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It is here

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It was in the mailbox today. The real one, the one that you can open and when you look inside, find things you can touch, like letters, bills, newspapers and books. This one was there with some other books I ordered and i was looking forward to it. Life is all about the people you meet and the books you read - Zach Gray. I can not agree more.

So today I received Exposed magazine in the mailbox from Jasmine Star. She has told a lot about her story on the Internet in so many shape and forms but I am a fan of her work and what she has achieved. So I had to have the magazine and so I ordered it. That is the best thing about the Internet. Without it the chance that I would know about this OC photographer would have been 0%. Thank you Internet for making the world smaller. Thank you Jasmine for the magazine and the inspiration.

So for the next couple of days I will be reading about big dreams and never giving up.

My favorite

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Some say it is a challenge, some say it is even impossible. I know it is not because I have done it. Shoot a whole wedding with one lens. These days I dare to switch my lens but when I did my first wedding I feared I  would lose a moment ergo a shot. So I left my lens on, always ready. The 50mm that is.

Now I dare to switch, make a conscious decision which lens to choose. But the 50mm remains my favorite. Because this is one lens that make people look their best. Because this one has the best bokeh. I still have a wish list of nice lenses that I would love to get my hands on. But I doubt if any of them will ever compete.

Something to remember

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Sometimes things happen and I can't explain it. If I try to rerun it frame by frame I can't. Did I see it as it was or is my mind playing tricks and I want to see it as it went? I don't know. Like the phrase "there is not reality just perception", this must be true.

Well my perception maybe shattered a couple of time but than I'm cleaning my laptop and come across an image that makes me smile. We looked adorable and in my mind the shirts were not yellow (I never wear yellow) and hey I didn't know my shoes matched with my shirt. My father made all of our outfit's. Yes he was a wizard with a sowing machine. And the way I remembered it we were in focus but it is not.

It doesn't mattered because I can still remember that moment that we were standing there in front of that Citroen in front of the Olympic stadion. That moment will never disappear because we have that image.

DIY Center pieces

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DIY is usually linked with the money friendly solution. When planning your wedding you want to have a lot of those budget friendly options. But DIY can also be your best friend when you are looking for a personal touch. Or when they just do not sell what you are looking for.

So today an easy, budget friendly and personal DIY solution for the center piece. A good center piece can be big, extravagant and costly. A good alternative could be to collect three, six or even nine bottles. You can use e.g. glass yogurt containers. Select big rozes in any color you want. Choose the colors of your wedding theme or buy a variation of color. Use two or more rozes per glass and align them in rows of three et voila your center piece is done.

Of course you can decide to use bigger glass and more rozes per glass and the result is simple but so chique.

What (not) to wear?

Standing in front of the closet deciding what to wear. Panic attack, shallow breathing and a cold sweat! Knowing you will be photographed probably makes it worse I know it would for me. So I get questions from future brides what to wear on their engagement shoot. Are there things we are not allowed to wear?

Well fortunately there are no rules at least not as far as I am concerned. I always advice my brides to wear an outfit that makes them feel comfortable, that makes them feel really good. For some it is a great dress or a power suit, casual jeans and heals. Yes it is that simple. There is no right or wrong and the best thing is that if you have more outfits that make you feel good you can wear them (all).

If there is one advice I can give than it would be to choose something with color like a shirt, jacket, sweater or scarf because it always works really well on camera. So open that closet and choose an outfit that you love and it will show in the images.