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How to be Happy

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Being a photographer is maybe one of the most challenging crafts there is. Especially in the field of wedding photography how do you stand out, be you and not drown in a field of millions? I must admit that it somethings brought me down these past years.

There are so many great photographers out there that it is easy to fall for the monster, you know the one. That little thing sitting there on your shoulder wispering evil things that make you doubt yourself. But even though it is easy to compare in the end it will get you know where. So when I came across a quote on Pinterest which I think originated from the tumbler site of Franne it hit home.

Not only will this make you so much more happy but not comparing will give you an open mind that can absorb creativity. The number one creativity killer is comparison. So what ever you do in life whether, it doesn't have to be photography, make sure to be happy.


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It is just one of those days when there are so many things I could blog about. Things to help brides with or help photographers with or just share something but to be honest my head is empty to day. The sun is shining bright outside and all I want to do is get outside and see how everything is nature is almost exploding. So hope you have a great day as well.


A Very Merry Christmas

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An apple a day

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This past Spring the apple trees were covered in blossom, white and pink. It took a while before the first apples showed but I payed little attention to it because normally the birds are the first to eat them all. But maybe there were to many apples for the birds because when november rolled around the trees where still covered in lot's and lot's of apples.

So I climbed the latter and got as many of the apples I could get. Biologically grown for the best result, their taste was full and rich but there were just to many to eat. So my mother turned this sac full of apples them into apple sauce and apple pie. I love the color of them and grabbed my camera for some images.

Happy fall.


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"The earth has music for those who listen"