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Albums you will love

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Everytime I receive an album in the mail I am excited to take a peek to see how it turned out and every time I am not disappointed. It is even more fun to bring the album to the couple and see their first reaction when they unwrap it. Even though they choose the images for the album and see the album design before I send it to the album company it still is a great feeling to hold the end result. They usually want to see it over and over again.

I strongly recommend an album to my couples. Yes albums come at a price and yes you will not look at it every day but just like with childhood albums when you do it is really something special. So when you go hire a photographer for you wedding consider an album. My album company is getting better and better each year. They now supply their fine art albums with gloves so that you do not have to worry that people will touch your album with dirty hands but keep your album nice and clean.

Album options

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A little while back my album company QT albums contacted me if I would like to receive some samples of their fine art album paper and flush mount photo paper with some of my images. They also asked if I liked to receive a new swatch ring. I happily responded that I would indeed like to receive some samples and forgot about it. 

Until I received a package in the mail. I was expecting an envelop with some samples you see, nothing more but to my surprise I received a beautiful package. It included the various cover options, samples of the three fine art papers with my own images and the photographic paper tied together in a beautiful booklet. I was really amazed with this gift.

This way it will be even easier to show my couples what album options are available and then they are able to see the possibilities for themselves. This beautiful showcase really stands out and shows that my album company knows what photographers need.

If you would like to come and see the options that we provide come and see for yourself.

Selecting you album images - 3 tips

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Even though not every couple decides to get one I think every wedding deserves an album. Just like with every childhood album you might not look at it every day but opening up your book every now and then really is fun to look back and see the images. It just is different to see it in book than on your laptop.

But how do you select the images for your wedding album in today's blog three tips.

1. Tell the story

When you receive a couple of hundred images how do you select the images for the album? I am a big believer in having my couples select the images and add images that I think should be included but the images that mean the most to the couple should be featured in their album. Moments that my couples find important might be different than what I would select. Look for images that tell your story and take moments from every part of the day. Try to limit selecting images that look similar. Choose the one that speaks to you the most. As a photographer I try to do this already when selecting the images but when reducing images that go in the album look this applies even more.

2. Look for details

Combine images of people with images of detail. Images we capture always include a lot of details and when creating an album this adds to the variety of the album. Especially if you have invested a lot of time and resources on details make sure they are featured.

3. Less is more

In a thirty page album I advise my couples to select about forty to fifty images. In my experience albums become more beautiful to watch and enjoy if they are not overcrowded. So even if you would like to put every image in your album be selective and choose the ones you love the most.

Album Design Kislay and Sonal

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I just finished designing the wedding album for Kislay and Sonals wedding that we shot in the Olympic Stadium. Their wedding was so special and I think this album conveys their story. They included images of their engagement session as well which made me very happy. Indeed I have the couple select their favorite images. If I feel images are missing that are part of the story I select them as well and verify with my couple if they love the addition.

As I use an online gallery it so easy to share the result of the album and have my couples see the result.

Click here to see the final result of the album! They choose a 30cmx30cm fine art album so the actual album size will be much bigger than they appear on screen.

Fine Art Album

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I have received one beautiful Fine Art Album to complement the range of wedding albums that we offer. This is a so called Fine Art Album is a flush mount album and it is printed on fine art paper. The sharpness of the images and the color is amazing.

This album has multiple cover options like leather, linen or photo. Further it is flat lay and can be mounted with page separators, which I really like on this album. The spine or the cover can be embossed and what is even better the album starts with 30 pages so a lot of images can be put in the album.

Want to see it up close? Call or mail me for an appointment.

Beautiful album

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The wedding of Judith and Wim is a favorite and I was so happy when they came back to me after the wedding and asked me if I could design a wedding album for them. Jippee because it is always a pleasure to create an album from a wedding.

This past week the album arrived and I was so happy that the album turned out just as they envisioned it.

Reception album Dieuwke and Johan

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It always nice when couples decide they want to include their engagement images in their wedding. A great way to do so is the reception album. A special album that will hold all the best wishes of family and friends to cherish a lifetime. When Dieuwke and Johan told me they opted to have one I was really happy because I knew their images would look perfect in a reception album.

Here some images of the result. If you want to see the whole album just click this link.

Coffee Table Album

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Because I liked the result of the video of the Flush Mount Album so much I decided to also create one for the Coffee Table Album we provide. The look and feel of this album is totally different to the Flush Mount. The cover contains an image and a dust jacket to preserve the cover properly. The pages are nice and glossy, rich with color.

The coffee table album comes in one size only and that is 29cmx21cm and it can contain up to 100 pages. So if you like something different than traditional want lots and lots of images than you definately need to check out this album.

Flush Mount

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I have shared a number of photographs of the flush mount album we offer. While playing around with the video capabilities of my 5D mkII I needed a subject so what a great way to show what we offer on film.

The flush mount albums we offer come in a number of sizes. The smallest being 15cmx15cm and the biggest 30cmx30cm starting with 20 pages. The cover is either animal friendly leather or real leather in a variety of colors. The flush mount have flat lay so it will remain open and that great classic appeal. Every album is custom designed for our couples. Well no need in postponing and reveal the video of our flush mount album. Hope you like it.

Album Design Mireille & Tobias

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It is always a pleasure to complete an album and deliver it to the couple. We finished another great album design. It is so much fun to see the images they selected and have it all come together in the album. The end result is truly stunning so I had to capture some images of it.

The album is as you can see a flush mount album 30cmx30cm with a black leather cover. If you want to see the whole album you can take a look here.