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The ultimate wedding blog is Style me Pretty and this summer they are sharing a mid year E-glossy. To give you some additional inspiration when you are planning your wedding for the end of this year of even for next year this is a must read. So many beautiful weddings that can give you idea's and inspiration.

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Sometimes you meet people and it feels like you know them forever, people you have a real connection with. With Wedding photography we are only there for a very short amount of time. We capture the engagement session and the wedding day. After that we are only connected via the images but when couples move on in life and go to the next phase how great it feels when a couple ask us to come back and capture that time in their lives as well.

That is why I am proud and grateful to be part of the important moments in the lives of René and Mireille who trusted us enough to not only capture their engagement and wedding but also their maturnity and newborn session. We are so excited to see them first turn in to newly weds and now turn into a family. Can you imagine how I felt to see their sweet words they shared with friends and family about us.

These moments truly warm my heart and leave me lost for words.

One year ago today: Giullitta + Liselotte

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The day started with rain and it never seemed to stop, but it turned into a beautiful day. Because where the sun didn't show was compensated with a beautiful loving wedding. It is a year ago today and I hope that a loving day turned into a loving first year.

Giullitta and Liselotte congratulation with this first milestone, to many more.

Make it happen + Danielle la Porte

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I love quotes because they can sum up in one phrase what others say in a whole books . So everytime I find a website that inspires, provides new insights or is just fun to read I keep it in my current web role. Danielle La Porte's website is one of those. I found her via Maria Forleo. Danielle is the author of the Firestarter sessions and a true inspirator.

Where a lot of people are afraid of theft and duplication Danielle encourages people to share what she does, as long as she get credited in an appropriate way. I hope I have provided proper credit but be sure to check out her website and her work. Here for some Friday inspiration.

Words of wisedom and inspiration from Danielle. Have a great weekend.

Babyshower: Pretty in Pink

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You can never start to early with your first party and like I mentioned this baby girl knows how to party. A theme party no less and with Tess taking care of the organisation it looked beauiful and everybody could enjoy delicious treats, cakes and candy while admiring Dominique.

It was a beautiful day and I think it can be concluded that this was the first party of many more.

Mireille looked absolutely beautiful!