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Album design is a world of it's own. There are so many ways to create an album, off course you can create in Indesign or Photoshop and some album suppliers have their own design tools. But I have now found a great tool to create albums. Photojunction. This tools is made available by the exclusive album design company Queensbury from New Zealand. They create the most beautiful albums around for the high end customer.

The best thing is that Photojunction is available to photographers and album designers and has a lot of great features. You have the opportunity to use album templates from a number of album suppliers which hopefully can make live a little easier. I have given it a little spin this weekend and will most definitely give this design tool a try when creating my next album.

Bruid & Bruidegom article

Last week I shared that one of our weddings has been featured in print in Bruid en Bruidegom magazine. This magazine is the biggest wedding magazine in the Netherlands. With so many readers you can imagine that we are super proud that so many people will see our photographs and read the story of Dennis and Marine. So that is why I want to share this article with you all.

Because we it is so beautiful and because we are still super proud. You can also read the article (if you can understand Dutch) and click here.


Letting go

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The wind was blowing and dark clouds were hanging low. The morning was filled with rain but the outlook for the afternoon could go either way. Normally I am a good weather player when it comes to golf but we had a golf clinic and then rain or shine we would go out on the course. I was a bit hesitant because I was afraid I would have to learn a whole new routine while I just got used to playing as I do. Well the weather held up and we had a great afternoon. Together with Inge and Jacques and Ronald we did a putting game. I did learn something new about my putting which I am going to put into practise.

But the major thing I learned was in the driving range. I want to learn to hit with more distance. Greg our teacher said to me. Your swing looks great, technically everything fits and if you want to keep playing this way don't change a thing. Well that sounded good only I want to get more distance. The answer is simple Greg told me. The only thing you have to do is let go. Wow is it that simple. Now I thought that with golf with my swing to get distance was to keep control. But while hanging on to my club I squeeze so hard I kill my club. But like with things in real life I learned yesterday that letting go is not that simple. But I left the range with something to think about. If I want to improve and get better, if I want make progress I have to let go. And that does not only apply to my golfswing.

Inge took her camera along and was so nice to allow me to put some on the blog. Thanks Inge.


Bussum Family Shoot

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So here we are the result of the family shoot I did with Igor, Carlijn and Timme in Bussum. As they just moved house we had to start the shoot in their garden and with the weather being so nice it all came together. Timme was playing sweetly with a ball. I loved all the bright colors of the clothes and the blanket giving the photographs an extra dimension.

We walked to a little park just across from their house to have some more great locations to shoot. Timme was the man, curiously looking at my camera, laughing and so we had fun.

So go on and have a look at the sweet family shoot.

Published: Bruid & Bruidegom magazine

It arrived in my mailbox today and how proud I am. Because we are published in print for the very first time. One of my dreams was to get published in print and now it has happened. In one of the biggest bridal magazines of the Netherlands Bruid & Bruidegom magazine. They choose the wedding of Dennis & Marine.

To see it in print, have the magazine in my hands is an undescrible feeling. And the best part is that we also got published in the Fotonieuws section about love shoots. We invite every couple to do a love shoot with us. The engagement shoot of Peter and Kanika was featured to support the item.So go out and buy this magazine and admire the publication. I want to thank Eefje of Bruid & Bruidegom magazine for this great feature.

Bussum Family Shoot preview

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I am back from vacation my battery fully loaded and ready to go. Just before my vacation I had the pleasure of doing a photo session with Igor, Carlijn and their son Timme. Igor was master of ceremony at the wedding of Marine and Dennis last year and they decided to give Igor and Carlijn a photo session. With the winter coming we decided to wait for Spring and so after they moved house and their son turned 1 we set up this shoot.

Even though we planned a month in advance we had could not have done any better because we the weather was great and little Timme was in a happy mood. All ingredients to have a great shoot and that is exactly what it turned out to be. Today a preview of this lovely family.

Menu del dia

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One of the things that is great about Spain is el Menu del Dia. Every lunch and dinner is at least a 3 course menu. When we were not playing golf we were eating lunch in the harbor or in Algorfa. And I am amazed at the value for money we got. We ate at restaurant Nautic the habor for no more than 9.90 euro including a drink and dessert. And we had a el menu del dia in Algorfa restaurant Alquibla and had a 4 course menu for 11 euro and it tasted great.

So if you go to Spain and want to go for lunch or diner go for the menu del dia.

Great food with a great view. Club Nautica in Torrevieja.



When I play I want to win, if it is soccer, a game of cards, it does not matter I want to win. And on top of that I am a bad loser. I will be moping long after the game is gone. Even today if my favorite team has lost I refuse to watch the round up on television. Then I discover golf about 7 years ago and the beauty of golf is, besides spending time outdoors, you play against yourself.

Off course you can be competitive and play against others but I like to play just against myself and it fits me. I never compare my game to how Ronald has played most of the time I do not even compare my game to the last time I played. I just focus on getting the ball on the green and by doing so I have fun playing this game.

Oh I can have bad days that I do not hit a ball lose balls left and right and are just up to the point to breaking a club but then I see the surroundings, take a deep breath and play on and it always gets better after a while. 

Today we played la Finca, a tough course. Here some images.

Choose wisely

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Life has changed in Spain. The Spaniards would not go to beach at the hottest moment of the day and not go sunbathing but with the influence of holiday makers Spanish life changed with it I suppose. Here in the South of Spain it is either English or Spanish it does not seem to mix. So you have an English pub next to a Spanish restaurant and the public won't mingle.

This does not apply to the beach however. I thought a fisher man was trying to sell his catch of the day when I saw a young girl selling clothes. What a perculiar spot to do that I thought. But it turned out she choose wisely because women can buy clothes anywhere this picture shows and they did in this instance.

So I learned something new yesterday, do not always look for the most logical places to sell but choose the spot wisely you can be surprised who wants to buy.

Happy Monday.

Where I want to be

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It was time for a break, time to recharge, my battery low on energy and without that well do I need to go on. The strange part is that I had not noticed until I started to pack our suitcase. I just realised that I am tired. We booked this trip over a month ago and no one could imagine that the weather in the Netherlands would be better that at our destination. But the sun is in the sky again. Being in another place helps because I love it here in Spain. Life feels different here and maybe that is because it is different.

Happy weekend.