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Born to cook

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It was cold today so I was in need of some warmth. Central heating or the fire place can only do so much so I had to take bigger measures. The only thing that now can help is cook. Cooking is meditative experience. Cooking allows me to concentrate on the task at hand. To turn a pile of ingredients into a meal while I clear my mind. Let my hands do all the work. I learned to cook when I was just a little girl standing next to my father in the kitchen and see how he master the pots and pans. That is where my love for the Asian and South American kitchen originated. That is the main reason why I love shopping in the Asian Toko. They sell just about every product from China to Suriname and from Indonesia to Japan. I hardly use a receipe while I think cooking is a matter of the heart. You can taste that a meal is prepared with love. It does not have to be anything fancy just pure, fresh, simple and a little love.

The same applies to photography in some way. You cook up a list of subjects and rearrange/compose them in the right order and finish it off with the right aperture and shutterspeed and you have a great dish.

Let me show you a sight that warms my heart.

Sidney, Karin & Bobbie

I know my friend Karin for more than 8 years. Being pregnant of her second child and with her daughter growing like crazy, I thought it a good idea to have a family session. With all of the snow falling this was a great oppertunity to go outside and take some great pictures of this family in the snow.

Little Bobbie was amazing, a real topmodel in the making. She is only a year and a half but she needed no instruction what so ever. So aware of the camera. She even came to me to look at herself on the camera, to look at Bobbetje! No crying all morning. You got to love this little girl. With Sidney also present I had the chance to take quite a number of great shots of this really great family.

Well I have selected a number of my favorites. Enjoy.