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Inspiration: Ruche

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It is always a treat to see beautiful imagery so if beautiful wedding images are involved I am hooked. I found another great source of inspiration for brides and grooms to be. If you are planning your wedding you can find so many inspiration in the online magazine of Ruche.

So take a look in this beautiful magazine. 

Great locations

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Sometimes you arrive at a place and everything is right. The bench, the gravel, the trees and the leaves, the way the afternoon sunlight is filtered through the trees. All you need to do is compose and shoot. Every once in a while I encounter such a place and that is why I love open shade and sunshine. The images look so much more pleasant when there is some sun to be seen. So that is why I try to find a location that has it all and when I do I can get images like these.

Landgoed Waterland Wedding: Dessert table

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As promised hereby the images of the dessert table and wedding cake from Robby and Tatiana's wedding. What a beautifully set table with all those delicious sweetness that was catered by Landgoed Waterland resort. Enjoy!

Landgoed Waterland Wedding: Tatiana + Robby

They met at work while working on a project. Robby had seen Tatiana and liked her but he knew that when he wanted to have a conversation with her he had to have a good story. But Tatiana was know as a tough girl. If you wanted to convince her of something you had to have your act together. She had no idea that Robby was trying to make conversation she just though he lost his mind when he started. But somewhere in that moment something must have struck a cord because after living together for a year and a half and the birth of their little son they decided to get married. In the Netherlands of all places. Robby originally from Belgium and Tatiana from Russia the Netherlands is the place where they met, fell in love, had their son and now the place they were getting married.

Robby was nervous, about his vows that included some Russian and the dancing later on that evening but when he saw Tatiana coming down the stairs a smile broke through that didn't dissappear all day long.

Tatiana and Robby you two are so sweet together. I want to say thank you, it was an absolute pleasure to capture your wedding day.

First Robby, in true Russian fashion, had to earn Tatiana by completing some tasks.

All of the beautiful flower arrangements and styling of the venue was done by the talented Marte of Bloom Your Life.

Tatiana you look beautiful.

There was an amazing dessert table that justifies a post of it's own.

If you want to see more of the beautiful wedding click on the Slideshow.

Location: Landgoed Waterland

Wedding dress: Cymbeline

Shoes: Hogl

Suit: Roka

Flowers and Styling: Bloom Your Life

Weddingplanner: Annelies from Art2Arrange

Car: a Rolls Roys from Rolls rent

Tent: Tentworx

Videography: Royal Rushes

Photography: Admiron Photography

Landgoed Waterland Wedding Preview: Tatiana + Robby

It was exactly what they hoped for. An outdoor wedding surrounded with their family and friends as they were getting married together with their little son. So the day could not have started any better when it felt like summer with hardly a cloud in the sky.

Tatiana was so relaxed as her hair was done and here best friend, sister, mother, nephews and brother inlaw were all talking and laughing, playing music excited about the day ahead. She couldn't wait for Robby to pick her up and get married. But there were so many other things planned for this day.

Today a preview of this lovely couple getting married.

To choose a wedding location

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The summer reached our country. The sun is high up in the sky and that is really nice if you are getting married today. But how difficult is it to choose a wedding venue? Because when you select a venue months before your wedding day you have no idea what it is going to look like on your special day. Do you want to get married in a castle, a mansion or at the beach?

Every location has it's pros and cons so it is good to think about what you wish your wedding day to look like. Especially when photography is important to you it is good to look at a venue from a photography perspective.

So what to consider:

How many people are you inviting for your wedding? Ceremony sites are usually very small. With a lot of people in a tight space you limit the options for the photographer. We photograph with two photographers to reduce this problem but it is alway good to take it into account when selecting your venue.

Look at the light. Especially in castles and mansions the windows are small and high and as a result not a lot of light is getting in creating a difficult situation for the photographer, shadows and backlight. When you want to limit flashlight a light room with natural light has a lot of advantages.

You want to get married outside? An outside wedding during the summer? Consider the timing of the ceremony. Usually wedding ceremonies are in the early afternoon when the sun is high in the sky with hard, direct, unflattering light that result in deep shadows. So consider to hold the ceremony in spot with open shade e.g. the shadow of a big tree, use a tent or a light arbor. If you do not have the option to change the ceremony sight you can always consider the time of the ceremony to late in the afternoon.

Inspiration: The Wedding Notebook

Category: Photography | Wedding

Love, love, love this beautiful online magazine is a feast for the eyes. Totally focused on weddings with some of the most amazing photography and with real weddings. You can also go to the website of the Wedding Notebook for even more information. So what are you waiting for, get inspired.

Amsterdam DoubleTree by Hilton: Frans and Mark

Today the result of the whole session of Frans and Mark and I can say I am proud and thankfull to all the couples that we had in front of the camera. We had 4 seasons in one weekend, great venues, great vendors to work with, great service when we stayed in the Hilton hotel and 5 beautiful couples to capture.

So you can image that we look forward to show this final set of images of Frans and Mark that we captured at Doubletree by Hilton. Have fun with this sessies.

Location: Doubletree by Hilton Amsterdam

Suits: Roka

Photography: Admiron Photography

Amsterdam DoubleTree by Hilton Preview: Frans and Mark

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We complete our Hilton series with a bang. These two grooms we got to capture were such a great couple. Enthousiastic, funny and real pro's in front of the camera. I was sure they had been in front of the camera many times but they were not, this was a first.

On their wedding day 5 years ago they did not even have a photographer. We had so much fun with the cake, the view and the sun on the balcony. So here the preview of Frans and Mark.

9 Questions for José of Stijlvol Groen

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Every wedding has at least a bouquette and a boutenier but a wedding day can look so much prettier with flowers, decoration and wedding day styling. José of Stijlvol Groen is a master at creating beautiful flower arrangement that you can use through out the day. In this special segment she tells all about it and why you should choose for flowers on your wedding day. Have a look at the interview and the magazine below. Of course also some nice images of José's session.