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Preview Family: Daan, Sabrina, Isis & Lieke

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It is always nice when I get a family in front of my camera. Because Sabrina was the master of ceremony at Mireille & Tobias wedding they decided to surprise her with a family shoot. Sabrina is the sister of Tobias and she has a great family. Her husband Daan and two little girls who were an absolute joy to be around. The weather was amazing this past weekend as we were experiencing summer in spring with about 25 degrees, clear sky and sun. So we met at the Amsterdamse Bos a big park in Amsterdam. And what a great location that turned out to be.

Here a preview of this nice family.

Laag Soeren Portrait: Sandra

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I shot 375 photographs, I checked Lightroom twice to see if I saw it correctly but yes I shot 375 photographs and from all of these images I had to make a selection for todays blog post. Not an easy task as the portrait session can be split in two halfs the first half with Joris the stallion and the second half Sandra only. But even more because there were so many great shots. But I made and here is my selection.

While going through the photographs I realised how special this Saturday has been. To see Sandra and Helga work with the horse. To see management training from a whole new perspective. The interaction between (wo)man and horse. There were so many analogies with the "real" world and so special to watch. And when we started the portrait shoot is was so great to see how much fun Sandra was having with it. Becoming a real model along the way. So it is with great pleasure I show you the results of this portrait session.

I want to thank Sandra for the invitation and say: Sandra you are one special lady!

Leading with a rope

Helga showed that it is almost like a dance between woman and horse

Sandra 'dancing' with Joris

Leading without a rope!

After all his hard work Joris deserved a nice cold shower

The first shots of the portrait session. Straight out the camera. I love these and I love the hay stack!


Loved the light in the stables

The white Priessnitz Chapel

Definitly one of my favorite shots of the day

Laag Soeren Portrait Preview: Sandra

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This weekend I was invited by Sandra to photograph a very special lesson she takes with horses in the eastern part of the Netherlands. While driving there I realised again how beautiful this small country is. The diversity of the landscape is really breathtaking and I understand why Sandra likes being here. Sandra is taking, what I call, horse whispering lessons. Helga her trainer is also providing these lessons as management training and show managers about management styles. I witnessed something magical. Joris the stallion, a race horse when he was young, has to be led by Sandra and she has to guide him and make him listen without words but with movement and the connection she makes with the horse. She could make he follow her, make him stop and make him galloping. To see this happening was really something special and I consider myself privileged to have received this invitation and being able to document this special portrait.

Afterwards we had some time to shoot on the farm. A truly authentic place with lots of options for great shots. As a preview two shots and I will post a larger selection this week (Off course I hoped  to start this week with a post about the Netherlands becoming World Champion but it was not mend to be).

Little China Girl

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We stood in line to wait for the tram to take us up to Victoria Peak. We were just on time because we were not the only one to have this idea. It only took us a few minutes to get to the top of Victoria Peak. While exiting we passed the Peak market. All these chinese items that were on sale. Boehdas, umbrellas, elephants and what not. I was walking around not looking for something in particular when I saw it hanging there calling my name. A small chinese dress.

I asked the sales lady for a size that would fit a two year old and the one on the hanger was right for a girl that age. I took it with me on her birthday not sure if it would fit. I told her it could not be exchanged because then I had to return to Hong Kong but it was not necessary because it fit her just right.

I shot a couple of shots of little Bobbie in her dress and be honest doesn't look cute, little china girl?

Encore: Inge and Jacques

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They got married almost 5 years ago in Italy. They have taken hundreds quite possibly thousands of pictures on vacation, birthdays, dinners from eachother and from others. But ever since their wedding they have not had their portraits taken together. So when I had the portrait session with Inge last weekend I was really happy when Jacques decided to came along and join us. It gave me the opportunity to not only take beautiful photographs of Inge but create a great serie of this sweet couple as well.

We all know Jacques as a funny guy but how amazed I was when it turned out Jacques is actually quite a romantic guy! With some sun and the backdrop of Lisbon we had some fun.


I love reflections!

Jacques could not resist!

And I have a thing for escalators as well

One of my favorites

Need I say more


Lisbon Portrait: Inge

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Well here they are! A selection of this weekends portrait shoot with Inge and they turned out great. The fabulous light, the fabulous environment and not in the least the fabulous model.

And be honest there are worse backdrops than Lisbon. I can not get over this great city, the great sites, the fibes, the feel. When I was editing Inge's photographs I could feel it again. I hope it translates into this page, I hope these shots will show you what I mean. It almost looks like a decor sometimes but it is not.

Well here it goes. Enjoy!

True beauty! Love these.

Great backdrop and back light!

Even in the lobby we had great light

Portrait preview: Inge

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We discussed taking portraits since Christmas brunch last year, but with busy schedules we did not seem to be able to set date. I know Inge for more than 8 years. She is Nurse Practitioner in a hospital and still has a lot of studying to do. Well being both in Lisbon this seemed the best location for this portrait session. Not only did the location invite to take photographs endlessly but we had so much fun that we kept on shooting one picture after another.

When Inge stepped in front of the camera she became an allround model. She was so easy to work with, a natural talent, had so much ideas on where she wanted to take her portaits. As we headed out in the morning and still had a lot of sun. With these trees with had giant natural filters giving us fabulous light. 

I am going to show a lot more of the shots that I made but here a preview. Don't you just love these? I do!

Sidney, Karin & Bobbie

I know my friend Karin for more than 8 years. Being pregnant of her second child and with her daughter growing like crazy, I thought it a good idea to have a family session. With all of the snow falling this was a great oppertunity to go outside and take some great pictures of this family in the snow.

Little Bobbie was amazing, a real topmodel in the making. She is only a year and a half but she needed no instruction what so ever. So aware of the camera. She even came to me to look at herself on the camera, to look at Bobbetje! No crying all morning. You got to love this little girl. With Sidney also present I had the chance to take quite a number of great shots of this really great family.

Well I have selected a number of my favorites. Enjoy.