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Newborn Dominique

Category: Family

The wonder of new life it is still a miracle. To see a baby girl so sweet and content made my heart melt. Because that really applied to little Dominique. She is such a happy and content baby. Curious about what is happening around her. Smiling already. It was an honor after capturing the wedding of René and Mireille to now capture this newborn session of their first born.

Here the result. Happy Friday!

Newborn preview Dominique

Category: Family

Ten little finger and ten littles toes. So small and sweet, little Dominique. Do you remember the beautiful maternaty session of René and Mireille a couple of weeks ago? Yesterday I was again with René and Mireille because their beautiful daughter was born. It took 10 more days than anticipate but when Dominique entered the world she was in a hurry. No time to waist. She was a real top model. No crying at all during the session. I am still impressed. But then the hard part, which image to select. I just started editing but there are so many beautiful ones.

I could live here

Category: Personal

The evening is falling and the sun disappears behind the hills where the vines produce the grapes for this harvest. The air trembles and feels warm on my skin. A glas of wine close at hand and a sigh escapes. I could live here. The surroundings, the peace. It is truly amazing.

Silver Coast

Category: Personal

Near Lisbon is one of Portugal's best kept secrets, Costa de Prata of the Silver Coast. We drove to the beaches near Azul today. What beauty. High waves, blue skies, rocks and sand. Coffee in a local café.

Life is good, life is beautiful.

The holiday

Category: Personal

Yes it is time again. To recharge, to rethink but most of all to relax and enjoy. After lots of years of having our springbreak in Spain we decided to go to Portugal this season. We arrived yesterday with some rain but things are looking better this morning and the forecast is great. I am looking forward to a round of golf and the amazing views here.

When Spring is late

Category: Personal

The climate is changing. It is El nino or was it el nina (I am confused about it). It does not really matter when it comes but every year I look forward to the blossoms in the tree. Usually all the apples are gone when it is time to harvest them. The birds just like them to much and I am okay with that. Well this year I had to wait more than two weeks longer for the blossom to appear but it is worth the wait.