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The right shoes

Another week has passed by so quickly. It is Friday again and the weekend awaits, the last weekend of February. Time is passing to fast. So I was thinking about a blog post. What should I write about on this Friday? Shoes! Why? You say. Well I would like this blog not only to be a place where i share my work but if possible provide some inspiration and tell you readers what I like. To start of I am not shoe junkie nor Carrie Bradshaw with a closest full of shoes but I can understand why women can get happy just by looking at shoes let alone buy a pair.

Because a good pair of shoes can last you a lifetime, that's probably why women are willing to invest a months pay in the right pair. They will be with you forever. Okay that sound dramatic but it is true. If you maintain them, nourise them properly they will last.

So I am kind of surprised to see that a lot of brides choose shoes they will most likely only wear once. Choosing "real" wedding shoes, saving them in box and put them on only on their wedding day. Selecting shoes that feel comfortable and that look amazing they can have the added bonus that you will have a daily reminder of that great day and wear your amazing shoes over and over again.

So choose something beautiful and wear them again and again.

Happy Friday

Book Review: Karen Rose

Category: Personal

It took a while before I started with Karen Rose. Not really sure why because as a thriller fan I enjoy a new book. Fortunately a friend of mine had the whole series and I just started with Have you seen her. Totally different than Karin Slaughter or Lisa Scottoline. Some hardcore murder and the most gruwsome terror combines with a love at first sight story and off course a lot of confusion between the hero Special Agent Steven Thatcher and the heroine Jenna Marshall. 

It has the read on factor and I really wanted to know how it ended and bought myself a copy. I can imagine thought that it is more a book for women than men but if I got it all wrong just let me know. If you like a good thriller with a good dose of love than Karen Rose is the author you got to read.

Be My Valentine

Category: Personal

On this day of love there has to be a post on Valentine. Not so much on who we secretly admire or declare our love to. No an inspiration post of what you can wear on this day of love or what you can wear when you decide to do an engagement shoot.

And of course it has to be red, the color of love, and balloons lots of balloons. Take a look and be inspired. If you want to know more about the items just click on the image.

Happy Valentines day!

Be my Valentine

February Self portrait

Category: Photography | Portrait

Ok so I am getting the hang of it this self portrait thing. This time my dear sister took some shots of me and I was ready to strike a pose if you will. Yes, get in front of the camera and get uncomfortable and then after a little while I got more comfortable. I am not a fan of being in front of a camera, true. When I can choose I rather be behind my camera. But sometimes is good to step outside of my comfort zone so I can relate what it feels like to be in front of a camera. That way I can coach my clients even better.

So strike a pose!

Piece of Mind

Category: Personal | Photography

There are days lived on a cloud the ultimate high where everything is going right and then there are days that are spend in a total funk. I am sure we all know both. It is probably because of the short days, the lack of sunshine, lack of vitamin D but I am ready to leave this funk behind. To see the beauty in the things around me. I am always go, go, go, always en route to my destination, forgetting about the travel. So I am looking for piece of mind. So I go out and breath in the fresh cold air. Sometimes you can not just speed up things. There is a reason why everything moves at it's own pace.

It is never as bleak I remind myself. Why? Because there is too much beauty in all seasons.

Launch: The New Website

Category: Photography

If you come here regularly you must have seen it. The change. All that I have seen and learned these past few years about branding and web presence have come together in what you see here today. I present to you the launch of the new website. My small studio on the web. I hope you like it. It is fresh and white and with the falling snow the timing could not have been better.

I am happy with the new design, the new blog and I hope to see you here often.

The Forest and the Tree

Category: Personal

All of a sudden everything is white, like a blanket that fell on top of us. In an hour and a half everything was covered with snow. It has to be forbidden though. I mean snow is meant for Christmas not for February and mess up the whole country.

I got a little distracted by it all because I had a whole blog post ready, with this title about not seeing the trees amongst the forest anymore and then... I lost it. It disappeared, couldn't find it anywhere. Well it was either start over again or accept that this was a signal. I wanted to start over but somehow I could not find the words any more.

I accept that it is gone and what remains is an image of a forest and trees and snow.

Casual Style

Category: Personal

We should all have something to dream about. Right? What would you do if money was no object? If you could shop at any store in the world? Most likely you have dreamed about what you would do if you a fortune, I know I have. But it is also nice to just look for things to mix and match. So what more fun than to put together a styling board with what I like.

So here my styling board. Love me some jeans, boots, sunglasses, scarf and bags.