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Amsterdam City Wedding Celebration: Chieri & Itoshi

This may have been one of the most amazing and fun sessions we have ever done. Walking around Amsterdam, looking for little allies, beautiful canals, streets, bikes and squares to photograph in. We found some amazing spots but also rode the tram, toasted with Procecco and found an ice cream car.

Amsterdam showed her best side, the old architecture and the new showing off in the sun. We got the chance to capture Chieri and Itoshi as they were wrapped up in the city and celebrate their wedding like it just happened on that day.

As we said goodbye on Amsterdam Central Station it felt like saying good bye to old friends. Chieri and Itoshi thank you so much for asking us to capture you Wedding Celebration in Amsterdam. We are honored to have shared this beautiful day with you.

If you want to see more of this session VIEW THEIR SLIDESHOW HERE.

Merel of Pure Glamour transformed Chieri into a beautiful Bride.

Chieri you are so beautiful!

Location: Hotel Mauro Mansion

Hair and Make up: Merel from Pure Glamour

Wedding Dress: Privately owned

Shoes: Repetto Paris

Bouquet & Bouteniere: Bloemenhoekje Drenth

Suit, shirt and tie: Brooks Brothers

Shoes: Van Lier

Amsterdam City Wedding Celebration preview: Chieri & Itoshi

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She was positively radiant as the make up was being applied, her hair was done and she was transformed into a beautiful bride. All the while Chieri didn't look outside at the rain that was coming down. Like she knew rain would not affect the day. The forecast was good but still we saw rain coming down. But then she stepped into her wedding dress and put on her shoes and something changed. The sky became lighter, the clouds parted. When Itoshi tied his tye and put on his jacket it was official, the rain was gone and the sun came out.

The Mauro Mansion Hotel turned out to be the perfect backdrop for this Wedding Celebration session. Located right in the heart of Amsterdam we could start the session and walk around the city. It was amazing afternoon and there are so many beautiful images to share but here is of course a first sneak peek.

Happy Monday!

Amsterdam Lloyd Hotel Engagement: Chieri & Itoshi

They met three years ago when Chieri applied for a job at the firm where Itoshi worked. He must have felt right away that this girl was the one, the one he had to have for the job and so he said yes and hired her. Not knowing at the time it would be the start of something beautiful and that they would say yes again very soon but then to each other.

Being an architect and designer Itoshi loves Amsterdam. That is one of the reasons they choose to stay at the Lloyd Hotel that was redesigned by the architects of MVRDV. We started inside an found many nice spots to capture. In the visinity of the hotel we found even more great architectural hotspots that we went out to see.

If you want to see them all take a look at the SLIDESHOW of this sweet session here.

Chieri you are beautiful

The Gift


Receiving a gift is such a beautiful thing. The thought that someone took the time during their busy day to go out and look for something special, for me. I was and stil am blown away about the beautiful Japanese gift that Chieri and Itoshi brought especially for me and my sister.

It is so beautiful and artful. Made in Kyoto with a nice sent to put on a cherry dish. A special gift from a special couple.

Amsterdam Lloyd Hotel Engagement Preview: Chieri & Itoshi

About two months ago I received Chieri's first email from Tokyo. She has the most bubbly personality and the sweetest story, a dream she was trying to make a reality in Amsterdam inquiring my help. I was so excited because she wanted to have their wedding portraits taken in Amsterdam, as she never had them taken when they got married about a year and a half ago. We emailed back and forth and with every email the dream came a step closer to becoming a reality.

So this past Friday the 13th we finally met and it felt like meeting old friends. We chatted over tea and coffee hoping for the rain to stop that had been flooding the city so we could start their engagement session. I am glad the sky took a little longer to clear because we got the chance to shoot inside the beautiful Lloyd Hotel. A hotel with lots of history, lots of style and beautiful spots we could use to photograph.

Here a beautiful preview.