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Things I love Friday: Photography

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It took us about 6 months to get this date set up. First one got ill, so we postponed and we shifted the date two months and then still not everyone could be there but today we finally got together. These days we first share how everybody is doing but the rest of the day is all about photography. We critique each others work, discuss our favorite photographers, discuss how to's in CS4, other photography related issues and end with new assignments.

Eventhough I photograph a lot I still like to go outside of the frame and challenge myself with new assignments. Nothing better than seeing the work of others and also she how they view my work.

Example of how to calibrate the monitor.


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Well during this year I have been adjusting and tweeking my website more than once to get the way I want it to be. First I incorporate the theme of the blog and added examples of wedding and engagement shoots with the slideshows. I am convinced that I should keep moving, improving and more over show what I am capable of. Besides that I think i it is nice to see my website and blog evolve. I am very happy to say that is now very close to what I want it to be. That what I had in my mind is now coming together in real life.

Because I want to give you all a small piece of the experience. Of seeing, feeling and experiencing what it is like to be in front of my camera. Go ahead take a look at the new and improved Admiron Photography website at

For your eyes only: Boudoir

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Boudoir is the new black. Ever since the Boudoir Divas started their studio and gave women their sexy back boudoir has become very populair. Not only with brides who want to surprise their husbands to be with a little black book, at lot of women treat themselves to boudoir to make them feel good. It takes a confident woman to reveil their inner beauty with a boudoir session.

Boudoir can take place anywhere but I like it to be in the womans natural environment, use the natural light available. A place where she feels good and you can see her change in front of the camera. That is what boudoir does with a woman and I love to share some images I have taken a while ago.

Things I love Friday: Digifoto

It has been a while for Things I love Friday. I love to read and I love photography so today I had the best of both worlds reading magazine Digifoto. A pile of magazines is waiting for me but I started with this one. I like this magazine as it is a nice mix of gear review, portfolio review, different styles of photography. It gives great insight in the world of photography that can be very inspiring.

As a photographer especially a wedding photographer it is so easy to just make the same photograph over and over again. For every client it is new but I want to prevent that in the end my portfolio is the same. By reading a magazine like Digifoto give me fresh idea's about photography and that I really like.


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Ronald called me to tell me I received a gift, a bouquet of flowers. I had no idea who it was from but it turned out Wouter of MIH Interieur was so happy that I send him a couple of images of the new hall way closet that he decided to send me flowers in return. Well ain't that a sweet gesture.