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My sister send me this in the mail which she saw on Mike Larsons Twitter and it is something beautiful. If only we would go out of our way and see what is within everybody, the world would be a beautiful place every single day. Validation we are looking for it, everywhere and look what happens when we get it. Something beautiful.

White by Vera Wang

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Ask a girl about the dress she wants to wear on her wedding day, the dress she dreams about and it is very likely she will say two words: Vera Wang. But until resently that is what it usually remained, a dream. Well not anymore as Vera Wang decided to collaborate with Davids Bridal and create the special line White by Vera Wang. This first spring line of 12 dresses was presented in February of this year and the dresses are truly breathtaking. But the best part is that the dresses are very budget friendly because they start at $600 and go up to $1400 which is a steal for these dresses. The dresses are available at Davids Bridal and are shipped internationally so you could order a dress online.

And now it has been announced that besides the Spring Collection Vera Wang is also introducing a Bridesmaids collection together with Davids Bridal which will be available from June. The first sneak peak has been circulating the internet and it looks amazing as well. Now tell me don't you want to get married when you see all this?

Photo's from DavidsBridal website

Book Review: Fine Art Wedding Photography

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Sometimes you can look at the cover and judge the book, judge the content. The first time I saw the Fine Art Wedding Photography book of Jose Villa I knew what was inside was good. More than 150 pages of sheer beauty and some great inside information from Jose Villa himself. How he started in photography and still works with film instead of digital. The book is divided into three part's the technical aspect of photography and how he creates his master pieces and how you as a reader can create the same even with digital. Of course it can never be the same but that should never be the intention. It should inspire.

The second part is all about the wedding day and how he approaches this. What he does very well I think is stand out make sure that people notice the art he is creating.

Every chapter ends with lessons learned from Jose. Things he encountered during weddings and what he has learned from it and giving you as the reader something to think about. The third part is how to move forward the business side of photography.

I like the book a lot if not only by all the gorgous images that are used through out the book. It is an easy read and provides information on posing, pricing, marketing strategies. Maybe not very indept but it gives you insight in how Jose does it. If you love beautiful wedding photography this is the book for you.

In bloom

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Just before this Easter weekend it almost seems like we are in the Middle of August. The sun is shining high in the sky and a small bee is zooming in my ear while a sight leaves my mouth. No sigh because I am tired or frustration but a sigh of contentment. How beautiful the world is in Spring. It is April and leaves appear in the trees. My patch of land needs some water as small plants appear on the surface. I have to plant so more seeds of vegetables and herbs to make sure I can harvest at the right time.

That is life, reap and you will sow. My eye catches the blossom in the apple trees. It never gets old and I get my camera to shoot some images with my marco. The colors, the smell. I look at the tree and realise that if I take good care of it now I can eat the fruit of my labor in the near future.

Happy weekend.

The Wedding Dress

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The dresses stood there on display, turning round and round. Trying to appeal to engaged woman to come in and try the dress. I am married so no need for a wedding dress anymore and still love the dress I choose so many years ago. But seeing a new wedding dress I just have to go an take a look. Would I choose this one if I would get married now? No idea if I would but when I spotted these dresses in Rome they were just to nice to just pass by.

When in Rome

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Where to start when you are in Rome? What sights to see? Just walking out of the door of our hotel which was located in the middle of the city brought us to many hot spots. Initial quite cool the tempature went up during the weekend and we had a walk around the highlights. Saw the Vatican, had great meals and went on a ride bike. Yes we rode a bike in the crazy traffic of Rome and survived.

Well when in Rome do as the Romans do was not really true when it comes to biking because we hardly saw any Romans on a bike. Biking may not be my thing but I learned, do something you fear every day so that is what I did (though I have to admit not certain if I would do it again). What struck me the most about Rome is the number of people in the streets. All those tourists everywhere. The Trevi fountain almost dissapeared behind all the people.

Una giornata particolare

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Rome is a remarkable place. Ancient buildings, historical sites, small streets, churches, piazza's and statues. But when I think of Rome and Italy I also see pictures of black and white movies like una giornata particolare. When walking the streets of Rome I saw this image and had to take a photo because this Guess girl is the mirror image of Sophia Loren.

I will post more of Rome but I want to start the week with an inspirational image how a beautiful commerial image can look like it was taken long ago.

Life is a gift

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Wow can you believe a year has passed since this day? I could say that everyday but today is special. Today I celebrate my birthday and I can add another year to my age. This day reminds me that life is a gift every single day.

Have a great day.

College hotel

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Yesterday the NTBO a branche organisation for the wedding industry hosted a mixer to celebrate their first anniversary. About 200 professionals of all sorts came out to have drinks, mingle and meet. A lot of vendors were there to show their product and the ambiance was great. It thought it quite intimidating all these people of whom I do not know a lot. But my initial fear was gone fast when I met some of the people I follow on twitter. It was really fun to meet people you know a little online and have not met in real life.

And then the location the College Hotel. It is such a beautiful location. Only took a couple of images of the ceremony room but it looked beautiful. Very tastefully decorated.

First International Feature on

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I am so proud. Yes I am because today I received an email that our work for the first time is feature on an international wedding blog! has not only featured one of our weddings but also gave us a spot in the Photographers Spotlight.

If you have not been to before you absolutely should.They feature great work from the most talented photographers world wide and now I am also one of them. Truly amazing.

I want to thank Shelly for her support and this first feature. Go and check it out HERE and let me know what you think.

Happy Monday