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It is Monday and I would love to share some wedding inspiration with you. Recently I came across this great site Utterly Engaged that is actually an online magazine with lots of real weddings, DIY inspiration, honeymoon tips and so much more. It is real eye candy just to read through the magazine and an absolute favorite.

So if you are planning your wedding and in desperate need of some inspiration or you just love weddings you can go and check out the site of Utterly Engaged.

Have fun!

Church at Sea Wedding: Myronne and Bart

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When Bart came to pick up Myronne he seemed relaxed but there was more than meets the eye because he was nervous he said. He looked sharp in his tux, high hat in hand but at the same time the adreneline was racing through his system for he could not wait to see her. Myronne could not wait for this moment as well, looking so beautiful and elegant and when she saw Bart a smile appeared that never left her face. For a moment he was lost for words, realising that in just a short while she would say I do to that very important question. Knowing he was the luckiest man in the world.

So the day could start. All the ingredients were there for it to be beautiful day. A handsome groom in a tuxedo and a beautiful bride in champagne white, their son, the ring barer in his all whites stealing the show and some great little details. But it turned out to be so much more than beautiful. With emotional moments when Bart saw Myronne walk down the aisle with her father, promising to take care of his daugther. Songs that gave all attendees goosebumps and tears when the fathers gave their children a message from the heart.

Bart and Myronne one thing became clear on this day, you two belong together. Two beautiful people, blessed with two beautiful children. I want to thank you for allowing me to capture your wedding and may this day forever bring happy memories.

If you want to see more of this elegant wedding take a look at their slideshow HERE. Looking forward to hear what your favorite image is.

Wedding dress:Sposa Bella

Shoes: Menbur

Wedding location: Church at Sea

Party Location: Mixed Hockey Muiderberg

18 forever

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When it comes to television I am a teenager, I watch television and movies meant for adolescents. I even read books for young people (The Insider series by J. Minter). Who cares? I would say because what matters is that you want and read what you like.

And so I watch Entourage, here we are in season 5 and I can not wait for season 8, the final season, to start. Because it may not be for my age group I kinda like the idea that in my mind I can be 18 forever.

Here they are still showing season 5 and I watch it all. Because this may be for 18 years old I kinda like the idea that in my mind I can be 18 forever.

Blend right in

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While capturing a wedding the most important thing of all as a photographer is to dissolve. To become invisible in the crowd, a fly on the wall that nobody notices all the while capturing every moment. I call it being in blend mode. Dressing and behaving as we are part of the wedding party. Couples tell me all the while that they have not noticed me. That they were not aware that we were there. The best compliment to get because that means that they could enjoy every moment of their day without feeling restricted by the camera.

The best photographs of a ceremony or reception is when the couple and their company do not notice their photo is being taken. On moments like this people are truly themselves and that is why couples want to have images of their wedding day to have it documented as it is. So we blend right in. We dress in the same fashion as guests would dress and we behave like guests. Walking around looking, capturing making sure we do not miss anything.

Church at Sea Wedding preview: Myronne and Bart

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What a pleasure to start this week with this wedding. A couple of weeks ago I shot their engagement session and immediately knew we would have a great wedding ahead. Well these two delivered it.

With her two witnesses (her sister and her best friend) Myronne prepaired for her big day in Het Rechthuis a small little hotel in Muiderberg. She looked beautiful, her nails done, her make up done and her hair was just perfect. As was the dress that waited to be taken off the hanger and ready to be worn. But first there was lunch, right on schedule, no hurry, no stress we had all the time in the world.

Under the watchfull eye of Myronne's mother she got dressed. Just as she glanced into the mirror one last time the call came in. Bart had arrived, a big breath. It was time!

Off course we start with a sweet preview. Happy Monday.


Old Church Wedding: Giullitta and Liselotte

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I entered their apartment expecting craziness, nieces running around, mum and aunts fretting over the bride, but there was a serene kind of quietness about the place. She slept well she said although she was awake quite early.

No reason to get up at 6 so she just waited. For her day to start, for her dress to arrive, for her make up to be applied, for the driver to come and pick her up. All this while calm and relaxed. She easily won the most relaxed bride award.

But the nerves were running through her body when she started down the isle with her brother. Because she could not wait for it to begin. To see Liselotte. Accompanied by 'Just the way you are' song live so beautifully gave every one goosebumps. Because these two are perfect just they way they are. Laughter and tears all in that one moment.

Giullitta and Liselotte thank you so much for making us part of your day. To have us capture your life and love. You two are special. Always remember the love of the people surrounding you on this day and the look when you first saw each other at the church, where ever you may go and you will overcome anything.

If you want to see more of this special wedding take a look at the slideshow HERE. Love to hear your comments about this fabulous wedding!

What a great way to start the day with these amazing shoes from Guess. Love them

On of the many DIY projects of Giullitta and Liselotte this beautiful bouquet!

So beauiful

Goosebump moment!

Sharing their vows.

The dresscode was Madmen!

We could steal them away for some shots in the church.

Updating their status. Married!

The light was amazing in the staircase of the Silver Tower.

Heartfelt speeches.

First dance!

Dress: custom design by Kim Siderius

Suit: Pakkend

Wedding location: Old Church Amsterdam

Boat ride: HRH (Her Royal Highness)

Party location: Silver Tower