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What to look for in a Wedding Photographer

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As a photographer it is easy to say that every couple should choose a professional wedding photographer, a specialist who knows how to get beautiful, emotional, timeless, classic, great, real, amazing, fantastic images. Images that you will want to see every chance you get. But a professional wedding photographer is also quite an investment. But there is a reason.

A wedding photographer has not only invested money studing photography but also took training, workshops, bought and insured gear to perform their craft. That shows in the result. The quality of images is so different from a point and shoot camera or a consumer camera.

A wedding photographer has experience photographing weddings and knows what to expect. They have a sense of where to be and what to look for. Just like every specialist in every field a photographer knows photography so look at their portfolio, look at their website and blog if they have it, to see the style and if it fits your style. Don't try to change a photographer by asking for another style. Go out and find the photographer that fits you it will make you so much more happy with the end result.

A wedding photographer can provide you art work to show case on your wall, share your images via an online gallery that you can share with friends and families when you want and wedding albums that exceed anything that you can order from your local supermarket or online shop. A wedding photographer has access to the best album companies that have albums with the best quality and can create custom designed albums.

So if you are doubting to whether to choose a professional photographer do not hesitate. If you do not have a large budget hire a professional photographer for a limited amount of time instead of none at all. Because in the end the only tangible piece that you will have from your wedding day are your images.

Style your wedding day with flowers

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Flowers are amazing! They make people happy with all these colors. That is why capturing bouquets, centerpieces and boutennieres. I always look forward to see all the pretty that a florist has created. A beautiful bouquet can really make my day.

It is also a possibility to give a wedding day color. That is why it so fun to see couples have eye for details and choose a colortheme and flowers to style a wedding day and make it personal. When choosing flowers it is always good to choose a specialist. Florists that know flowers, which to choose and combine in your wedding bouquet that will last all day long.

Don't you agree that this make you happy!