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New Classics

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                     Because beautiful things will never go out of style.

                               The white jeans is a classic!

Since the moment I took this shot I felt like it could have been part of an ad campaign. The lovely Inge looks beautiful in this image so I had to do something with it and I am so happy that it actually looks like a shot that could have been part of an ad campaign. Happy Queensday

The backup

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Storage seems to get cheaper and cheaper every month. A terra-bite would cost thousands of euro's a couple of years ago, now you can purchase 1TB for less then 100 euro on a disc that is hardly larger then a credit card. But with the large files that come out of a camera and need to be stored, the available space sometimes seems to evaporate.

I like to have multiple instances of my images and store them in different location. So I now purchased the ultimate storage for my backup. It is the G-drive from G-Technology which is power by Hitachi. It looks and feels like a complements the Apple family perfectly. It is completely recyclable and all aluminum. I am amazed by the speed of the Firewire connection. So I am looking forward to storing many images on it.

See for yourself doesn't it look cute.

Wedding style

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Love is a beautiful thing, it is and different for everyone. That is why I like weddings so much because everybody celebrates this day in their own style. Some big and lavishly while others keep it small and intimite.

I like to revisit my images every now and then and see if there is more behind and image. To give it a new or different feel to it and show case it here on the blog.

Have a great day today!


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It is Monday. Last year we had summer in Netherlands but if we look outside today it seems like autumn is in full swing. Rain and cold can affect how we feel and think. The funny thing is that it only takes one thought to change how we feel. To change every thing around. That can make us sing and dance.

To start the week right with a note of inspiration I want to share a quote.

Shots to Admire

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What is the magic of photography? Is it possibility to stop time? Capture a moment that never comes back? Create memories to cherish a life time? Show how beautiful people are? In my opinion all of the above.

I have no idea why some images have that something special that can attrack your eye to it immediately. But I do know that sometimes when I press that shutter I know I have captured one. These moments are special and I cherish more than anything.

Here one of those beautiful image to take you into the weekend from a shoot I did last year.

Have a great weekend.