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There is something about the light, the shadows at 12.00 noon, the colors that gives it away immediately. The light of the mediterian. Where the sun is already shining brightly in March and stays like that until late autumn. So a great reason to go  down south and choose a beautiful location to get married. The light, the weather, the food, the feeling of the place, all pretty good reasons to choose for a destination wedding.

True that a smaller group of people are likely to join you but if you can choose between the people that matter most or a big party that can for some be an easy choice. And a lot of other reasons will apply but after I attended the destination wedding of Peter and Kanika in Sorrento I would be more than happy to shoot this type of wedding any day of the week.

You must admit if this is the view from your wedding location then the answer to a destination wedding is easy: I do.

Classy and Fabulous

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She closed her eyes while make up was being applied. A color that made her eyes shine giving her that intense look. The selection of clothes were chosen carefully containing a mix of styles. A beautiful selection but a true reflection of who she really is. Like Coco Chanel put it accurately "A girl should be two things: Classy and Fabulous".

Two things you can not buy or acquire but something that you can only be and my sister is a true representation of both. Shining true in this portrait session. For this series we tried something different using techniques thought by Sue Bryce amazing Australian Glamour Photographer. I always like to try new things and am happy how these turned out.

Featured on Coeur Events & Weddings

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It is Monday and I am happy to say that I am featured on the blog of Coeur Events & Weddings which is run by Marit. She is a great weddingplanner and life saver when it comes to couples that have a wedding date but are in serious need of help to make their wedding day dream come alive. But Marit provides not only wedding services but also organises your business event so go check out her site.

If not for the last part for this sweet introduction of Admiron Photography. So go ahead and take a look at this great features and all the services that Coeur can provide.


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The fun of being a wedding photographers is that you are a lot photographers into one. Not only are you a lifestyle photographer but also a fashion photographer, food photographer, macro photographer to make every aspect of a wedding day come to life. And you have to be able to do it quickly. When you are a food photographer or fashion photographer one shot can take one whole day. The styling, the lighting, the composition has to be perfect before the shutter can be pushed.

Imagine what would happen if a wedding photographer would do this? Not a single shot would be captured. Everything has to keep moving all the while capturing amazing shots. Making sure I can capture the images I envision I always try to think ahead of what I want an image to look like. That is why I love to do engagement sessions. I get to know my couple so on the wedding day I already know how my couple photographs. To see how I can capture them at their best. I am probably more nervous for an engagement session than on the wedding day. What will they look like on camera will they relax and have fun? It is the best rehearsal because on their wedding day they can actually have some fun.

Featured on The Perfect Wedding

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It is always a pleasure to see one of my weddings featured. This time the wedding of Bart and Myronne got featured on the Perfect Wedding I found out today. You remember this sweet wedding we captured last summer and how happy they were to get married.

I am super proud of this feature. So for everyone who is in need of some wedding inspiration go check out the feature and all the other information on the Perfect Wedding