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Color themes

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Something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. This past wedding season shades of blue were very popular. The fun part of color is that you can add to almost every item imaginable. I love it how couples combine color in their bouquets, ties, cuff links but also the cakes.

Using color can help you create a personal feel to the day and by that make your wedding day even more you, make it complete. And what is your favorite color?

Worth waiting for

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While everybody has had their summer vacation we still have to wait just a little bit longer. But when I know where we are going, the beauty of the place some sun and relaxing I can't wait. With this Indian summer know under way it is not hard to image what it will feel like.

Slaughter girl

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I am a Slaughter girl, Karin Slaughter that is. Thriller writer, can you believe that this is her real name? Well it is and not without reason because I think she is one of the best thriller writers around. Make sure you keep at the end of your seat with every book. Wondering what you have missed want the story unravels. It took me a while to get there but when I read Indelible from the Georgia series I was hooked. I got online and ordered every one I could find. After reading Beyond Reach that had a devastading ending I took a step back. Why would I want to read another Slaughter after this? I know it sounds dramatic but read it and you will understand.

But with everything time heals all wounds and I started with the Will Trent Atlanta series. Karin took on a new perspective with these books. Now the series converged into one and when I got Undone and Broken I read them back to back. But nothing prepared me for the last one Fallen. Wow what a story. A rollercoaster ride, that left me breathless. If I can recommend one book this is the one. A 100% must read. Now you know my taste so tell me what is your favorite book?

Pocket Wizard

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It was quit stressful the first time setting up the light stand, the flash, the pocket wizard. Even though I used it a number of times, practised with it but actually using it at a wedding was well intimidating. Even purchasing an off camera flash set up was not an easy. With all the options available it makes choosing even more difficult and the internet has so many opinions so deciding on a flash trigger was quit a task. I will show more of my off camera light set up soon but in this post I want to discuss the triggers.

There are many ways to trigger a flash. Using the infra red is an option or a various range of flash triggers. Would I go for an unknown product or a legit brand that everybody knows. After going back and forth I decided on Pocket Wizards the plusII for the off camera set up and the mini TT1 for on my camera. The main reason for this last choice is simple. I wanted to have an option that I can trigger my on camera flas without a whole construction to the the plusII attached to my camera. The TTI has a flash shoe mount which allows the flash on top of the camera.

I started out using the on camera flash in manual mode but switched to ETTL. One tip if the flash does not trigger when in ETTL mode trigger once when in manual mode and it will work like a charm.

Brochure Admiron Photography


This past week the packages arrived with the result of a project that started somewhere in April and now finally has come to completion. It being a promo of Admiron Photography and all the things we can do for you as couples looking for a wedding photography. In a forest full of talented photographers it can be difficult to find the one for you and we tried to make it a little easier with this brochure.

It provides lots of information about wedding photography but also gives you a good idea of all that we capture. If you are looking for great photography of your wedding day, fun and stylish images of you as a couple and lots and lots of details, I love to chat. Just send an email with the details of your wedding day and your address and I will make sure you will get a copy of this great looking brochure.

Just shoot me an email and I will get this lovely promo to you and besides all the information we have put into it there is a nice surpise attached to it as well you see as soon as you look at the back. So what are you waiting for? Request a one RIGHT HERE and get a copy for yourself!

Book Review: Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography

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It has been a while since I last done a book review on photography books. It took a while before I encountered a book I wanted to buy. This time I bought Fashion Flair for Portrait and Wedding Photography from Lindsay Adler. I came across her book while browsing Amazon. I had not seen her work before but the internet resolved that pretty quickly. The reviews we positively raving and so I ordered it. The book has 5 parts with in total 14 chapters which cover a wide range of topics closely linked to fashion flair. From preparing to shooting on location, posing, equipement, light, post processing and using flair in your business.

It is not a wedding photography book but a lot of the topics can be applied to wedding photography. The images is a mix wedding, portrait and fashion. The book is layered with separate tips, notes and cautions. From the title I expected a more fashion related book. Especially in the posing chapter but as it is a translation of how to get fashion flair into your images this might explain the reason why.

I liked the chapters on light (ambient and studio) best. The book contains a lot of beautiful images and it is an easy read as the info per images in not set annoyingly which I have encountered in other books before. It covers a lot of ground and can be read by photographers of all skill levels.

De Deining Family shoot


Here are the images of last weeks family session. It was such a fun afternoon with this party of eleven. We started on the deck of restaurant the De Deining and were lucky to have a whole part for ourselves and then moved to the beach. I love the beach and the feel of all the weathered wood and sand.

They had arranged more outfits so not all images would end up looking the same, which resulted in all these great images to choose from. These beautiful people looked like they just stepped out of a Ralph Lauren commercial.

I am so proud of the result. Thanks Thessa for asking me to capture your family it was an absolute pleasure. Here the result.

Blue Sky

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After a weekend that looked remotely like summer I realised how our spirits are lifted just by some sun and a blue sky. I also got reminded how vicious mosquitoes can be when they are on a quest for blood. Got bitten in the forehead during a round of golf. It looked like I got smashed on the head the bump was that big.

But anyway, just being able to sit outside and watch some clear blue overhead made all the difference. So for anyone needing some blue sky, here an image.

Happy Monday!

Museum Cafe Wedding: Meike and Martijn

Meike sat in the chair while she was turned into a bride while her two girlfriends looked on. They laughed, chattered, joked and enjoyed their time together as Meike got beautified. Not for a moment if felt like they had a wedding to go to but as the girls were turned into diva's as well and Meike got in her wedding dress everybody was waiting anxiously for Martijn to arrive.

Well Martijn look more time to get to Meike but when he did he could not be stopped. He raced through the front door to finally hold Meike in his arms. He was lost for words when he saw her. Holding her close again and again never wanted to let her go.

Meike and Martijn I am sure you wedding day ended with a big bang. It was an absolute joy to document your wedding day, to be part of it. To capture the love between you two. Have a great honeymoon on Curacao.

Of course you all want to see more of this lovely wedding so check their slideshow HERE. Love to hear what you think.