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Best of 2011: Weddings

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The last blog posts of 2011, I can still not believe how fast this year has past. But on the other and there is a new year right around the corner and it has got a lot to look forward to! So one final look at 2011. The best of the weddings we have done this past year. As I received so many positive feedback on the E-magazine I did in Febuary I decided to do another to close the year. So go and have a look at all the lovelines we got the capture.

Tafelberg Wedding: Dieuwke and Johan

The lights were shining in the hotel suite and the place was buzzing with activity. The make up artist working her magic while the camera crew was taking shots and Dieuwke and her girlfriends chatting about the day ahead. She had slept well and was not nerves. Dieuwkes voice was deep and sexy due to a slight cold that had caught her earlier in the week. So she kept the talking to a minimum not wanting to lose her voice, while she transformed into a beautiful bride ready to go meet Johan.

Johan paced the street in front of their house waiting for Dieuwke. You see Dieuwke and Johan may have a lot of traditional elements their first look was not one of them. And so Johan waited as Dieuwke with her best friend drove into the street. Johan decided he could not wait for Dieuwke to get out of the car and when he first saw her he was the one lost for words. The emotion of the moment caught him and all he could do was whisper that she looked beautiful.

They planned their day to perfection and all of it came together while they said the important words to each other, to their small family. Their vows that completed them and even though Dieuwke could hardly talk because she lost her voice, the love that radiated between Johan and Dieuwke spoke volumes.

Johan and Dieuwke, thank you for allowing us to document your wedding day and capture beautiful memories. Have a great time in Los Angeles!

If you want to see more of this wedding click here for the SLIDESHOW!

Wedding Dress: RC couture

Shoes: Nina Fiarucci

Hair and make up: Manuela Witsiers of Rich Look

Location: Tafelberg Blaricum

Weddingplanner: Marit of Coeur Events

Babs: Bert Simhoffer

Cake: Dikke Taart

Music: Cherry Fresh

Photo booth: Say Kaas

Video crew: VidiLounge

Behind the scenes

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It has been an incredible year, 2011 and I can say that it has been an adventure, a learning experience, a joy, an honor and so much fun capturing all the weddings this year. We get a lot of comments during a wedding that we are smiling a lot behind our camera's and the reason why is easy. People in love, on one of the happiest days in their lives make us smile, it has something infectuous, so we can't help but smile.

This year we captured some images of us behind the camera doing what we love the most. So here are some images of us in action. Hope to see you in front of our camera next year so we can smile with you on your wedding day.

Tafelberg Wedding Preview: Dieuwke and Johan

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It's the most wonderfull time of the year. It is true for the Christmas season, for the Christmas spirit and this past Friday Dieuwke and Johan have created another reason to look forward to this beautiful time of the year. It is was their wedding day and they get to celebrate it from now on every year to give them joy, fun and laughter.

It may not have been the Winter Wonderland everybody was expecting after a couple of years with snow around Christmas but it was still Dieuwke and Johan's fairytail wedding. As a Christmas present (yes we have a second Christmas day) a preview of their wedding day.

Merry Christmas!

The Best of 2011: Engagements

We are of shooting our final wedding of the year. It being close to Christmas everybody was hoping for snow and cold but throw in some sunshine and we have Spring with the temperature we are now having. But with the year wrapping up I had to do the best of 2011 engagements.

I love shooting the engagement session. If you are not familiar with Admiron Photography you have to know that we invite every couple to an engagement session as a gift. Why you might ask? Easy because we want you to not only get used to the camera but to also walk away with a beautiful series of you as a couple. Another reason why I love the E-session is the chance to have a fun afternoon with my couples. We walk, we talk, we laugh and relax all the while capturing the couple as they truly are.

We did some real nice sessions did year and here a showcase of the best of 2011. We would love to have you in front of our camera next year. So don't hesitate and get right on it we have a spot for you.

The shortest day

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The shortest day has passed (jippee) meaning that everyday, daylight extends with two minutes every day. We are on our way to summer (okay I might be a little over enthousiastic but hey hope floats).

To second that motion I am posting some images today that can warm us all, wet our appetite and let us dream of warmer days. Because who can't resist the sun if given a change...



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What do you give your wedding guest as a thank you gift? When we got married we had no idea what to give all our guests at the end of the evening. So I checked every gift site available but nothing really resonated with what we wanted to give. A candle in a small candle holder? Some sweets because live is sweet? A flower would that do the trick? It was so difficult but then I thought what is something that we enjoy? The answer was easy on a festive day we have a festive drink so why not give everybody a miniture bottle of bubbly.

And so came about this nice small gift with a personal touch. If you have no idea what to give your guest you can always give a bottle of bubbles!

It is the season

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It is the season to be jolly and happy hohoho. I am trying my best to get into the christmas spirit but unlike last year when there was snow all over the place it is only raining this year. I am not a snow person or a winter person at all but it strangely helps to have cold and snow to get in the christmas spirit. So I started with some christmas decorations and hope for the best.

It is kind of unreal to know that within two weeks a new year will be knocking on our door. Slowly but surely the years in review are starting and I need to start on my new years resolutions. I am looking forward to this new year to all the things that it will have in store for us. But for now let's sing songs of joy, write cards to the people that matter and send them our best wishes it may not be the weather yet but is after all the season for it.

The Boutonniere

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I like old fashioned, I like it when the bride has a bouquet and the groom a boutonniere. It is part of a wedding. Wearing the dress and the smart suit, including old traditions with someting blue and flowers. But it is nice to see that couples decide to use elements that are close to them. Choose colors that represent them and not because it is nice.

This year I even so a boutonniere that was not a flower but a checkered heart. Thinking outside of the box even on something small as a boutonniere is what makes it personal.

Spain Portrait: Corrina

Category: Portrait

For the first time a complete portrait session shot by Antoinette. A beautiful portrait session of Corrina. I am so proud to see what she has captured. Corrina is such a lovely, sweet, fun and beautiful lady and it shines through in this session. And what a great location one to be instantly jealous of.

So have a look at the great images and have a great Monday!