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Pretty packaging

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Her eyes lit up when she saw it laying there at the end of the table. Yes if she would eat just two more spoons full of food and finish her plate then she could open it. The paper was wrapped tight around the package and a nice ribbon completed the gift. Carefully she took the package, inspecting it before opening it that glimmer in her eyes. Of joy that is what a pretty package does, it makes your heart jump and puts a smile on your face. Just recently I gave a birthday gift to the daughter of one of my girlfriends. That look in her eyes the anticipation, wondering what is inside. That is the best thing about a gift not knowing what is inside. Deciding whether or not open the nice wrapping or to leave it and look at it for a while.

That is what I used to like best looking at my gifts, wondering, dreaming before opening it. That is what I wanted to achieve with my packaging as well. A feeling of curiosity when you see it, making you eyes light up with joy. I think I have found the packaging that does that. I love this new look. It is elegant and chic, black and white with a pretty ribbon. Pretty packaging.

Engagement: Meike and Martijn

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Their eyes crossed and a smile appeared on their faces. I know him a little over 6 years now, she said answering my question how long they know each other. But on July first Martijn knows me exactly 6 years. So in fact I know him longer.

They played in the same music company and while Meike saw and liked Martijn from the start Martijn's mind was elsewhere. She tried to get near him, tried to chat with him but Martijn was destined to find a fork for his food and Meike cursed that she did not have one for him. And so their ways parted Martijn never knowing that he missed the opportunity to meet a great girl.

But they met again at a music performance a couple of months later. Meike not prepared that she would see Martijn again was surprised when she ran into him. This time she stood out from the crowd from the first moment he spotted her. They talked and laughed and chatted the night the way.

This summer they make it official and say I do. I am looking forward to their wedding in a beautiful spot in the heart of Amsterdam. Want to see more of their engagement session check the slideshow HERE.

Until then I leave you with their engagement session.

Arnhemsmeisje Feature

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It is a compliment always, when photographs get published. This time it is extra special because one of our couples were so enthousiastic about their wedding images that decided to share them with Arnhemsmeisje, a wedding inspiration blog. You can imagine how proud we are that Giullitta and Liselotte decided to share their wedding photo's.

If you want to take a look you can go HERE to see more.

As soft place to land: Admiron Photography Facebook Page

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The door was already open when I arrived leading me in the warm room where the lights were just bright enough giving the room that cosy feel. Her face lit up when she saw me. She opened her arm wide and the embrace that followed felt good, familiar. With out hesitation she directed me to the big family sofa full with cushions that fitted like a glove as I sat down. I was almost tempted to put me feet up on the table. I am sure she would not have minded but I could resist the urge. A drink appeared out of nowhere as if she knew what I liked and of course she does, know what I like. I took one sip and closed my eyes feeling content, being here with these special people.

That is how it feels when you arrive at friends who know you so well, where the door is always open and you feel welcome. It is like a soft place to land.

That is exactly what I wanted for my Facebook page. I still have so much to learn about this Facebook thing but this past weekend I created a warm welcome for all my Facebook Page visitors, ergo the welcome page. You can link to the website, go to the blog, visit me on Twitter or send me an email. Everything is there for your convenience.

So go and have a look at the Admiron Photography Facebook Page and be welcome. Press [like] while going in and enjoy yourself.

Inspiration: Lonny Magazine

I turn up the volume, just a little bit more, stretch my arms while wrapping my hands around the steering wheel, like a race driver about to get into some serious speed. All the while my fingers are tapping along in ritme to the music. When I am alone in my car I am the world #1 entertainer. I sing like nobody is watching/hearing and I am sure no one is or else the glass would've spontaneously burst. I can not sing, never have and mostly likely never will. But it does not stop me from singing out loud. There is no greater feeling. But what does this all have to do with the title of this post Mireille? I have no idea other then shedding some light on who I am and what I like.

