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What makes you wedding your day?

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Ever wondered what makes your wedding day? What makes it personal? Details. They showcase what you love and what you find important. You can't go wrong with details when you choose what is close to you heart. It also allows you to personalise your wedding day to what you really love and it allows you to incorporate items that are important to you. The watch from your grandfather, the perfume you receive from you mother when you were a little girl, a penny in your shoe from your best friend. These small things are just as important as the big moments of the day. Together you can create your perfect wedding day.

But no matter what which items you use in your wedding day in the end what makes your wedding day is of course the two of you.

Top Trouwlocatie route

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Your are getting married. There are so many options when you are looking for a location. A castle, on the beach, a boat or a hotel. You name it and most likely it is possible. To help couples the is organising a special day on Sunday the 3rd of February. A large number of wedding venues open their doors to wedding couples so they can have a look and see if it is their special venue.

So if you are getting married and do not know yet where you want to get married go and take the route.

Inspiration: Style me Pretty

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One of the ultimate wedding blogs is without a doubt Style me Pretty. Even if you are already married (like me) it is still a pleasure to look at all of the prettiness that they show on a daily basis. And at the end of the year they have their most popular wedding available in an online magazine. I am a real fan of online publications so I got to share. Hope you find inspiration when you are planning your wedding or have good watching all the beauty.


Quote inspiration


I love a good quote because it can point you in the right direction and tell you what you need to do. Here a great quote for today.

One year ago today Landgoed Waterland Wedding: Judith and Wim

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The sun was shining and if anyone would guessed they would have said that is was spring but it was the heart of winter. Exactly 6 years after the day they met they said I do to each other surrounded by the people that meant the most to them. Their wedding turned out to be one beautiful day.

Judith and Wim I hope you have had a beautiful first year and keep on having more beautiful years to come.

An ode

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Tomatoes & Oregano make it Italian;

Wine & Tarragon make it French;

Sour Creme makes it Russian;

Lime & Cinnamon make it Greek;

Soy Sauce makes it Chinese;

Garlic makes it Good

- Alice May Brock


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About two months ago I participated in a workshop that had all to do about lean. The basis was all about how we as people should not to try and do everything on our own but if you have a network that you can rely on you can lean on the people around you. We received a presentation of Martijn Aslander and then did a workshop raw food. So none of the products were heated in anyway. Honestly I was surprised at what we put on the table. A whole debate is going on about raw food and I could not see myself eating like that everyday but I do see the added value of keeping things lean. Of getting rid of a whole lot balast.

So that is why I have a lean workspace. No big desks with lots of stuff on it. No I have a lean workspace which I can take with me every where and that is what I really like.



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You must have heard from Pinterest a worldwide moodboard where everybody can store images they love. I am so amazed at the beautiful image I come across whenever I go and look at what has been added.

If you are preparing your wedding, looking for decoration suggestions for your home, feast your eyes on delicious food, if you can think about it you will find it on Pinterest. So go and have a look around. But be careful because it is addictive.

Here some examples of lovely things I found on Pinterest. A wedding moodboard and a food moodboard. Go ahead and design your own.

Going with the clock I found these on Style me Pretty, Style me Pretty, Martha Stewart Weddings, CJ Williams Photo, Maggie Austin Cake, Style me Pretty and Style me Pretty.

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Happy 2013

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