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Be my Valentine

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We, Ronald and I, are not into Valentine's Day. In the past year I have never received a card or anything related to it.

So as I was sitting in front of my laptop and the doorbell rang I looked up. Ronald said a man was at the front door and I should go open it. I had no idea who this could be. I had not ordered anything and was annoyed why I had to go open the door. I had never seen the man at the front door but when he asked if I was Mireille and I confirmed he handed me this enormous bouquet of flowers.

The card said the flowers were from a secret admirer

Well I knew who it was from as my husband could not hold this huge smile. The best gift in years.

We got a winner!

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The Olympic Games have started and today "we" the Netherlands won our first gold medal. No off course "we" did not win anything but Sven Kramer, the favorite to win the Olympic Gold Medal on the 5000m speedskating, won. The pressure was enormous. Everybody was expecting him to win. He has already won just about every title that could be won since the last Olympic games when he won the silver medal.

He told the press that silver or bronze was not an option. Being a sport fan I sat on the edge of my seat and I was not alone. In total 4.5 million people in Holland watched the race and saw him won. He won the first gold medal for our country.

A photograph of him just before he started his race when his name was announced and he applauded the audience.

Turning Black & White Photos into Color


I have been looking for a tutorial on how to turn black and white photographs into in color ever since I attended a seminar a couple of weeks ago. Just today I found a great tutorial (without sound) with clear instructions on how to get this done with a very natural looking end result.

If you have a minute te spare and are looking for this check out this tutorial I found at It is for CS2 and higher. So to Metacafe thanks for sharing this great tutorial!

Have fun with.

Turn Your B&W Photos Into Color With Adobe Photoshop CS2 - For more amazing video clips, click here

Scott Kelby at Professional Imaging 2010


Just the other week I found out Scott Kelby will be coming to Holland for Professional Imaging event. He will be doing the key note of the event and will give a workshop (not on the day I am attending).

I am a fan of Scott Kelby ever since I bought his book The Photoshop CS Book for Ditigal Photographers. He is, I can safely say, the guru of Photoshop. But he does more. He is the best sold author of computer books. He has written over 20 books if I counted correctly. He has a weekly show on He has an online training center where you can get online training on photography, CS, LR and more. He is chief editor of PhotoshopUser Magazine. He is hosting the biggest seminar twice a year called Photoshop World where thousands of CS and photography fans come together. And for all you photographers out there check out his weekly show called D-Town for everything DSLR on very helpfull. So this guy is coming to the Netherlands on the 7th and 8th of March at, can't wait.

To show you that I am truely a fan here a photograph of my stack of SK books.

Born to cook

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It was cold today so I was in need of some warmth. Central heating or the fire place can only do so much so I had to take bigger measures. The only thing that now can help is cook. Cooking is meditative experience. Cooking allows me to concentrate on the task at hand. To turn a pile of ingredients into a meal while I clear my mind. Let my hands do all the work. I learned to cook when I was just a little girl standing next to my father in the kitchen and see how he master the pots and pans. That is where my love for the Asian and South American kitchen originated. That is the main reason why I love shopping in the Asian Toko. They sell just about every product from China to Suriname and from Indonesia to Japan. I hardly use a receipe while I think cooking is a matter of the heart. You can taste that a meal is prepared with love. It does not have to be anything fancy just pure, fresh, simple and a little love.

The same applies to photography in some way. You cook up a list of subjects and rearrange/compose them in the right order and finish it off with the right aperture and shutterspeed and you have a great dish.

Let me show you a sight that warms my heart.

The Power of the Internet!


I have been and still am working on my website to make it a display for the projects that I have done (I will share the result in a future post). Just like with this blog there as so many options to consider. What do I want to convey on my site and more important how am I going to show the information? Choices, choices, ah there are just too much. But finally I decided I really like to show my photographs in a slideshow.

By searching the Internet I came across the site of Vertigo. A company that share amongst other things a great slideshow for that I will be integrating on my site. If you are looking for a free slideshow that you want to integrate within your Blogengine blog or an your website you have got to check out Vertigo. It uses Silverlight so be aware you have to install Silverlight, but then it works like a charm. I must say you got to love the Internet!

But wait there is more if you do not know how you can resize your photographs or do not own Photoshop I came across a really great tool that can be easily installed and enables you to customize your photographs to the size you want to use on your blog post or website and it even allows you to add a watermark so you can have you photographs copyrighted. You can find here.

To give you an idea what it looks like take a look at this picture here.

Super Blog!


The first month of 2010 is gone! Can you believe that January is no more and we are heading towards spring? With this first month gone I think it is time for some evaluating. This was my first month blogging and I must say that it is not easy to come up with a blog post every day. Respect to all you bloggers out there who manage to get a post online every single day.

As new beginnings are often hard I am quite happy with my posts so far. I know I still have a lot to learn but again that is the whole purpose of my journey and this blog. So one day I will read these first tries and hopefully by that time I have improved.

What I am really excited about it my blog engine. For all of you who don't know, I am using BlogEngine ( which is really an amazing piece of open source blog software. It is really a very powerfull tool that can be tailored to your blogging needs. I must give a shout out to all those men and women who share themes, widgets and extensions for free. They give us all the opportunity to have professional looking blogs. 

I am also very proud of my husband who has adapted the orginal Notepad 2 theme of Evan Eckard for BlogEngine. I really like this theme and have extended it with a Lightbox and am going to include slide shows and a video module in the future. When I search the Internet I realise there is so much more to find that I can use in my blog. So a lot of thing will happen on my blog.

