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Inspiration: Save the Date

A couple of weeks ago I had a nice tea date with Vanessa from Your Fairy Tale she is such a talented lady and really enthousiastic about organising and planning weddings.

We got to discussing the options that couples have with the images of their engagement session, as every couple receives an engagement session as a gift when they book their wedding. Vanessa wanted to know if couples could get their Save the Date invitations created from the images as they become increasingly more popular. This is indeed an option and it gave me the idea to help visualise what they can look like and I have created two examples.

Of course this is just a small selection and so much more is possible.

Inspiration inside Scoop

I found Christina Greve of Divas and Dreams via Chic Critique forum. As a photographer I find it fascinating to read about what other photographers have to share. Christine is a portrait photographer and make the most beautiful images. Her mantra is it is not the camera who makes the image but the person behind it. No bag full of gear to prove that she is professional but the bare minimum. I like that and I love to share the magazine that she created.

Here you can read the first volume of Inside Scoop. Have fun.


Pretty Sister


Beautiful album

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The wedding of Judith and Wim is a favorite and I was so happy when they came back to me after the wedding and asked me if I could design a wedding album for them. Jippee because it is always a pleasure to create an album from a wedding.

This past week the album arrived and I was so happy that the album turned out just as they envisioned it.

Zandvoort Vooges Wedding: Femke + Peter

They were in the Florida Keys and Peter had been thinking about a proposal and when to ask her. He brought a ring and when they went out to capture the setting sun on video Peter had other plans. So in the lights of the setting sun he went down on one knee and asked Femke to marry him and she said yes.

Just like this past week she said yes again and again on the beach. The sun was not setting but luckily it was shining bright and had enough time to stay out and capture this perfect day. I am so happy that Annerieke pointed Femke and Peter my way because it gave us the possibie to capture their wedding. We are honored to have been there to capture your day. Have fun in Spain while reliving your wedding day for the second time.

If you want to see more of this wedding CLICK HERE FOR THE SLIDESHOW

Zandvoort Vooges Wedding Preview: Femke + Peter

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Sometimes you meet the love of your life when you least expect it, when you work together for what seems like ages and then one day you look up and you know. When Femke and Peter found each other they first denied it, like that was even possible. That by saying nothing was going on that would make it so. But love is stronger, love can't be denied and love will concur all in the end. 

That is so true for Femke and Peter. Working together they found each other, fell in love and were happy to say I do in front of a small group of family and friends. As always a small preview.

Head over Heals


Love, love, love beautiful shoes.