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The ultimate wedding blog is Style me Pretty and this summer they are sharing a mid year E-glossy. To give you some additional inspiration when you are planning your wedding for the end of this year of even for next year this is a must read. So many beautiful weddings that can give you idea's and inspiration.

Inspired by all this beauty? Get a copy of the Admiron Photography MAGAZINE! Full with beautiful images, tips and advice.

One year ago today: Giullitta + Liselotte

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The day started with rain and it never seemed to stop, but it turned into a beautiful day. Because where the sun didn't show was compensated with a beautiful loving wedding. It is a year ago today and I hope that a loving day turned into a loving first year.

Giullitta and Liselotte congratulation with this first milestone, to many more.

Make it happen + Danielle la Porte

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I love quotes because they can sum up in one phrase what others say in a whole books . So everytime I find a website that inspires, provides new insights or is just fun to read I keep it in my current web role. Danielle La Porte's website is one of those. I found her via Maria Forleo. Danielle is the author of the Firestarter sessions and a true inspirator.

Where a lot of people are afraid of theft and duplication Danielle encourages people to share what she does, as long as she get credited in an appropriate way. I hope I have provided proper credit but be sure to check out her website and her work. Here for some Friday inspiration.

Words of wisedom and inspiration from Danielle. Have a great weekend.

Babyshower: Pretty in Pink

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You can never start to early with your first party and like I mentioned this baby girl knows how to party. A theme party no less and with Tess taking care of the organisation it looked beauiful and everybody could enjoy delicious treats, cakes and candy while admiring Dominique.

It was a beautiful day and I think it can be concluded that this was the first party of many more.

Mireille looked absolutely beautiful!

Kasteel de Wittenburg Engagement: Rachella + Felix

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Her younger brother knew somebody who could fix the virus problem on her computer because she had no idea how to get rid of it. She never expected that this computer conneseur would turn out to be the man of her dreams. With her brother being younger she expected Felix to be younger as well. But to her surprise Felix was her age and she liked him. Felix got rid of the virus on the computer but planted a little love bug because he liked Rachella as well.

So they went on dates together, then decided to go study together and have never been apart since. With the birth of their daughter Lisa they are now a family. Now 10 years after that first meeting the love bug is ever present and in August they will have their wedding day.

Here a selection of a great afternoon in Wassenaar. If you want to see more of this session CLICK HERE.

Little Lisa knows how to catch the camera!

Babyshower preview: Pretty in Pink

Category: Family

So small and already she knows how to throw a party. This past weekend friends and family could come and admire little Dominique and party along on her babyshower. Of course pretty in pink because this is really her color and that was visible in the styling which was truly beautiful.

With the sun out in full it turned out to be a great afternoon

Here a preview.

Kasteel de Wittenburg Engagement Preview: Rachella + Felix

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The wedding location was the answer when I asked Rachella and Felix where to shoot their engagement session. The reason is obvious because it is a beautiful location. Located in the chique quartes of Wassenaar leads a smal lane to this castle with garden and castle pond. They were so nice to especially open the castle for this session.

We received three option and the first in April did not seem like a good idea. The outlook was bleek on that day but it turned out to be great weather? We choose a day in June but this past week I was not convinced it was the best choice but I was proven wrong because it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. Easy choice to shoot lots of images outside.

Here a preview.

Wedding Inspiration + Grace Ormond

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One of the biggest bridal magazines and inspiration of couples getting married is Grace Ormond Wedding Style. As a photographer it would be an absolute dream to be featured in her magazine. Oh well we have to dream about something.

Normally the magazine is only available in hard copy and usually only in the US. Well I received the message in my mailbox that Grace Ormond Wedding Style now published their first digital version. That is great news because it is one beautiful magazine that inspires not only brides. So for everyone to share here on the blog the digital edition. I love it!


Right now

Category: Personal

It is important to say out loud and to say it often. Gratitude. Being grateful for every single day, for the people in our lives, the beautiful moments that happen every day. Thank for familie and I am of course grateful for Ronald. Because the only moment is right now.

Enjoy this moment. Have a great weekend!

Wedding inspiration + flowers

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Call me old fashioned but I like a wedding bouquet for a bride. A bouquet of real flowers. In the color theme or just simple and white. Why? Because it complements the bride and it makes her even more beautiful than she already is.

So if you are thinking whether or not to choose one, don't hesitate. Here is why.