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Some say it is a challenge, some say it is even impossible. I know it is not because I have done it. Shoot a whole wedding with one lens. These days I dare to switch my lens but when I did my first wedding I feared I  would lose a moment ergo a shot. So I left my lens on, always ready. The 50mm that is.

Now I dare to switch, make a conscious decision which lens to choose. But the 50mm remains my favorite. Because this is one lens that make people look their best. Because this one has the best bokeh. I still have a wish list of nice lenses that I would love to get my hands on. But I doubt if any of them will ever compete.

Something to remember

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Sometimes things happen and I can't explain it. If I try to rerun it frame by frame I can't. Did I see it as it was or is my mind playing tricks and I want to see it as it went? I don't know. Like the phrase "there is not reality just perception", this must be true.

Well my perception maybe shattered a couple of time but than I'm cleaning my laptop and come across an image that makes me smile. We looked adorable and in my mind the shirts were not yellow (I never wear yellow) and hey I didn't know my shoes matched with my shirt. My father made all of our outfit's. Yes he was a wizard with a sowing machine. And the way I remembered it we were in focus but it is not.

It doesn't mattered because I can still remember that moment that we were standing there in front of that Citroen in front of the Olympic stadion. That moment will never disappear because we have that image.

What (not) to wear?

Standing in front of the closet deciding what to wear. Panic attack, shallow breathing and a cold sweat! Knowing you will be photographed probably makes it worse I know it would for me. So I get questions from future brides what to wear on their engagement shoot. Are there things we are not allowed to wear?

Well fortunately there are no rules at least not as far as I am concerned. I always advice my brides to wear an outfit that makes them feel comfortable, that makes them feel really good. For some it is a great dress or a power suit, casual jeans and heals. Yes it is that simple. There is no right or wrong and the best thing is that if you have more outfits that make you feel good you can wear them (all).

If there is one advice I can give than it would be to choose something with color like a shirt, jacket, sweater or scarf because it always works really well on camera. So open that closet and choose an outfit that you love and it will show in the images.

The sunglasses experiment

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The work is never done. If you want to be heading somewhere there is always something to do, to learn, to master. Eventhough I am photographing for a lot of years there are still things I can learn and so I practise, practise, practise. Live objects are to be preferred but as they are not always readily available and because a large part of wedding day include stills I look for objects that I can photograph and that tell something about me.

Enter the sunglasses. From the top of my head I can already think of six different pairs that I have lying around the house and in my car. I would never buy an expensive one because usually I get scratches on the glass or I put them somewhere and never find them again (until years later and they are hopelessly out of style). So this particular pair I bought about a year ago. We went on vacation and I forgot to take a pair along. Being on the golf course or out in the sun without sunglasses is unthinkable so I bought a pair at a local shop for no more than 7 euro. Even after traveling to two holiday destinations they are still alive which is a miracle in itself. 

With some nice sun over the weekend I took out my camera and tried to isolate the glasses to give them a fashionable look. I put them on top of my printer, put the 50mm 1.2 on my camera and tried various view points and angles. Hier het resultaat.

Engagement: Dieuwke and Johan pt II

Because Dieuwke and Johan brought their two little boys to their engagement session I just had to capture some cute images of the whole family. I think I captured even more images of the whole family than of Dieuwke and Johan together. With so many great images to choose from I just had to put some images out on the blog as well.

The boys are truly children of their parents because they were just as easy to photograph as Dieuwke and Johan. Here some great images. 

Happy Monday.

Engagement: Dieuwke and Johan

The world is a stage, a saying that applies especially to Dieuwke and Johan. They met back stage at for one of the biggest musical productions in that year, Beauty and the Beast, where they both worked. Only the title does not apply to Dieuwke and Johan as they are two beautiful people.

A tale as old as time, how the lyrics of that song tells the tale of Dieuwke and Johan. Because when their eyes met for the first time, they laughed and talked to each other without saying a word. Barely even friends but from that first moment they knew without saying what they felt about each other. Their lives were miles apart and still just by sharing that first look all of a sudden something changed and they were so very close.

Six years have passed and their lives have changed since that first encounter back stage. They went from just being two to three and then four with the birth of their two adorable sons and they are a family now. But they were not officially a family yet and that will change.

Soon because Johan proposed to Dieuwke on New Years Eve two year ago because their love started a long time ago around Christmas and New Year. So no big surprise that this time of year holds a special place in their lives and that they decided to choose this period to say I do to eachother. A time of joy, hope, new life and celebration. Ever just as sure as the sun will rise.

If you want to see more of their engagement CLICK HERE.

Een van mijn favorieten!

Photogenic Greece

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Hi this is Antoinette on the blog today, talking about this journey I took a couple of weeks ago. A journey to Greece. Not only to learn how to create silver jewellery I also learned that Greece is a very photogenetic place. It's old, it's worn but old and worn can be very beautiful. Even though Greece might not be the most popular country at the moment on thing is for certain it is an amazing place from a photography perspective at least.

Come and take a tour with me.

Engagement preview: Dieuwke and Johan

Sometimes it's a challenge to get to where you are going, to reach a goal. We made the appointment more than a month ago but while trying to get to the destination everything seemed to go wrong. A bridge that did not want to close with a detour as a result that took me more than half an hour. When I finally arrived at the location there was nowhere to park. With halloween waiting every family near Blaricum went to get a pumpkin.

But it was so worth it. We met and how glad I am we did not postponed. Because I met Johan, Dieuwke and their two adorable son's to shoot their engagement session. Because Dieuwke and Johan are getting married very soon. We shot the engagement near their wedding location and after seeing it I can not wait to shoot their wedding soon.

Wrapped in autumn colors we had a great time. Here a first preview.

Sun up

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It is hard to believe that only a couple of hunderd kilometers the weather is so much better. That the sun is shining and the temperature is above 20 degrees. The good life. So for a couple of days we will be enjoying this nice place warm our skin in the sun and feel free. Happiness.

Book Review: Photo workshop Kenny Kim

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If you like to read books on weddings here is one book that is worth while to read. Either for some inspiration or a lot of information. The second book by Kenny Kim international wedding photographer. I read Kenny's first book on wedding photography (digital wedding photographer's planner) which I really enjoyed reading. So I was looking forward to see what Kenny had to share in his second book.

The book targets the starting wedding photographer giving insight into what it takes to be a wedding photographer, how to get the most out of your gear, a lesson on exposure and composition, how to create your style and brand, out- and indoor shooting, portraits, the ceremony, the reception and post production. So a complete guide with a lot of info. As Kenny has photographed a lot of weddings he is able to talk from his own experience. Kenny has an easy way of telling his story and I think the book contains a lot of information. I have not read anything new but I still like to read how other photographers approach the creative side of a business and photography as well as the business side of business and this book gives a lot of inside combined with beautiful images.

The only thing I missed it with the images. Kenny provide with every image the ISO and setting but the only thing it doesn't include is the lens with which he captured the image which is always nice to know. Other than that a great read with a lot of eye candy.