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Aekingerzand Engagement: Lieneke + Patrick

We choose a great evening to go out for the engagement session of Lieneke and Patrick. The sun was still out, a clear sky and it was warm for the time of year. The Aekingerzand is a beautiful sandy area in the south of Friesland and ideal for this sessions. When we started out Lieneke was a little nervous but as soon as we started all fear melted away and she and Patrick turned out to be true natural before the camera. This shows why an engagement session is such a great thing to do.

We had a lot of fun and I could not be happier with the result . Take a look at the images of this engagement session.

Aekingerzand Engagement Preview: Lieneke + Patrick

Lieneke manages the De Hildenberg Golf resort and the Grand Cafe there as well. A little over two years ago Patrick came by to make some adjustments to the outside terras. He watched this girl walking by and chatted with her, laughing with her but when his task was done he said goodbye and left. Lieneke also liked this sweet man at first sight but took no initiative to get his phonenumber or set up a date.

A little while after this first meeting they met again and it was clear they more than liked eachother and the rest is history. Now almost two and half years they are getting married and I am so honored that they asked me to captured they wedding.

This past week we started with their engagement session at the Aekingerzand in Appelscha. So here a preview of their session and I can say they were true naturals. More to come soon.

Wedding inspiration Flutter magazine

Found some amazing inspiration for you if you are planning your wedding. I have shared magazines from Flutter magazine before and always blown away by their sense of style. There is so much to consider while planning and with all of the magazines available you truly can make your wedding unique and your own. Take a look here in Fluttermag.

What you can do with your engagement images

ngagement sessions become more and more common and popular. Couples see the benefit of having this session prior to their wedding day to get to know the photographer, to feel more confident in front of the camera and to get beautiful images. But what can you do with this nice set of images and not only store them in a computer?

Today blog post will help you get more out of your images and enjoy them every day.

Get a signing album for you wedding

Why buy a standard simple book to have your friends and family sign with their best wishes? You can get a custom designed album just for you that not only show cases your engagement images but make it even more special with all of the messages your love ones want to give you.


Custom is the word. Couples want to stand out, be different and not have something of the shelves. Personalised invitations or save the dates are a great way to use your images for. Ask your photographer about the options to have your own invitations.

Off the wall

That white wall would look really great with one of your images on canvas, plexiglas, acryl or wood. There are a lot of options to show case your favorite image. Size matters so choose a big size canvas because small on large walls tend to disappear.

Personalised app

A lot of photographers offer the images via a personalised app for your phone or ipad. That way you always have you images with you. In an online gallery app your images look just as good as in an album so ask your photographer about the possibilites.

Amsterdamse Bos Engagement: Kislay + Sonal

For their engagement session we went to the Amsterdamse Bos. We had to reschedule and while we discussed options for morning sessions we both found time in our agenda to have the session in the evening instead. What a good decision that was. We had the Amsterdamse Bos all to ourself and the sun treated Kislay and Sonal extra friendly. They were so relaxed and natural in front of the camera that the session flew by.

Here a small selection of their images.

More on the super fun engagment session in the Amsterdamse Bos click here for the Slideshow

Amsterdamse Bos Engagement Preview: Kislay + Sonal

They we were directed in my direction via their wedding location, the Regardz Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. We shot a wedding at one of the Regardz Silverentoren venues before but not at the Olympic stadium this import historic place in Amsterdam. While talking about Kislay and Sonal's wedding day and the ideas about their photography I explained about the engagement session and why I invite couples to an engagement session. They were immediately enthousiastic about the idea and when we went out this week it translated in the images.

See for yourselve in todays preview! These two are beautiful.

Amsterdam City Engagement: Sergey + Natalia

For more than a year they chatted via the internet before they saw eachother in real life and that didn't disappoint. How could it be, a young beautiful intelligent women who studied in Moscow and graduated with two degrees and a succesfull young soccer player who plays in the premier league of Kazakhstan.

It was clear that these two love eachother very much, they have so much fun together, laughed together and when Sergey looked at Natalia he can still make her blush. So as we roam the city we talked about Amsterdam, their engagement and upcoming wedding later this year. I am so happy that they decided to go to Amsterdam and capture their engagement images there. Because I do not think that I have captured so many great images from an engagement session.

Want to see more of this Amsterdam Engagement click here for the Slideshow

Amsterdam City Engagement Preview: Sergey + Natalia

It is always a pleasure to receive an inquiry from couples that do not live in the Netherlands but would like a session here. This time it was an email from Sergey and Natalia who are getting married later this year but wanted their engagement to be captured in Amsterdam. We chatted back and forth discussing the locations that we could visit. This past week I had them in front of my camera.

We choose the best evening of the week and had a mini tour of Amsterdam. What a beautiful couple they are and it was an absolute pleasure to have them in front of my camera. Today a preview.

Castricum Engagement: Froukje + Michael

They were together for seventeen years with two childeren, when Michael decided to ask Froukje to marry him. Armed wth a beautiful ring he had the location all figured out. It would happen in New York on one of the bridges. But Froukje is no fan of heights and when they were walking on the bridge she could see the bridge below. So the moment passed and everytime Michael thought it might be a good location he passed it up to go down on one knee and ask Froukje to marry him. His plan almost failed when Froukje almost found the invoice of the jewellers but he managed to grab it just before she could take a look at. They flew back home with the ring still secure in Michael's pocket.

Arriving home Froukjes parents were looking Michael with expectation as he had shared his plans with them. He shook his head and decided to ask Froukje in their home to marry him and of course she said yes.

The children of Froukje and Michael were the most enthousiastic children I have had in front of my camera ever.

Castricum Engagement Preview: Froukje + Michael

We met about a year ago to discus their wedding and the photography they desired. It was so nice to see them again, this time for their engagement session. They choose the forest of Castricum and what looked like an okay day turned out to be one amazing and best of all sunny day. Together with their two childeren we set out for an afternoon of photography and what a sweet afternoon it turned out to be.

Here a preview of their sesssion.