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The game we play

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I had to think about Tim Ferris today. We went out on the golf course today just like Tuesday when I went out with my mind occupied and feeling stress (no idea why). On Tuesday I looked back when we were half way the first fairway and saw people on the tee already and from that moment I could not let go. I played bad (and that is an understatement) and there was no reason to. Walking one beautiful course in brilliant weather. Why can't I just enjoy this, I thought? Why am I trying to get to the 18th hole as fast as I can? The answer did not came to me.

Today we went out for our second round and it was completely the opposite of Tuesday. The weather was still great and there were people behind us (not as close as Tuesday but still) and I played 100% better, I felt calm, nothing occupied my mind. No idea why but I had the wind in my hair and the sun on my face and I thought this is what freedom feels like. To be able to go out an play a game we like. And just about every shot was spot on and today I liked the game again. And I thought, we should not wait until some undefined moment in the future to start doing the things we want to do. We should start with that right now. Enjoy every moment that we have. I know that it is easier said than done and I for sure will not be able to keep that thought. But today maybe for the first time I understood what Tim Ferris is trying to say in his book the 4 hour work week. It is in our minds to feel free, to start doing what we want to do. That is where it begins and where we can follow through. 


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Today a small post as we are on a sunbed doing just about nothing. Well reading a bit, eating a bit, going to the gym. The weather is spectecular and today it was 28 degrees. So no running around. 

Enjoying the view


We had to get up early and be at the airport at an unhuman hour but hey the view that we will be having the coming period is more than worth it. The south of Spain Benalup with tempatures that remind us of high summer. Playing some golf, enjoying the sun and relax. Life is good!

Our junior suite!

Begijnhof Church Wedding: Marine & Dennis

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When they met in college they had one thing in common, they both played tennis. They met each other and probably thought they would never have anything further in common than that. They did not even made an impression on each other or did they? Because it turned out that they had more in common than they realised. Like both being from Europe, both being a little headstrong and as it turned they really liked, no, loved each other.

When Dennis showed a photograph of Marine to his parents saying she was just a girl, the flush on his cheeks gave his real feelings for her away. They knew that this girl had found the key to their sons heart, game, set and match no doubt. If you have met Marine you know why, he lost his heart to her because she is such a beautiful woman.

On Saturday family and friends from France, the United States and the Netherlands shared in their special moment in the beautiful Begijnhof Church where they became husband and wife. Where the sun came out to shine its warm rays on every one there. It was a beautiful day from start to finish.

Marine and Dennis I am proud and honored that you allowed us to document your day. Every photograph we took put a smile on our face, you two are beautiful people. I hope Holland will stay in your hearts, no matter were you may travel in the future.

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Dennis was a man on a mission. He could not wait to meet his bride.

We saw this car and I thought this will make a great backdrop. I was right.

One of my favorites. Beautiful!

Love, love, love!

The advantage of having a second shooter. Two perspectives.

Their first dance.

Getting home

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I sometimes have these dreams where I wake up in a cold sweat and dream that I do not reach my destination no matter how hard I try. I keep on running but things are thrown at me every step of the way.

This evening I had it in real life I just did not seem to get home. Off course it started with the fact that I had to pump gas. I did not take my own car and on the drive down I saw the car did not have enough gas. As a result we then had to stop in front of a traffic light. On the highway? Yes! I did not know we still had traffic lights on the high way but here it was and we were waiting for like 10 minutes or so it seemed (could have been 5 but I am impatient).

I had to drop my sister of at her car and had to help with a door situation which I could not resolve so I could drive home were there was maintenance. But I made it home I finally was home.

The 10-minute meal

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I am from the school that every day a cooked meal should be on the table (okay when we are not going out to dinner that is). We had a warm meal every night even on Saturday (in the Netherlands the common bread dinner evening). Not in our house. My father would always be in the kitchen. After a meal he would start preparing for next days and I would be there in the kitchen watching how he would combine all the ingredients and turn it into a delicious meal. He would explain to me what he was doing and why even if he had explained it to me a million times before. That was ok because it was a special moment being together in that kitchen discussing the state of our country, soccer, school and cooking.

I never measure cooking should be done with the heart, with love. When I cook and hardly ever taste the intermediate result unlike my father. It is like when I see the dish progress I know what it tastes like and I can not remember it ever going wrong. 

So you can see I really like to cook but when I have been traveling for 3 hrs and then come home I want to be able to sit at the table within 10 minutes. Then I make a 10 minute meal with 6 ingredients and it tastes great.

Begijnhof Church Wedding Preview: Marine & Dennis

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Do you know that feeling when you are cold and somebody wraps a blanket around you, gives you a cup of tea and puts you in front of the fire place to make sure that you get warm? Well that is how it felt this past weekend when we shot the wedding of Marine and Dennis. What an amazing couple, an amazing master of ceremony and what an amazing family. All such warm people, who made us feel so welcome and made sure we were well taken care off during the day.

In the process we were part of this beautiful church wedding were a lot of their close family and friends gathered to witness and be part of this celebration of love. All the praying of this past week for good weather helped because the rain stayed away, the sun came out and it turned out to be one of these spellbinding moments in time when everything is just right.

I off course want to leave you with a first preview of Marine and Dennis. More to come.

Engagement: Marine & Dennis

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Give me a great outdoor location, a couple in love and I am happy. To see a couple relax in front of my camera gaining confidence and ending with beautiful shots, is great. That's what happened this past Monday when Marine & Dennis were in front of my camera. They talked, they discussed, they danced, they laughed and relaxed before the camera and the result is amazing.

I am going to shoot their wedding day soon. I can not wait, while praying for good weather.

In the meanwhile, if you want to see more of this engagement shoot click here for their slideshow.

Love these, two of my favorite shots. That look in Marine's eyes.

Love that light!

Berkel en Rodenrijs Wedding: Esterella & Martin

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There is love that grows surely but steadily, one step at a time and then there is love that is instant, that strikes like lightning. The love between Esterella and Martin is more of the latter. They saw each other for the first time in the bus on their way to Dance Valley, their eyes met and then again and again. And in that instance lightning struck, hard.

At the end of the evening they counted the money in their pockets, shared a hamburger and it was a done deal. We are a couple of years down the road, they are a family now but they are still very much in love. Their eyes lid up when they saw eachother for the first time on their wedding day and it remained that way all through the day.

Martin and Esterella, I wish you both this love for the rest of your lives together, may you forever be reminded of that first look.

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The girls really loved apples!

Not tack sharp but there is something about this moment between sisters.

Love these! Doesn't Esterella look glamorous


Reception Album Design

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It was delivered today and I am very happy how the album turned out. René and Mireille decided to use the photo's from their engagement session for a reception album. I was really happy they decided to do this because this will be one album they will want to cherish for the rest of their lives and look at over and over again after the wedding.

If you want to see the complete album design you can click here.