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The set up

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Camera gear is like candy. It's sweet and it keeps you coming back for more. Everytime I find something to add to my wish list and boy it keeps on growing. I scratch my head because there is just to much to choose from. And so read about it, search the internet about, learn about it before I buy it.

It took me a while before I had decided what set up to choose as my off camera flash.. I already had an on camera flash for which I choose a Canon 580II but when I thought about and additional flash I decided upon the Nissin di866. A very powerful flash that is super easy to operate. The phottix light stand is light weight and a great support for the flash with an umbrella coldshoe the stand is complete.

To get the flashes to trigger the off camera flash is linked to a Pocket Wizard Plus II. Together with the TT1 mini a solid combination. That's it, the complete set and I can't wait to shoot more weddings with it.

It's alive!

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The strangest happened last week. Out of the blue the battery of my laptop seemed to have broken down. On Sunday night. I worked with the power cord but the display said no battery. What do you mean no battery. I did not take it anywhere? Did not open it. What to do. Call Apple for support. Yes it can happen that a battery dies within two years. It all depends on the usage (well my laptop is on day and night...). It can take up to 10 days to get is repaired. NO!! 10 days this can not be true. Maybe other stores have their own service department. I called the next one and they had a two day service so I decided to go visit them after the long weekend.

Then on Thursday something happened I can't explain. I was working and without warning the screen got black. Had my Mac died completely on me? I rebooted and I saw in the right corner 96%. 96%? Really. It is alive. My battery is still working. Until this day I can not explain what happened but my battery is still working.

Canon 85mm 1.2L

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When I was a little girl I did not have a real barbie. We did not have a lot of money and I had an almost barbie doll called Steffi. What I did own was a barbie brochure and I could spent days looking at the pages. I would browse on end until the brochure would fall apart. Not owning a Barbie or any of the Barbie accessories was ok, with my brochure I could image what owning it would feel like.

While growing up I never really could shake this habit. I still love magazines and can check (endlessly) websites with products, reading reviews and anything I can find about something I want to purchase. So when I decided to wanted to have the Canon 85mm 1,2L lens I have read and reviewed until I do not know when. Last Friday I decided it was time and here it is. It arrived on my doorstep. A couple of days after Christmas but it still feels like a present.

It is a beautiful lens, it is heavy, it focuses quite slow but it captures amazing images and that is why I have bought it. To be able to capture beautiful images. I have shot a couple of photographs already (off course) but I can not wait to put it through the test during the next wedding.

It is here! My Shootsac

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We are home again from Spain. Wow how fast these 10 days have passed by and so we are back in the swing of things food shopping, washing and other non exciting things. But there was one thing waiting for me that I was looking forward to unpack. 

I wanted to order it for a while now but it is not available in Europe or so I thought. The ShootSac is what I am talking about. Everybody can now order a Shootsac from their international website and I ordered it about three weeks ago. I had a discount code (MOMSCLICK10) which gave me a 25% discount and the sale prices. And I got a supplementary tote bag!

Now it is here on my table. I used an ordinary bag but had some trouble with my lenses and flash. Well not anymore. It has 6 pockets where I can store three lenses or two and my flash. The other three pockets can be used for my memory cards, my spare batteries, my cell phone, my wallet and other personal items. I can't wait to use it!


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The guy looked at my ticket and waved me through. While walking I tried to get my belt out of my jeans and put it in my coat pocket while selecting one of the many airport security agents to check my luggage. It was still quiet so I had enough time to get all my stuff on the belt. As I put every everything on  (trolley, camera bag, handbag) the agent looked at me and asked: 'What is this?' while he picked up the black bag. I looked at him surprised and just at that instance I realised that I might not take it on board with me. I stuttered and said statief euh, ah, tripod, umbrella. I saw his eye brows going up. 'You can not take it with you.' I was genuine surprised as I taken it on board from Amsterdam 'Why not? I took it with it when I got in?' he shook his head picking up the tripod bag 'That was a mistake. You have to send it.' (send it where?) I did not understand it was not a mistake, it was a tripod and I was not checking it in. But no matter what I said which argument I threw his way, he was not having it. 'I am sorry was what he kept on repeating.' (yeah right).

I was saying not so nice words in my native language while I went back down stairs. When I checked in there was no line, well when I got back down there were at least 50 people ahead of me and another word crossed my mind. Fortunately another desk opened and when I asked the lady why I could not take my tripod on board she only shook her head (it must be an Italian thing) and labeled my tripod bag. With lead in my shoes I walked towards the odd size bagage desk. The two ladies were kind of surprised to see me with my small bag. Wanted to know when my flight was departed and what was it. Eventhough it was all on the label I provided the info, showed them my tripod and umbrella and they bid me a good flight and a nice day. I will never see it again I said under my breath and waved while I went back upstairs.

When I touched down in Amsterdam I made my way to the odd size bagage belt and waited. I took all my other stuff on board so I did not had to wait for my luggage. Well I waited and waited. After two flights that came in behind mine had off loaded all the odd size bagage on the belt I went to the bagage handler. They were surprised wanted to know I had waited at the proper belt I just nodded. After completed a two sheet A4 paper it was official, my tripod was LOST!

They had no idea if it was still in Naples or in Amsterdam. So I received an apology, a letter of the airline, an I am so sorry and went on my way. Two days went by without any news from the airline handler. I was mad at myself for taking it along in the first place (I did not use it at the wedding). Mad at the airport as they allowed in on, when I went down to Naples but not when I went back. In my mind I said goodbye to my tripod and then I got the text message. They had found my lost luggage!

'I take it back, I take it all back. Everything that I said about the tripod, the airport, the handler. I take it all back. I apologize.' My bag is back. I can see it had a rough time. The bag is damaged and dirty but it is back. And it thought me a valuable lesson because I will never take it with me again on an airplane. No matter what happens because I love my tripod to much.