were to start when there are so many things to choose from? After a long thought I decided that my first feature will be of something that is good for you and healthy. I like to try and live by the rule of having two pieces of fruit per day. So that is where I will start. Two pieces of fruit that I really love to eat. Oranges and peaches.

Oranges because I can make fresh juice out of it or eat it in slices and peaches because I like to add it to my breakfast cereal. Now that it is summer I can buy them fresh and they taste lovely.

Happy Friday!