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Making live easier

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Album design is a world of it's own. There are so many ways to create an album, off course you can create in Indesign or Photoshop and some album suppliers have their own design tools. But I have now found a great tool to create albums. Photojunction. This tools is made available by the exclusive album design company Queensbury from New Zealand. They create the most beautiful albums around for the high end customer.

The best thing is that Photojunction is available to photographers and album designers and has a lot of great features. You have the opportunity to use album templates from a number of album suppliers which hopefully can make live a little easier. I have given it a little spin this weekend and will most definitely give this design tool a try when creating my next album.

Bruid & Bruidegom article

Last week I shared that one of our weddings has been featured in print in Bruid en Bruidegom magazine. This magazine is the biggest wedding magazine in the Netherlands. With so many readers you can imagine that we are super proud that so many people will see our photographs and read the story of Dennis and Marine. So that is why I want to share this article with you all.

Because we it is so beautiful and because we are still super proud. You can also read the article (if you can understand Dutch) and click here.


Shots that make me Happy

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With two more days of sunshine to go we are close to a weather record with the most sun hours in Spring. Strange how on one end of the world the rain won't stop while we have all of this amazing sun and a vulcano in Iceland is again causing problems for air traffic.

With the sun out and nature longing for rain I thought it is time for a shot that makes me happy. It has to be a shoe shot of course.

Letting go

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The wind was blowing and dark clouds were hanging low. The morning was filled with rain but the outlook for the afternoon could go either way. Normally I am a good weather player when it comes to golf but we had a golf clinic and then rain or shine we would go out on the course. I was a bit hesitant because I was afraid I would have to learn a whole new routine while I just got used to playing as I do. Well the weather held up and we had a great afternoon. Together with Inge and Jacques and Ronald we did a putting game. I did learn something new about my putting which I am going to put into practise.

But the major thing I learned was in the driving range. I want to learn to hit with more distance. Greg our teacher said to me. Your swing looks great, technically everything fits and if you want to keep playing this way don't change a thing. Well that sounded good only I want to get more distance. The answer is simple Greg told me. The only thing you have to do is let go. Wow is it that simple. Now I thought that with golf with my swing to get distance was to keep control. But while hanging on to my club I squeeze so hard I kill my club. But like with things in real life I learned yesterday that letting go is not that simple. But I left the range with something to think about. If I want to improve and get better, if I want make progress I have to let go. And that does not only apply to my golfswing.

Inge took her camera along and was so nice to allow me to put some on the blog. Thanks Inge.


My vegetable garden

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It is Friday and another week is gone. An exciting week with a major milestone and I hope more will come. It is nice to see how all our hard work is resulting in positive things. Walking around my garden I realise that the same applies here. A while back I showed you my vegetable garden project. The wonders of vegetables is that with the right amount of water and some sun every it will make the seeds grow. There has been a lot of drougth here but I am amazed at what is growing at the moment. So here a small update of this things that are coming above ground.