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Newborn Dominique

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The wonder of new life it is still a miracle. To see a baby girl so sweet and content made my heart melt. Because that really applied to little Dominique. She is such a happy and content baby. Curious about what is happening around her. Smiling already. It was an honor after capturing the wedding of René and Mireille to now capture this newborn session of their first born.

Here the result. Happy Friday!

Newborn preview Dominique

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Ten little finger and ten littles toes. So small and sweet, little Dominique. Do you remember the beautiful maternaty session of René and Mireille a couple of weeks ago? Yesterday I was again with René and Mireille because their beautiful daughter was born. It took 10 more days than anticipate but when Dominique entered the world she was in a hurry. No time to waist. She was a real top model. No crying at all during the session. I am still impressed. But then the hard part, which image to select. I just started editing but there are so many beautiful ones.

Haarlemmermeerse Bos Family Shoot

Here they are some images of the family shoot we did this past weekend. With the fun group of 14 we walked the Haarlemmermeerse Bos site that was once the host to the Floriade. The parents can be proud of their family because it was a lot of fun the see how everyone was participating.

Eventhough it was quite cold everybody insisted on taking their coats off and it was much appreciated because it adds to the result. I hope everyone will have a great time a the 50th wedding anniversary party coming up very soon. In the meanwhile I leave you with the images of this great family

We started with the jackets on for the test shot.

Beautiful family



One of my favorites

Haarlemmermeerse Bos Family Shoot Preview

I have known Jolanda for more than 15 years and this year is a special year for her parents. Because this year they celebrate their fiftieth anniversary. So when she asked me if in honor of this special day I wanted to photograph her parents, the children and grandchildren I was so honored. A couple of months back we set this date and hoped for good weather and we were lucky, a little chilly but dry and the sun showed it's face more than once.

We choose former Floriade grounds and what a fantastic spot is that. We have seen just a fraction but the kids could run and run and climb. So it became a great afternoon and of course I want to show a small preview.

Expecting: René & Mireille

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It is nice to go through all the images of this sweet session and what a task to select the ones for this blog post. Both René and Mireille positively glow in the evening sun on this first day that felt like Spring. We had so much fun and it felt like old times to have them in front of my camera again. 

What a great way to capture this special moment in their lives and have a lasting memory.

René and Mireille it was an absolute joy to have you in front of my camera again. Here a small selection of the sweet maternity session.

We started at they house and the nursary is already waiting for the little one.

One of my favorite images. Absolutely beautiful!

Expecting preview: René & Mireille

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On their first year anniversary we received the sweetest card from René and Mireille. Surely you remember their lovely wedding. Using scrabble they put together the message of joy that they are happily expecting their first baby.

It was so nice to receive their email a couple of weeks ago if I wanted to document this special period in their lives. I was honored that they considered me, their wedding photographer, to be their family photographer so the answer was simple. Yes. We met yesterday and could not have choosen a better day. The first day of Spring with loads of sunshine. We went to the dunes and the beach and got some beautiful shot.

Here a preview of this sweet session.

Engagement: Dieuwke and Johan pt II

Because Dieuwke and Johan brought their two little boys to their engagement session I just had to capture some cute images of the whole family. I think I captured even more images of the whole family than of Dieuwke and Johan together. With so many great images to choose from I just had to put some images out on the blog as well.

The boys are truly children of their parents because they were just as easy to photograph as Dieuwke and Johan. Here some great images. 

Happy Monday.

De Deining Family shoot preview

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I met Thessa last year when she was one of the coordinators at the wedding of René and Mireille in Castricum and it immediately felt like we knew eachother forever. We kept in touch via Twitter and when she asked me a couple of months ago if I wanted to do a family session I was not only honored but also delighted. As a surprise for her inlaws all of there children and grand children would be included in the shoot.

The location was easily found because as we had such a great time at De Deining last year at the wedding we both agreed that we could do a rerun. We set the date for a sunday and while the rest of the country was covered in rain we had an afternoon in the sun. We were so lucky.

We had a great time and the family did great in front of the camera. I am sharing more soon but here a preview.

Bussum Family Shoot

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So here we are the result of the family shoot I did with Igor, Carlijn and Timme in Bussum. As they just moved house we had to start the shoot in their garden and with the weather being so nice it all came together. Timme was playing sweetly with a ball. I loved all the bright colors of the clothes and the blanket giving the photographs an extra dimension.

We walked to a little park just across from their house to have some more great locations to shoot. Timme was the man, curiously looking at my camera, laughing and so we had fun.

So go on and have a look at the sweet family shoot.

Bussum Family Shoot preview

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I am back from vacation my battery fully loaded and ready to go. Just before my vacation I had the pleasure of doing a photo session with Igor, Carlijn and their son Timme. Igor was master of ceremony at the wedding of Marine and Dennis last year and they decided to give Igor and Carlijn a photo session. With the winter coming we decided to wait for Spring and so after they moved house and their son turned 1 we set up this shoot.

Even though we planned a month in advance we had could not have done any better because we the weather was great and little Timme was in a happy mood. All ingredients to have a great shoot and that is exactly what it turned out to be. Today a preview of this lovely family.