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Choosing a wedding location

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Choosing a wedding location might be one of the most difficult decisions you have to make when you are getting married. The problem is that there are so many different type of locations to choose from so how do you make a selection?

If there is any type of advice to give I like to give some here on the blog. 

Limit the number of locations

Now that you can get married almost anywhere you want, there is hardly any limit in your options. What I found is that selecting one/limited amount of location(s) to get married, have your reception, diner and party is peace of mind. If you have multiple locations you have to consider how to get there, traffic to get there, parking at the various locations. One location makes that so much easier and with enough stress on your wedding day don't add more stress by having to get to many different locations.

Consider the size

A lot of couples start out thinking they only have a hand full of family and friends they want to invite and select their location(s) on this number but along the way more and more people are added to the list. Then on the wedding day the number of people that have to fit in the ceremony room is much larger than expected. So when you select a wedding venue keep in the back of your mind that it can fit an growing number of guests.

What about the backdrop

A photographer can make anything work can see beautiful imagery in dark and dim surrounding. But a beautiful surrounding can add significantly to your wedding photos. So if photography is a priority consider your location from a photography perspective.


MAC shoot for Beauty journaal

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This past June I was asked to participate in a MAC fall make up shoot for the Beauty journal blog. This site has all the inside information on beauty production, cosmetics, hair, body and more. Gerti tried the new MAC fall make up and I shot the images of the how to for this look. To make it even more educational I also shot some video footage of Gerti applying the make up which she transformed into a nice video.

If you read the whole review go and take a look on the Beauty journaal website.

To watch the video take a look here.

One year ago today Zandvoort Wedding Femke Peter

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One year ago today Femke and Peter got married. How fast this year has passed! Congratulations Femke and Peter to many more happy years together.

Inspiration: Wedding Magazine Fluttermag

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It is all about inspiration here at Admiron Photography so I have to share a next episode of this beautiful magazine. Take a look and be inspired.

3 Ways to get the most out of your Wedding details

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One of the biggest trends in weddings is personalising your wedding. Give it a touch that is truly you and your fiancee. Some couples create DIY pieces, some couples choose a color theme or a vintage theme. But details can also be the jewelry you wear, the shoes you choose so carefully, that tie you received from your father or grand pa's cufflinks. Of course you want to remember them all but how do you get the most out of your details.

1. Choose a great photographer. Okay this may sound like preaching to the choir but not all photographers are the same. Some are more photojournalistic and do not pose anything during a wedding while others direct the whole thing. Some photographers shoot every detail while others only focus on the moments. So if you want all of your details to be fabulously captured choose a photographer who can do that. Look for it when you review a portfolio. We love details so we make it a priority to showcase them in what we do so couples who like details as well know what we can do. For you personal details like jewelry, shoes, veil, suspenders, the rings, perfume but also cufflinks, tie, belt, shoes, flowers etc. keep those in one place preferably during the preparations so the photographers can shoot them without forgetting an important item.

2. Seek help from a professional stylist when you have certain wishes to decorate your wedding day. This indeed cost money but when you try to do it all yourself you might underestimate what it takes to decorate your wedding. You easily can think that you have enough details until you see it at your location and they disappear in the space. A professional knows what it takes to get it right.

3. Choose an album. Not only if you have a lot of details but i would say always choose an album. The images are great, a slideshow is wonderful but the album is the final product of your wedding and details are the cherry on the cake to show case your day. So when selecting your photographer choose that album you will not regret it.

Album Design Kislay and Sonal

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I just finished designing the wedding album for Kislay and Sonals wedding that we shot in the Olympic Stadium. Their wedding was so special and I think this album conveys their story. They included images of their engagement session as well which made me very happy. Indeed I have the couple select their favorite images. If I feel images are missing that are part of the story I select them as well and verify with my couple if they love the addition.

As I use an online gallery it so easy to share the result of the album and have my couples see the result.

Click here to see the final result of the album! They choose a 30cmx30cm fine art album so the actual album size will be much bigger than they appear on screen.


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"The earth has music for those who listen"

Castricum Wedding: Froukje + Michael


A lot of effort had gone in planning this wedding. A wedding with a theme, poppy flowers. They have always played an important part in Froukjes life. It was part of her birth announcement and it was there at various moments while she grew up. So naturally they had to be part of her wedding day.

They were incorporated with the rings, in her bouquette and the boutonniere and of course the wedding cake. A labor of love created by Froukjes niece. But much to our surprise we found a field near the party location with poppy flowers. This must have been a sign because when we didn't poppies anywhere here they were on Michael and Froukjes wedding day.

Froukje en Michael thank you so much for inviting us for your special day it was an honour.

One of my favorite, two lovely ladies, Froukje and Femke you two look stunning!

More from this beautiful wedding click here for the Slideshow

Dress: Bruidsmodehuis van Os

Wedding location: Hervormde Kerk Limmen

Party location: Ruiterhuys

Wedding car: Porsche

Wedding cake: Shivanne of Shief's Bakery

Photography: Admiron Photography

Castricum Wedding Preview: Froukje + Michael

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It all came together the beautiful locations, the great weather, an amazing car and the most lovely couple that said I do. Froukje and Michael created an amazing day to get married. Together with their two children it turned out so perfect and they got the share it with the people they are so close to.

I am so excited to share more of this wedding but for now a preview.

Be Loved magazine

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The summer continues and if you are planning your wedding for next year you have to take a look at this beautiful magazine that provides inspiration, beautiful photography and design. Go and have a look while enjoying the summer.