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Engagement preview: Meike and Martijn

After receiving their inquiry we talked on the phone. Martijn and me, discussing his wedding in August to Meike. While Martijn biked home, I tried to explain the style of Admiron Photography. At first I thought he was on a train somewhere but it was just the wind making a lot of noise. It did not prevent Martijn from hearing every word said and we agreed to meet for their engagement session soon. 

And we did on Sunday. I always check the weather forcast and there was rain near. But Martijn and Meike sticked to their guns. So while the rain was poring down we started in their appartment and I soon as I saw a stop of blue in the sky we raced outside. Weaponed with an umbrella and hat we went on our way. We had 3 seasons in half an hour but boy did we get some nice images. 

Today a sneak peek of Martijn en Meike's engagment session.

How to create you own photo booth

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Okay so besides all the beautiful, emotional and photo journalistic photographs of your wedding day you also want to have so fun images...of your guests. Here an answer because I want to share a post on setting up your very own photo booth. You can just rent a professional photo booth but with some creativity and some props you can easily set up your own for a party or a wedding. We saw it recently when we photographed the wedding of Myronne and Bart.

As the party took place at their local hockey club they created a nice frame for the "booth" using one of the goals. The decorated it with all the balloons they could find and provided all sorts of hockey gear as props. The party people were a little hesitant at first but when they saw the first ones just doing it, the rest stood in line. It just shows you do not need a large space. You can use balloons, ribbons, big photo frames, hats, sun glasses or fake mustaches. Just use your imagination.

Coffee Table Album

Category: Albums

Because I liked the result of the video of the Flush Mount Album so much I decided to also create one for the Coffee Table Album we provide. The look and feel of this album is totally different to the Flush Mount. The cover contains an image and a dust jacket to preserve the cover properly. The pages are nice and glossy, rich with color.

The coffee table album comes in one size only and that is 29cmx21cm and it can contain up to 100 pages. So if you like something different than traditional want lots and lots of images than you definately need to check out this album.

Flush Mount

Category: Albums

I have shared a number of photographs of the flush mount album we offer. While playing around with the video capabilities of my 5D mkII I needed a subject so what a great way to show what we offer on film.

The flush mount albums we offer come in a number of sizes. The smallest being 15cmx15cm and the biggest 30cmx30cm starting with 20 pages. The cover is either animal friendly leather or real leather in a variety of colors. The flush mount have flat lay so it will remain open and that great classic appeal. Every album is custom designed for our couples. Well no need in postponing and reveal the video of our flush mount album. Hope you like it.

Shots that make me Happy

Category: Personal

On one of the coldest summer days since the last century I need something to warm my heart. Rain is mixing with gray skies and it looks more like autumn as if the summer is already gone before it even started.

So here a shot that makes me happy. It was taken in Aruba in 2003 when we were there on our honeymoon. When I look at it, it seems like yesterday but I know better.