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With this Ring

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Ringshot are fun to make but also kind of tricky. Especially with a macro len and an wide open aperture there is a very shallow depth of field and before you know it the ring is out of focus. The trick if you can call it that is to close the aperture to e.g. F6.3 or even F7.1 that way you make certain the ring is largly sharp and in focus.

Downside to with a small aperture the amount of light decreases. For this image there was light enough but it can mean that additional light is required to get a sharp image without movement.

Settings: Lens 50mm, ISO 1000, F7.1 , 1/40

Inspiration: Lovely magazine

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This Australian online wedding magazine is one beautiful glossy magazine. Not only beautiful images but also ways to get the look that is shown in the magazine. Besides this inspirational magazine you can also go for more inspiratie to the site of lovely magazine

Summer weddings

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Every season has got it's charm Autumn with all the beautiful copper and golden colors, Winter with the change of snow, Spring with the new leafs and blossom in the trees and then there is Summer. Still one of my favorite seasons. Everything in full bloom, the sun out and long days. The change of having an outdoor wedding is a possibility.

Photography outside during Summer also has some challenges, like hars light at during a midday portrait session but it also has lots of possibilties. With e.g. een outdoor ceremony gives us the opportunity to walk around without disturbing the ceremony. We have more variety in shots and with two photographers that will mean a ceremony captured from all angles. Summer also allows for sunset portraits. If time allows this is a huge bonus and so much fun. When the couple is married in the afternoon all stress is gone by the time we go out for portraits and this really shows in the images.

I am so happy that we still have a number of Summer weddings lined up because even if we would want to we can prevent that the days are getting shorter already and Summer is slowly slipping away.

PASS online gallery

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Every time that I deliver a PASS online gallery to my couples I am happy that we decided to choose media that totally fit this time. The speed and possibilities that PASS provide is incomparable. The experience a couple get when they scroll through their gallery is so different from when we still delivered a DVD.

The gallery is more of an online album that draws you in and gives you the opportunity to favorite images and create a slideshow or to share via the internet. Now that Pinterest is becoming more important and people are sharing images everywhere PASS is the perfect solution. Because it gives couples the opportunity to share via Facebook, Twitter and now Pinterest. Just look at the image below and how amazing PASS looks.

If you want to know more about PASS take a look at the user guide that PASS is providing.


Wedding Photography Details

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If you visit the blog regularly it might not come as a surprise but a while ago one bride to be asked me why we always show so many details on the blog. Not that she didn't like, because she liked it very much. I explained that our main focus on the wedding day is about the story of the day. The story of two people in love that are saying yes on that special day but there is more to a story and that is what we try to capture showing all the details that were selected. Couples invest a lot of time and effort in personalizing their wedding day and they do so with details.

That is why we love to capture them because they are not only a major part of the wedding couple but also a big part of the wedding day. Later on they will make for a lovely highlights in your wedding album giving you memories that last a live time. So if you want to make your wedding day personal with items and details you can be certain we capture them for you.

One year ago today Amsterdam Wedding Celebration: Chieri + Itoshi

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One year ago today we had the pleasure of capturing Chieri and Itoshi in the City Centre of Amsterdam where they had a wedding portrait session. What a treat it was to be with them all day, roaming the streets of Amsterdam and having them in front of our camera.

I am so happy that we have stayed in touch this past year. Dear Chieri and Itoshi a year has past since your session which we remember with fondness. To lovely memories.


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They are one of my favorite flowers with their quirky shape and beautiful colors. They make a lovely wedding bouque so if you are getting married at the end of Spring or beginning of summer have a look at peonies. The images will show you why.

Just looking at them makes me happy. Have a great weekend

Castricum Engagement: Froukje + Michael

They were together for seventeen years with two childeren, when Michael decided to ask Froukje to marry him. Armed wth a beautiful ring he had the location all figured out. It would happen in New York on one of the bridges. But Froukje is no fan of heights and when they were walking on the bridge she could see the bridge below. So the moment passed and everytime Michael thought it might be a good location he passed it up to go down on one knee and ask Froukje to marry him. His plan almost failed when Froukje almost found the invoice of the jewellers but he managed to grab it just before she could take a look at. They flew back home with the ring still secure in Michael's pocket.

Arriving home Froukjes parents were looking Michael with expectation as he had shared his plans with them. He shook his head and decided to ask Froukje in their home to marry him and of course she said yes.

The children of Froukje and Michael were the most enthousiastic children I have had in front of my camera ever.

Castricum Engagement Preview: Froukje + Michael

We met about a year ago to discus their wedding and the photography they desired. It was so nice to see them again, this time for their engagement session. They choose the forest of Castricum and what looked like an okay day turned out to be one amazing and best of all sunny day. Together with their two childeren we set out for an afternoon of photography and what a sweet afternoon it turned out to be.

Here a preview of their sesssion.