If any of you are interested in this theme please let me know and I will put it up for downloading, so I can share and give back.

Places I love

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I came across the 1heartfaces site a couple of months ago. This site is dedicated to challenging photographers to come up with their best work. The challenge for week 5 is to describe your most romantic holiday ever and to show pictures. Usually the challenge is a one picture entry but this week is different so I decided to enter.

The challenge is to tell about the places I love about my most romantic vacation. Well without a doubt my most romatic vacation was our honeymoon almost 7 years ago. After 10 year of living together my now husband proposed to me over Christmast and we decided to get married in the summer. It was one of the hottest summers ever in 2003  and the sun was shining everyday. Not on our wedding day though. I had been praying for sunshine but we got some rain. Nothing could spoil our day and with the overcast sky we had some amazing pictures. Everybody kept telling us that rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck. I must admit the past 7 years have been great.

We went to honeymoon in the Caribbean where we started on Aruba and took a cruise along Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, Martinique and Barbados the island where my grandmother was born. It was very special to visit the Island my grandmother was born. Although it was my first time there for some strange reason it felt so familiar being there. Unfortunately I never met my grandmother, I only have one picture of her. That was in a time when we only wrote letters to her in Suriname in South America, that would take weeks to arrive. Telephone calls were to expensive and Internet did not exist.

I loved the Caribbean it felt like coming home. It was so romantic with all those beautiful beaches, amazing sunsets (no rain in sight during our vacation), clear blue sea, fantastic food and the best company I could have imagine. Every now and again I look at those pictures and it warms my heart every time.

Are you ready for Friday Night?

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Once in a while you encounter something that really touches you hearts, makes you feel good, smile. It can be a book, a song on the radio, an article in a magazine or something you see on television. About a year ago I saw the first episode of Friday Night Lights on television and I was hooked. I watched it every week like a religion. I am a sportfan, which helps. However I can't explain but there was something about the way they showed the lives of a communicity in a place called Dillion that kept me watching. The glue in this community is Football that holds it all together. A strong community on the outside but real fragile if you look more closely. They do not shy away from topics that are very controversial and real, not only in the United States but everywhere.

Watching it from the other side of the world I am amazed that this series has not won any major prize because the cast, the script and acting are and is phenominal. The show did not get picked up here (due to the air times change all the time and the network station) and so we never got the show for a second, third let alone a fourth season but I have taped all the episodes that were aired. Every rerun they aired last year I saw because I can not get enough of it no matter how many times I see it. It is that good! I have the book this series was adapted from, I saw the original movie, hope they release the other seasons for my region on DVD and I even have the opening credits as my ring tone (I kid you not).

So if you have the chance watch it from beginning to the end and then? Watch it again and again (like I did today). Take it all in because this is one series that actually is teaching us something. The uniting power of sports.


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There are times when I do not think about it but every now and again I dawns on me. How did we every live without the Internet, mobile phones, Ipod or a laptops way back when? Can you remember those first years of the Internet when you had to dial in via a modem? Or the first mobile phone the size of a refrigerator, the walkman or a Commador 64? Ah life was good!

But of all these things I am so glad that there is the Internet. Glad for all the things I can share, buy, give or find. The Internet is a great place for photographers to find inspiration to see what other photographer have created and to learn from them. That is why I am going to show you on a regular basis who inspires me and why.

I would like to start with one of my favorite photographers Bruce Weber. He was born in 1946 in Greensburg Pennsylvania and is one of the great fashion photographers but also videographer, director, fashion design, author. In short a multi talent. A photographer with a passion for black and white. A photographer that shows the human autonomy like no other. He was one of the first photographers to introduce barely dressed men and women in commercials for Calvin Klein, Karl Lagerfeld, Versace. He featured in Vogue, GQ, Vanity Fair, Elle, Rolling Stone and many other magazines. He shot a lot of celebrities, fashion models, musicians and sport athletes. And his work was a major inspiration to the director of Top Gun, Tony Scott. I never knew until  I bought the special edition a couple of years ago and watched the interview with Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. They shared that a photobook of Bruce Weber was the inspiration for director Tony Scott to incorporate the same sexy look in his film. They showed a photograph as an example and imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had that particular photograph somewhere in my house! That picture I bought when I was about 17 years old, in the Expo store in Amsterdam. I put it in frame because in some way it reminded me of  the Top Gun movie that was still my favorite movie at the time (I still love to watch after 20 years I must admit), never knowing it was actually a source of inspiration for the movie.

I ran through my house because I had to find this picture. I searched and found my highschool agenda with all the black and white postcards I collected at the time. But this picture was nowhere to be found. Where was it? I could not be gone. I sat down at my desk dissapointed, no idea where it could be. Was there a spot that I missed? Anywhere I forgot to look? I stared blankly at my computer screen, my eyes slowly staring into nothing and than it happened. I swear, there it was, next to my computer screen, still in the glas picture frame. That photograph of the Butterfly Beach Parking Lot. Why hadn't I seen it before? A sigh of relieve escaped my lips and my heart skipped a beat as I picked it up and stared at it. I said something out loud. That beautiful photograph of three young well trained men, in a 60's car. Hanging out, lazy in the late hot afternoon summer sunshine.

I immediately checked the Internet for more Bruce Weber photography. He has made so much. Not only black and white, not only well trained men and woman, fashion models or celebrities but also his dogs, street life of detroit and Liberty City. I love his black and white photography and admire the way he uses color, which seems a little faded giving it a old look and feel.

To show you what I mean I will leave you with photographs of Bruce Weber copyright by Bruce Weber