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What you can do with your engagement images

ngagement sessions become more and more common and popular. Couples see the benefit of having this session prior to their wedding day to get to know the photographer, to feel more confident in front of the camera and to get beautiful images. But what can you do with this nice set of images and not only store them in a computer?

Today blog post will help you get more out of your images and enjoy them every day.

Get a signing album for you wedding

Why buy a standard simple book to have your friends and family sign with their best wishes? You can get a custom designed album just for you that not only show cases your engagement images but make it even more special with all of the messages your love ones want to give you.


Custom is the word. Couples want to stand out, be different and not have something of the shelves. Personalised invitations or save the dates are a great way to use your images for. Ask your photographer about the options to have your own invitations.

Off the wall

That white wall would look really great with one of your images on canvas, plexiglas, acryl or wood. There are a lot of options to show case your favorite image. Size matters so choose a big size canvas because small on large walls tend to disappear.

Personalised app

A lot of photographers offer the images via a personalised app for your phone or ipad. That way you always have you images with you. In an online gallery app your images look just as good as in an album so ask your photographer about the possibilites.

An apple a day

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This past Spring the apple trees were covered in blossom, white and pink. It took a while before the first apples showed but I payed little attention to it because normally the birds are the first to eat them all. But maybe there were to many apples for the birds because when november rolled around the trees where still covered in lot's and lot's of apples.

So I climbed the latter and got as many of the apples I could get. Biologically grown for the best result, their taste was full and rich but there were just to many to eat. So my mother turned this sac full of apples them into apple sauce and apple pie. I love the color of them and grabbed my camera for some images.

Happy fall.

One year ago today Schiedam Wedding Kriszta + Myrko

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Thinking back on this wedding makes me smile. We were refered by one of my clients and it was all very short notice as the bride was just out of the hospital after an operation and they would leave to move to the other side of the world shortly after. But it was still a great wedding day and this time it was held in a windmill where Kriszta and Myrko said 'I do' to each other. A year has passed and I hope it has been a great first year for these two.


Selecting you album images - 3 tips

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Even though not every couple decides to get one I think every wedding deserves an album. Just like with every childhood album you might not look at it every day but opening up your book every now and then really is fun to look back and see the images. It just is different to see it in book than on your laptop.

But how do you select the images for your wedding album in today's blog three tips.

1. Tell the story

When you receive a couple of hundred images how do you select the images for the album? I am a big believer in having my couples select the images and add images that I think should be included but the images that mean the most to the couple should be featured in their album. Moments that my couples find important might be different than what I would select. Look for images that tell your story and take moments from every part of the day. Try to limit selecting images that look similar. Choose the one that speaks to you the most. As a photographer I try to do this already when selecting the images but when reducing images that go in the album look this applies even more.

2. Look for details

Combine images of people with images of detail. Images we capture always include a lot of details and when creating an album this adds to the variety of the album. Especially if you have invested a lot of time and resources on details make sure they are featured.

3. Less is more

In a thirty page album I advise my couples to select about forty to fifty images. In my experience albums become more beautiful to watch and enjoy if they are not overcrowded. So even if you would like to put every image in your album be selective and choose the ones you love the most.

Lovely magazine

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With the fall in full swing and lots of rain and wind it is an excellent time to cuddle up near a fire and read a beautiful magazine. I love the Wedding notebook and they have a new installment available. So take a look at all the pretty they are sharing here.