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Life in Macro

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Macro photography is a world on it's own. Numerous lenses are available to shoot in marco and are used most often in nature photography to photograph flowers and insects. In Wedding photography macro photography is used mainly to shoot details and the rings. As only a limited number of photographs are taken with the macro I decided to get myself macro filters to see what kind of results they would bring.

Well I am not disappointed by the result at all. They range from +1, +2, +4 and +10. Here some examples shot with the +10 macro on my 50mm at F1.4

It's your birthday

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Yes every year this day arrives more quickly. Every year I do not know what to buy as a gift and every year I buy something months later. But every year we have cake with a candle! Because it's his birthday.

Happy Birthday Ronald

Things I Love Friday

It is Friday and I need some comfort. When I look outside it seems like fall has arrived and summer has ended. Well it seems summer ended when August started but that is global warming for you. It has been raining since Wednesday evening and streets and freeways have flooded so bad that they were closed down yesterday evening. Some cities still have problems with the excessive rain.

I realise how much I talk about the weather in my posts and do not really know why. Maybe it's just because I am not a big fan of winter and with the light getting less with each passing day to winter I also realise that it is moving closer. I wish it could be summer forever, that it could be sunny and 25 degrees all year round. Yes I know people tell me I will start to be bored with that. But I would not I promise. As I mentioned before I have Caribean blood in me and it comes out when the temperature rises. When the sun is out, music starts playing in my head these cool tropical tunes, I will hear the sea rush to the shore and call my name. It sounds silly but if you have been to the Caribean before and have seen the blue sea, the white beaches and heard that tropical music you know what I mean. That is what's in my head, in my heart.

So as I turn the central heating on I need warmed and a thing I really love to warm me is tea. I have stopped drinking coffee ever since the 80's and only drink tea. I used to drink all sorts of flavors but now my favorites are the ones from Zonnatura. No caffaine or theine, all natural.

So to all, warm yourselves with the sight of this nice hot cup of tea. Happy Friday.

Ways to learn: CreativeLIVE: Jasmine Star

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Yesterday it started the first day of the 5 day epic wedding workshop by Jasmine Star. I am a fan of Jasmine not only of her photography but how she has managed to become a leader in the photography industry by just being herself. The workshop is lasting another four days and tomorrow will be an actuall wedding day which we on the web all can follow.

So if you are interested in (wedding) photography and want to see this great photographer in action for free via a live feed go check out creativelive

Up and away

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There are days when my head is full and it seems like no more fits in. Then I just want to be in the here and now. Not in the yesterday or in future because these are things that I can not influence. But how can I clear my mind? Just let it go, which is so easy to say but so hard to do. Let every thought float up into the sky and wave it away. This weekend I saw this sight in the photograph below and it just reflects what I mean.

Just let every worry, negative thought, issue, fear, drama go up and away in a beautiful ballon and there will be peace.