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Praktica MTL5

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I lost it, it was gone and I had no idea where I stored it. In a box maybe or in one of my drawers, still nowhere to be found. So a couple of weeks ago I opened the door a closest which I looked into so many times before and then there it was. In a little box waiting, unscratched still working.

With this camera it all started when I was a little girl and I have to go out an buy some film soon to shoot with.

Landgoed Elswout Engagement: Femke + Peter

It there anything better than photographing an engagement session on a beautiful location with a nice couple? I don't think so. What a pleasure it was when we could walk the gardens of Landgoed Elswout and the sun kissed the environment. The little boys playing and being part of this whole experience. And just like with every engagement I had so many images to choose from.

Especially with couples that already have children it is a engagement/family session and kids always have their own plan. Finding things in nature that I would never pick up. "Look!" and through my viewfinder I was looking at a snail, "Thank you very much."

We had a great time and I think it shows in the images. If you want to see more of the nice engagement CLICK HERE FOR THE SLIDESHOW.

Landgoed Elswout Engagement Preview: Femke + Peter

A sigh of relief escaped Femke when she heard I was still available on her weddingday. The options for an engagementsession were limited with their weddingday fast approaching and full agenda's but everything worked out great.

So this past weekend we could go out with their children to Landgoed Elswout. A great place for an engagement session and even though it was quite crowded due to a picknick we hardly noticed and walk and make some great images. The sun even showed during the session making it all complete.

Here a preview of this fun session of Femke and Peter.


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A lot of photography is just trying and when you get the hang of it repeat, repeat, repeat until it sticks and what you do becomes second nature. And then there is sometimes when it just happens. There are so many things that I see on television, in magazines and on the internet. Somewhere in the back of my mind I have seen this picture maybe subconsiously so I decided to recreate it doing it my way.

I love white and with the light nicely filtered through the curtains I took a couple of shorts and then I hit this. How I love how it turned out, showing you, you do not always need people to practice a concept or a shot, to create something that can sparkle.

It looks like it is going to be a nice weekend so have fun!


Inspiration CHIC Magazine


Yes a new month has begon as fall is creeping in, the days get shorter and the temperature is getting cooler. So we are in serious need of some warmth before we head into the fall.

Here a great magazine that you can view with some great images to inspire you. Not only weddings this time but hey I just love beautiful images and you can find them here.