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Let it snow


I am not a fan of snow, I think I told it before. The cold, the inconvience, aggrhh. So I do not go on snow vacation, do not go for walks in the snow. Last night we had one of the longest traphic jams in Dutch history. I was home so I did not had this problem but with the amount of snow we had at the beginning of this year we can not say we were not warned.

But then I open the curtains and see this winter wonderland. Nothing more to say.

Light my fire

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This past week I had a reunion with old collegues. I am not a networker so I am always wondering if I should go but this time they made it easy for me because the reunion took place in a studio where we receive a cooking workshop. As this company has a solution center in South Africa the theme of the evening was South African cuisine. And it was really tasty. In teams we cooked a three course meal and off course got to eat it all!

I was still full the next day. I took my point and shoot camera along and was able to take some snapshoot of the kitchen. Had a great time, great drinks, great diner so I was happy that I said yes to this invitation.

Wedding album

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The Wedding Album of Marine and Dennis arrived and I could not be happier! It is always exciting to see the end result of an album in real life and it turned out great. Eventhough couples are sometimes hesitant to choose for an album I can savely say it is worth it. This album is beautiful and will keep the memories of a beauiful wedding day last a lifetime.

This is a 30cmx30cm album, 15 page spread with a black leather cover and it comes wrapped in a nice linen sachet and a case. It is also available in 35cmx35cm and a number of cover options are available like linen, leather and various photo covers.

See for yourself.


Engagement shoot

So tell me what is the benefit of an engagement shoot? Couples ask me. I offer an engagement shoot with every package. Not only to offer something extra or to distinguish myself from other photographers. I believe in the power of an engagement shoot.

Besides the occasional vacation snapshots couples hardly every are in front of a camera and I know from experience it can be quite overwhelming. Where to look, how to look, how to pose, what to do with the hands (those darn hands!). Then you are on this shoot together looking, standing, feeling, being so uncomfortable. Those first 5, 10 sometimes even 15 minutes can feel awkward! But the good news is that it gets better. Really after those 15 minutes you let your hair down and then somethings happens. All hesitation disappears and the funny thing is, it sticks! It sticks until the wedding day or beyond.

So take this engagement shoot and you will end up with some great photographs for a reception album, a canvas to put on your wall or great FB profile photo's.


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I have a confession to make. I read O magazine. Yes it is true every month around the 15th I receive O magazine and I love it.

I like to read what Oprah knows for sure and her favorite things. I like to see how I can change my house with Nate and all medical issues with dr. Oz. But most of all this lady has shown what perseverance is truly about. She has become great because she would not give up and I respect that.

Final season: Friday Night Lights

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It is like with reading a great book. The more I get to the end of it the faster I start to read and the more restless I become. Because on the one hand I want to know how it ends and on the other end I do not want it to end. Well the last season of Friday Night Lights has started and this feeling of melancholy is sweeping over me, I do not want it to end.

I mean it already lasted longer than anyone expected so I should be glad about that. It is still one of the best kept secrets in television and with every new season I was surprised at how they could keep this series interesting. How they have created new characters that made me want to come back and watch it again. So knowing it will be the last season make me just a little sad.

I have no idea how many episodes we are going to get this season and I have no idea how it will all turn out but I can not wait (on the one hand) because after 5 seasons I hope it will end on a positive note. I hope that the East Dillon Lions will win state and that Becky and Luke will get a second chance and that the Taylors will be their own great selves.

Are you ready for Friday Night?

Ways to learn: Goingpro2010

Category: Photography

A post for photographers today. The best of the internet is the access to knowledge. There are so many people out there that share their knowledge with others. Today I found a great new resource set up by Skip Cohen and Scott Bourne two veterans in the photography business. They started an initiative call goingpro2010 that has a focus on photographers that want to turn pro but in there they include a lot of advise for even the most senior photographer.

I never want to underestimate the knowledge that people have. I can learn from anybody and so take it at heart. If you are interested in the site go to Goingpro2010

2nd shooter

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A second shooter might be a common thing in the US however this is (still) not the case in the Netherlands. Why would you want to have a second shooter anyway? Doesn't it cost it much more than a one (wo)man photographer?

The answer to the first question is very easy. Two pair of eyes see more than one. As a photographer it is becoming increasingly more important to not only shoot preparation photo's of the bride but of the groom as well. As they are usually preparing in two separate places it is virtually impossible to be in two places at the same time. Comes in that the second shooter can be with the groom while I take the preparation shots of the bride.

But there is more. When we got married the wedding photographer had every shot except the kiss. I knew that when that happened. She shot with flash and the flash went of after our kiss. I was so full of emotion that I never thought to kiss again. With a second shooter I decrease the change of missing a shot, an important shot like the kiss. But I also have the advantage of a second perspective. There are times that I can not move to another position like in a church during the ceremony. Where I can not walk around and there are perspectives that work better from one angle than another. For those times it is even more reason to have a second shooter on site.

But what about the cost? This depends off course on the photographer in the first place. I may not be the cheapest photographer but I think it is important to guarantee my customers the best quality available for the best price. Therefore I provide my clients with a second shooter. It is not optional but it is part of the package.

With a View

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I was inside today, all day. It might have been cold but the sun was out and I was stuck in a room with a view on the 18th floor and all I could do was take an image to capture it. Ah a day like this.

Lightroom presets

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I have told before that I really like Lightroom and the possiblities is provide. Lightroom gives me the option to adjust multiple photographs at the same time. The best part is that Lightroom has the option to use presets. A lot of presets are included but there are also a lot of presets available on the Internet. Now this weekend I have been looking into creating my own presets which are quite easy to create.

So I have created a polaroid preset and a vintage black and white preset. I like the result but tell me what you think. Should I put them up on the Internet?

Here the original

Here the polaroid color preset

The vintage black and white preset