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Sneak Peak

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It is always fun to show something. To reveal. A little while back I had the pleasure to work on some really fun shoot which I will be sharing with you. A little patience before I can share it with you. Only a very small sneak peak.


Books Lee Child

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I think it was in November when I saw the trailer of a new movie coming out. Jack Reacher it was titled and surrounded with a lot of controversy. I had not read any of the Lee Child books but when I read about Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher it stating he is Jack Reacher, I was intriged. Question was did I want to start on a series that already has 17 installments? I did not know so I thought one step at a time.

So I go the first book of the Jack Reacher series Killing Floor and I am hooked. Not that I can see Tom Cruise being Jack Reacher but I like the way Lee Child tells the stories. This big giant of a man that fears no body, that only lives by his one rules, no possessions and no fear. i have read 5 more since that first one and I am already looking forward to what is coming next.

If you have not yet discovered Jack Reacher, it is about time that you do!

PASS gallery


Just recently I shared that the new PASS was about to be launched and I happy to tell you that it is here. PASS is the beautiful online gallery to showcase and showcase all of your images. What a great set of features it has got. The presentation of the images is so much better than in the previous version! It is like an album in itself and you are able to see the images when in thumnail view. You can select your favorites, you can post directly on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

Even better is that you do not need a separate app anymore. With the old Pass you needed an app to download all of the images in one go. Well not anymore you can download them all from the browser. If you want to order prints that is also possible directly from Whitehouse Costum Color. So nice to see that the galleries migrated perfectly to the new PASS.



Because it is Friday and because it almost looked like Spring, because this week started with the warm rays of sunshine and because Winter is not willing to let go and because it is nice to read a great book and because it is nice to find an image that I had overlooked before and because there is always a reason to open a bottle so I say Champagne!

Have a great weekend.