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One year ago today Landgoed Waterland Wedding: Judith and Wim

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The sun was shining and if anyone would guessed they would have said that is was spring but it was the heart of winter. Exactly 6 years after the day they met they said I do to each other surrounded by the people that meant the most to them. Their wedding turned out to be one beautiful day.

Judith and Wim I hope you have had a beautiful first year and keep on having more beautiful years to come.

An ode

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Tomatoes & Oregano make it Italian;

Wine & Tarragon make it French;

Sour Creme makes it Russian;

Lime & Cinnamon make it Greek;

Soy Sauce makes it Chinese;

Garlic makes it Good

- Alice May Brock


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About two months ago I participated in a workshop that had all to do about lean. The basis was all about how we as people should not to try and do everything on our own but if you have a network that you can rely on you can lean on the people around you. We received a presentation of Martijn Aslander and then did a workshop raw food. So none of the products were heated in anyway. Honestly I was surprised at what we put on the table. A whole debate is going on about raw food and I could not see myself eating like that everyday but I do see the added value of keeping things lean. Of getting rid of a whole lot balast.

So that is why I have a lean workspace. No big desks with lots of stuff on it. No I have a lean workspace which I can take with me every where and that is what I really like.



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You must have heard from Pinterest a worldwide moodboard where everybody can store images they love. I am so amazed at the beautiful image I come across whenever I go and look at what has been added.

If you are preparing your wedding, looking for decoration suggestions for your home, feast your eyes on delicious food, if you can think about it you will find it on Pinterest. So go and have a look around. But be careful because it is addictive.

Here some examples of lovely things I found on Pinterest. A wedding moodboard and a food moodboard. Go ahead and design your own.

Going with the clock I found these on Style me Pretty, Style me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, CJ Williams Photo, Maggie Austin Cake, Style me Pretty and Style me Pretty.

Jules Mercer, Flipp, What Kate Ate, Bon appetit, Reecenos, Skinny taste, Delectablesalads

One year ago today Blaricum Wedding: Dieuwke Johan

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A year ago today they had their special day near the woods of Blaricum, dreaming of a white Christmas. It was not meant to be and it would take another month before the first snow flakes would fall. But it wasn't  important as they celebrated their wedding day a year ago today.

To many more anniversaries.

Chateau Marquette Wedding: Jerney + Ismarelda

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They known each other almost their entire lives. They met in primary school and were the best of friends when they were 8 years old. They remained that way until they both went different ways in their teenage years. But there might have been times that they were out of each other sight, they were never really out of each others heart.

And when about ten years ago Ismarelda needed Jerney's support, she was there to catch her best friend when she needed her help. Of course she was there because that is what friends are for. It was the little spark that ignited the fire and turned into a flame. With a beautiful bonfire on a very special date. Because on the 12-12-12 they said "Yes I do" to each other.

Ismarelda always wanted to get married on a special date and this one could not be more special. Because there are twelve months in a year, twelve hours on the clock, there are twelve provinces in our country, Jacob had twelve sons, Jesus had twelve disciples, there are twelve years in a human cycle according to Chinese astrology, twelve cards with a picture in a desk of cards, the highest number you can throw with two dices is twelve and there are twelve ribs in the human body to protect the heart and longs. So you can say that 12 is a special number.

Jerney and Ismarelda it was a pleasure to capture your day on this very special day of the year.

Location: Chateau Marquette

Dress: Partycom

Schoes: Elsa Colored Shoes

Weddingplanner: Jessica of Wit Love Weddings

Coordinator: Henriette of Just Say Yes!

BABS: Guusta of Yes I do 2

Car a Rolls Roys from Rolls rent

Make-up: Face and body Lounge en Sophina visagie

Hair: Bruids Beauty team

Flowers: R&R flowers

Styling: Hilde van 't Bloemeke

Cake: Wim Koelman

Video: Natasha van Rainbow Video

Rings: Albino Ringen

Doves: Dilah Witte Duiven

Invites: RiCon

Top 3 tips from second shooter

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Usually I (Mireille) write the posts on the blog but today my sister is taking over. Frequently I get the question why we photograph a wedding with two photographers so I asked her if she could explain what she focuses on during a wedding day. Here her top 3.

Okay here we go. When Mireille asked me te write a blog post containing the part that I concentrate the most on during a wedding day I came to these three items.

1. As 2nd shooter I focus on anything and everything. As I am the one who captures the groom during the preparation that is the first thing I concentrate on to capture this. Further I always keep my eyes on the bride and groom, the family and friends to see if I can capture a lost smile, touch, a moment of emotion or joy. I am also the one that has an eye for the details e.g. during the portraits. Those small details are what make a wedding day memorable.

2. As 2nd shooter I also look at Mireille. We always photograph from different angles and by keeping an eye on Mireille I know if I am in the way or make sure we are not photographing the same thing. By small gestures from Mireille I know what scenario she is thinking about and I can go from there. We are sisters and know each other inside out, a small gesture is usually enough to know what the other has in mind.

3. As 2nd shooter I also concentrate on the schedule of the wedding to make sure that we have captured all the elements, that a couple has asked for but also to know when surprises are planned during the weddingday. When possible I check with Mireille if we have captured everything.

Family formals

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Family formals and group shots are a regular part of most wedding days. Some only want a group shot and some want to go through the whole family one by one. This summer when we captured the wedding of Felix and Rachella we got the chance to do different family portraits. Instead of having everybody standing we could do sitting group shots.

Obviously the location was perfect and with the seats outside we could mix it up and get something different. For bride and grooms who are getting married think about what you want to get out of your family formals. Do you want just a reminder of who was there that day or do you want a great family portrait? I would advice to change it up a bit. Not just standing but if possible have a seating or a combination with sitting and standing in the shot.

Take a look at the examples below.

Leiden Schiedam Wedding: Kriszta & Myrko

Can one trip change the rest of your live? Change it without you least expecting it? That is exactly what happened four years ago when Myrko went on a short assignment to the USA and met Kriszta at the America office of the company they both worked for. They met and Kriszta thought of Myrko as her miracle because it is indeed a miracle to find that special person that you know is the one for you.

Never would they have thought that by the end of the assignment their lives would have changed forever, that four years later they would say their vows in front of their close family and friends. But that is what happened last week when they promised eachother to love and cherish eachother for the rest of their lives.

Kriszta and Myrko I am so happy to Novian pointed you in our direction and i am honored that you choose us to capture your wedding day.  Have a great time in Dubai.

If you want to see more of this beautiful wedding CLICK HERE.


Leiden Schiedam Wedding Preview: Kriszta & Myrko

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It looked like a rainy day, a rainy day in November but it was in fact a very special day as it was the wedding day of Kriszta and Myrko. What a special day it turned out to be. They organised this wedding in a very short timeframe and made it a perfect day.

While the day started with rain, it ended with a clear sky near the Mills of Schiedam, the miracle of Dutch weather at work. Starting today with a small preview. More to come soon.