As I told more than once I am a reader of everything I can get my hands on. While I have not adjusted to the new thing (read iPad) and not sure I will soon, I have already made the transition to reading magazines online. I read Photoshop User Magazine online, which is great by the way, and a couple of weeks ago I came across Lonny Magazine. We used to eat at a great Indonesion restaurant called Lonny's but this has got nothing to do with this magazine. It is a magazine up to the ceiling with inspiration on living. Best thing is if you see something you like you just click on it an a new browser window will open and shows you to the site. I absolutely love it. No subscription required it is free.

Hope you like it, even if you are not redecorating it is great to look and see. Have a great weekend. Click on the image and a new browser window will open with Lonny.

Engagement preview: Meike and Martijn

After receiving their inquiry we talked on the phone. Martijn and me, discussing his wedding in August to Meike. While Martijn biked home, I tried to explain the style of Admiron Photography. At first I thought he was on a train somewhere but it was just the wind making a lot of noise. It did not prevent Martijn from hearing every word said and we agreed to meet for their engagement session soon. 

And we did on Sunday. I always check the weather forcast and there was rain near. But Martijn and Meike sticked to their guns. So while the rain was poring down we started in their appartment and I soon as I saw a stop of blue in the sky we raced outside. Weaponed with an umbrella and hat we went on our way. We had 3 seasons in half an hour but boy did we get some nice images. 

Today a sneak peek of Martijn en Meike's engagment session.

How to create you own photo booth

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Okay so besides all the beautiful, emotional and photo journalistic photographs of your wedding day you also want to have so fun images...of your guests. Here an answer because I want to share a post on setting up your very own photo booth. You can just rent a professional photo booth but with some creativity and some props you can easily set up your own for a party or a wedding. We saw it recently when we photographed the wedding of Myronne and Bart.

As the party took place at their local hockey club they created a nice frame for the "booth" using one of the goals. The decorated it with all the balloons they could find and provided all sorts of hockey gear as props. The party people were a little hesitant at first but when they saw the first ones just doing it, the rest stood in line. It just shows you do not need a large space. You can use balloons, ribbons, big photo frames, hats, sun glasses or fake mustaches. Just use your imagination.

Coffee Table Album

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Because I liked the result of the video of the Flush Mount Album so much I decided to also create one for the Coffee Table Album we provide. The look and feel of this album is totally different to the Flush Mount. The cover contains an image and a dust jacket to preserve the cover properly. The pages are nice and glossy, rich with color.

The coffee table album comes in one size only and that is 29cmx21cm and it can contain up to 100 pages. So if you like something different than traditional want lots and lots of images than you definately need to check out this album.

Flush Mount

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I have shared a number of photographs of the flush mount album we offer. While playing around with the video capabilities of my 5D mkII I needed a subject so what a great way to show what we offer on film.

The flush mount albums we offer come in a number of sizes. The smallest being 15cmx15cm and the biggest 30cmx30cm starting with 20 pages. The cover is either animal friendly leather or real leather in a variety of colors. The flush mount have flat lay so it will remain open and that great classic appeal. Every album is custom designed for our couples. Well no need in postponing and reveal the video of our flush mount album. Hope you like it.

Angles, angles

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It is evident what the benefits are of having more than one angle on a wedding day. While the bride and groom are preparing on different locations both can still be captured and give them an unique look that they were not able to witness themselves.

But one of the best parts of having multiple angles is during the ceremony. I do not want to walk around a whole lot and attract attention during the ceremony. This is the most intimate moment for a couple that I do not want to disturb in any way. That is why I do not use flash during the ceremony either. With the current camera bodies (I use the Canon 5D mark II) with high ISO capabilities and quality lenses the necessity to use flash is very much reduced.

So having another angles provide more options to document the ceremony and keep it fresh and interesting. The best thing is that couples love it because we capture moments that would have other wise gone unnoticed just by being in two places at one time.