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Amsterdamse Bos Family shoot

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Today the family shoot with Daan, Sabrina and their two lovely girls. We went to the Amsterdamse Bos and had a lot of fun lying in the gras, climbing on things and jumping of things. The little one Lieke was fearless and could even hang from play rack. She takes after her parents because they two were fearless and climbed and jumped on everything in sight.

I love it when a family has ideas and are involved in the shoot. It shows in the result.

Preview Family: Daan, Sabrina, Isis & Lieke

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It is always nice when I get a family in front of my camera. Because Sabrina was the master of ceremony at Mireille & Tobias wedding they decided to surprise her with a family shoot. Sabrina is the sister of Tobias and she has a great family. Her husband Daan and two little girls who were an absolute joy to be around. The weather was amazing this past weekend as we were experiencing summer in spring with about 25 degrees, clear sky and sun. So we met at the Amsterdamse Bos a big park in Amsterdam. And what a great location that turned out to be.

Here a preview of this nice family.

Family: Dewi, Denny & Lisa

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There is nothing better than watching the photographs from a session. To see the result up close on my laptop. It is like receiving a gift, a special present that I get to see first. This family session felt like a nice treat.

We have been so lucky again with the weather and little Lisa has been such a joy so sweet. She knows two words which are car and cow so every car, bicycle, plane was car and every animal was cow. She pointed at every moving thing in sight. Here my selection of this nice afternoon we spend in the Amsterdamse Bos.

Family Preview: Denny, Dewi & Lisa

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She just turned 1 year and can almost walk this little girl is simply adorable and yesterday I had the privilege to do a family shoot with little Lisa and her mom Dewi and pap Denny. We went to the Amsterdamse Bos which is not far from their house and had a walk around. We even saw Scottish Oxen that walk about freely in the forrest. As Dewi and Denny hardly have photographs of them together we took some time to shoot a mini engagement session.

I love how they turned out. Here the first preview.

Encore: Laag Soeren

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When I was shooting Sandra this weekend I was asked to photograph Jacqueline (the farmers wive) with her horse. I was very willing to oblige because she had been so very hospitable to us all day. So we got the big guy out and persuaded him with a juicy apple to look nice in the shots. At first he did not want to stay within the frame of my camera but when Jacqueline looked at him nicely he became the perfect horse and I could capture them together. And they look pretty perfect!

So after I was done Jacqueline asked me if I could shoot one more image but this time of her and her son. Off course! So we went back to the hay stack and well one shot turned into a mini sessie.

A very big thanks to Jacqueline, her husband Jan and their son Niels for having us on Saturday and allowing us to shoot around the farm and enabling me to get all those great shots.

Family: Corrina, Cor & Melvin

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The difficulty with photography is always which photograph to choose. The more you capture the more choices arise. Well I had that difficulty again after the shoot with Corrina, Cor & Melvin. To many great shots and which to choose and which to eliminate. Well it took me a while but here is the selection of my favorite photographs.


Family Preview: Corrina, Cor & Melvin

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We chatted via email. Corrina and me and we hit it off straight away. She wanted to have some portraits taken of herself and her boyfriend Cor and his son Melvin who is almost 14 years. Birthdays are coming up and what better gift than some nice photographs. We discussed dates and locations and agreed that they would come round to me as we have so nice rural backdrops that look great on photo.

So yesterday it we finally meet and we hit it off just like in our email conversations. The weather was great although dark thunderclouds seemed to ruin our date but luckily drifted off somewhere to the east.

So when we hit the road the sun was out and we managed to take some great shots. Melvin turned out to be quite a photography enthusiast and had some great ideas for poses. Here a preview, one of Melvins ideas and I love it. Through the shoot I could see him relax in front of the camera which is really great. We had a perfect afternoon.

Family: Susy, Erik, Anna & Max

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Here is  the complete selection of last weeks family shoot. As I projected it was quite a task to select the images for this blog post. I think I could have selected double the mount of images and still have good ones left. I hardly had to do any color corrections which is the best way. Get the images straight out of the camera. Well have fun with this selection.

Be honest these kids are naturals! They had so much fun running around the back yard, jumping up and down and bubble blowing. These days are the best.

Family Preview: Susy, Erik, Anna & Max

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It was a nice summer day yesterday with the sun shining through the leaves of the apple tree. My very good friend Susy asked me last year if I could take some nice shots of the kids as she wants to have a nice portrait of them for an empty wall. Well yesterday we had our family session and with this great weather we had to go outside into the garden with amazing light. We had a great time with the kids running around the garden, climbing the apple tree and jumping up and down. Anna and Max are so photogenic and hardly needed direction.

When Susy told me that they do not have a family portrait with all four of them on them, we waited for Erik and shot a nice selection of family portraits. I had a quick peek and this is one super session I will show a nice selection this week (it will be difficult which one to choose!). But I really love this portrait of the whole family.

Sidney, Karin & Bobbie

I know my friend Karin for more than 8 years. Being pregnant of her second child and with her daughter growing like crazy, I thought it a good idea to have a family session. With all of the snow falling this was a great oppertunity to go outside and take some great pictures of this family in the snow.

Little Bobbie was amazing, a real topmodel in the making. She is only a year and a half but she needed no instruction what so ever. So aware of the camera. She even came to me to look at herself on the camera, to look at Bobbetje! No crying all morning. You got to love this little girl. With Sidney also present I had the chance to take quite a number of great shots of this really great family.

Well I have selected a number of my favorites. Enjoy.