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Leiden Schiedam Wedding: Kriszta & Myrko

Can one trip change the rest of your live? Change it without you least expecting it? That is exactly what happened four years ago when Myrko went on a short assignment to the USA and met Kriszta at the America office of the company they both worked for. They met and Kriszta thought of Myrko as her miracle because it is indeed a miracle to find that special person that you know is the one for you.

Never would they have thought that by the end of the assignment their lives would have changed forever, that four years later they would say their vows in front of their close family and friends. But that is what happened last week when they promised eachother to love and cherish eachother for the rest of their lives.

Kriszta and Myrko I am so happy to Novian pointed you in our direction and i am honored that you choose us to capture your wedding day.  Have a great time in Dubai.

If you want to see more of this beautiful wedding CLICK HERE.


Leiden Schiedam Wedding Preview: Kriszta & Myrko

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It looked like a rainy day, a rainy day in November but it was in fact a very special day as it was the wedding day of Kriszta and Myrko. What a special day it turned out to be. They organised this wedding in a very short timeframe and made it a perfect day.

While the day started with rain, it ended with a clear sky near the Mills of Schiedam, the miracle of Dutch weather at work. Starting today with a small preview. More to come soon.

The feel of film

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Some more playing with images. Trying to get the feel of film from my digital camera. There are a lot of images enhancements that have that film feel even without grain. Ronald was so nice to be in front of my camera for a couple of shots, I think I took about six shots.

So see here the result.

Having Fun

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What is the most fun of photography? My answer is photographing people. As a wedding photographer I love to shoot details, I am a huge fan of details but in the end I like to photograph people. Capture them in way that they recognise themselves. Hear them say that they look beautiful, great, funny, amazing, etc. in an image is one of the best complements that I can get.

So every time I capture people I try to let their character shine through and if possible have them smiling, having fun. With people having fun they are themselves, they forget the camera and can be who they really are.

A little while back I had the chance to photograph the lovely Gerti and capture these fun images and have some fun.


Let the sun shine

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Happy Day

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With leafs falling all over and more rain than sunshine I am indoors more than out. Editing images, making albums, reading a whole lot and also take the time to learn new things. And so I was playing around with Photoshop and textures and I am liking it a whole lot. It gives images a new dimension.

I hope to show more creative shots of images that have been beautified but first a nice image.


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A couple of months ago I was asked to shoot some business portraits for two lovely ladies for a business magazine. Now I had no idea about what a business portrait should be like, I just wanted to bring out the fun and spirit of these beautiful ladies. So that is what we did.

Yesterday I received the message that the magazine is done and a copy is on it's way and I looking forward to see. So now is the right time to show some images on the blog. It was fun to create the portraits and to now finally show them.