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A couple of months ago I was asked to shoot some business portraits for two lovely ladies for a business magazine. Now I had no idea about what a business portrait should be like, I just wanted to bring out the fun and spirit of these beautiful ladies. So that is what we did.

Yesterday I received the message that the magazine is done and a copy is on it's way and I looking forward to see. So now is the right time to show some images on the blog. It was fun to create the portraits and to now finally show them.

Landgoed Elswout Engagement Preview: Femke + Peter

A sigh of relief escaped Femke when she heard I was still available on her weddingday. The options for an engagementsession were limited with their weddingday fast approaching and full agenda's but everything worked out great.

So this past weekend we could go out with their children to Landgoed Elswout. A great place for an engagement session and even though it was quite crowded due to a picknick we hardly noticed and walk and make some great images. The sun even showed during the session making it all complete.

Here a preview of this fun session of Femke and Peter.

New Classics

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                     Because beautiful things will never go out of style.

                               The white jeans is a classic!

Since the moment I took this shot I felt like it could have been part of an ad campaign. The lovely Inge looks beautiful in this image so I had to do something with it and I am so happy that it actually looks like a shot that could have been part of an ad campaign. Happy Queensday

Haarlemmermeerse Bos Family Shoot

Here they are some images of the family shoot we did this past weekend. With the fun group of 14 we walked the Haarlemmermeerse Bos site that was once the host to the Floriade. The parents can be proud of their family because it was a lot of fun the see how everyone was participating.

Eventhough it was quite cold everybody insisted on taking their coats off and it was much appreciated because it adds to the result. I hope everyone will have a great time a the 50th wedding anniversary party coming up very soon. In the meanwhile I leave you with the images of this great family

We started with the jackets on for the test shot.

Beautiful family



One of my favorites

In front of the Lens

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March is behind us and after two episode of being in front of the camera this is slowly becoming a series. Okay I should have posted in March but who can keep up with time these days anyway. While trying new portrait poses with my sister we traded places and it was my turn.

And trying it myself this could have been an episode of ways to learn. Because by trying these poses myself I have learned so much and seeing the result was a beautiful surprise because I never thought I could look like this in an image. 

Happy Wednesday

Haarlemmermeerse Bos Family Shoot Preview

I have known Jolanda for more than 15 years and this year is a special year for her parents. Because this year they celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. So when she asked me if in honor of this special day I wanted to photograph her parents, the children and grandchildren I was so honored. A couple of months back we set this date and hoped for good weather and we were lucky, a little chilly but dry and the sun showed it's face more than once.

We choose former Floriade grounds and what a fantastic spot is that. We have seen just a fraction but the kids could run and run and climb. So it became a great afternoon and of course I want to show a small preview.

Classy and Fabulous

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She closed her eyes while make up was being applied. A color that made her eyes shine giving her that intense look. The selection of clothes were chosen carefully containing a mix of styles. A beautiful selection but a true reflection of who she really is. Like Coco Chanel put it accurately "A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous".

Two things you can not buy or acquire but something that you can only be and my sister is a true representation of both. Shining true in this portrait session. For this series we tried something different using techniques thought by Sue Bryce amazing Australian Glamour Photographer. I always like to try new things and am happy how these turned out.

February Self portrait

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Ok so I am getting the hang of it this self portrait thing. This time my dear sister took some shots of me and I was ready to strike a pose if you will. Yes, get in front of the camera and get uncomfortable and then after a little while I got more comfortable. I am not a fan of being in front of a camera, true. When I can choose I rather be behind my camera. But sometimes is good to step outside of my comfort zone so I can relate what it feels like to be in front of a camera. That way I can coach my clients even better.

So strike a pose!

January Self-Portrait

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The camera went along in my backpack thinking that maybe I could get some holiday snaps any maybe a portrait of Ronald. Well Ronald had other thoughts on that. We walked to the ocean when the sun went down and he put me on the spot. While the sun was going down I became the subject and Ronald snapped away like a seasoned pro. Which made me laugh because usually I am the one walking and talking saying lean this way please, look at me please, turn your head slightly in this direction. Now Ronald was holding my camera being the photographer speaking words of encouragement and he did great.

Well now I remember what it feels like again to be in that spot, to feel oncomfortable, not know what to do with my hands, my legs. Do I need to smile or tilt my head? What ever you like came as a reply and so I had to laugh out loud looking at myself standing there being the object of this photo session.

Looking at the result I must admit that is good to be in front of the camera every once in a while just to remember what it feels like to feel ackward and uncomfortable being on the spot.

Spain Portrait: Corrina

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For the first time a complete portrait session shot by Antoinette. A beautiful portrait session of Corrina. I am so proud to see what she has captured. Corrina is such a lovely, sweet, fun and beautiful lady and it shines through in this session. And what a great location one to be instantly jealous of.

So have a look at the great images and have a great Monday!