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Life in Macro

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Macro photography is a world on it's own. Numerous lenses are available to shoot in marco and are used most often in nature photography to photograph flowers and insects. In Wedding photography macro photography is used mainly to shoot details and the rings. As only a limited number of photographs are taken with the macro I decided to get myself macro filters to see what kind of results they would bring.

Well I am not disappointed by the result at all. They range from +1, +2, +4 and +10. Here some examples shot with the +10 macro on my 50mm at F1.4

It's your birthday

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Yes every year this day arrives more quickly. Every year I do not know what to buy as a gift and every year I buy something months later. But every year we have cake with a candle! Because it's his birthday.

Happy Birthday Ronald

Ways to learn: CreativeLIVE: Jasmine Star

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Yesterday it started the first day of the 5 day epic wedding workshop by Jasmine Star. I am a fan of Jasmine not only of her photography but how she has managed to become a leader in the photography industry by just being herself. The workshop is lasting another four days and tomorrow will be an actuall wedding day which we on the web all can follow.

So if you are interested in (wedding) photography and want to see this great photographer in action for free via a live feed go check out creativelive

Up and away

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There are days when my head is full and it seems like no more fits in. Then I just want to be in the here and now. Not in the yesterday or in future because these are things that I can not influence. But how can I clear my mind? Just let it go, which is so easy to say but so hard to do. Let every thought float up into the sky and wave it away. This weekend I saw this sight in the photograph below and it just reflects what I mean.

Just let every worry, negative thought, issue, fear, drama go up and away in a beautiful ballon and there will be peace.

Bride & Groom: Het Album

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Last week it came in the mailbox with a hard thumb. The new magazine of Bride & Groom contains a special edition with the best wedding photographers of the Netherlands and I am in this special edition! So excited to see the result. So buy this magazine and check out this special edition.

7 years ago yesterday!

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Every night for eight months before I fell asleep, I would think about this day somewhere in August. I would think about what it would be like, the dress I would wear, my hair, off course about the weather, about my future husband waiting for me and to say I do. Eventhough it looked so far in the future I realised in January that one day I would wake up and the day would be here. My wedding day.

I think I can still remember every second of that day. Me crying when Ronald came to get me to go to our wedding location. Me crying when I say I do. Realising that every moment was special. I still cherish those moments and when I look at my wedding photographs it feels like yesterday. I never could have imagined that 7 years would fly by so fast but here it was again yesterday, our wedding day. It still makes me smile remembering that day. I look at us and I am happy.

One of my favorite wedding photo's. It was still in the analog age and this photo was only shot in sephia.

Sail Amsterdam 2010

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Every five years since 1975, when Amsterdam celebrated 700 years of existence, Sail Amsterdam is returning to the capital of the Netherlands. The biggest maritime event in Europe where an impressive fleet of Tall ships, sail to the city center of Amsterdam. All sorts of activities regarding these ships take place and visitors get the chance to take a closer look at all the ships.

Five years ago when I went to watch it we had a heat wave that day but today it was quite breezy and cool but the sun was out. We were invited by Ronalds sister to come watch the SailIn from the premises of the company she works for. She together with four others colleages had organised the festivities. There was food and drink and we had a super view of the all the boats and Tall ships that came from Ijmuiden.

Today I only took my long lens (70-210mm) with me. Shot just about everything at 210mm (a tip from Cliff Mautner to add more drama to the shots and it works). I have this lens for more than 20 years and used it on my EOS 650. When I see the results I wonder why I do not use it more often. Maybe this is a way to learn, every now and again take only one lens along that I do not use a lot and shoot with it. The results might surpise you.

den Heyligen Berg Wedding: Neeltje & Patrick

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Today the selection of Neeltje and Patricks Wedding at den Heyligen Berg on Thursday. When I went through their selection I was still amazed by the peace and quite of the surroundings so close to the town of Amersfoort in Leusden. A location that Neeltje and Patrick found when they went for a drive. They just knew eachother but had a cup of tea with some nice cake and thought, if we ever get married this would be the place. It was not a wedding location then, but since the beginning of this year its and the perfect backdrop for this wedding.

As we were at the location earlier, the wedding party had not yet arrived and it was still dry then we took the opportunity to take there wedding photographs. A very good decision as we had some rain later on and the newly weds could stay with their guests for the remainder of the afternoon. We walked around the beautiful garden of den Heyligen Berg and had some fun with the tractor.

Every item in itself was a natural prop that looked great in the shots and Neeltje and Patrick were absolute naturels. I did not have to give them any direction and the result is amazing. These two are really made for eachother, true soulmates ready to walk every road together. Neeltje and Patrick thank you for this great day and I wish you both long, long roads to walk together.

To see more of this wedding click here for the slideshow.

They were in their own world.

Two of my favorites of the day

Give me some attitude, baby!

Neeltje was truly glowing!

Neeltje's grandfather was beaming with pride


So happy she said YES!!!

Some amazing cakes made by den Heyligen Berg.

Tea for two (or three or four)

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Yesterday it was my sisters birthday. We always celebrate by going for lunch or dinner. As it was Sunday yesterday we went for lunch and this time a very well prepared High Tea. They had all sorts of warm and cold treats for us and lots of tea for us to choose from.

Off course it was way to much to eat it all, but we had a nice luncheon and a way to celebrate my sisters birthday. Happy Birthday!

Things I Love Friday

I am starting a new category on my blog the Things I Love Friday. As my weekend usually starts on Friday and there are a lot of things that I love (think food, drink, read, watch, do) I thought it a good idea to combine these two and show you all the things that I love.

But were to start when there are so many things to choose from? After a long thought I decided that my first feature will be of something that is good for you and healthy. I like to try and live by the rule of having two pieces of fruit per day. So that is where I will start. Two pieces of fruit that I really love to eat. Oranges and peaches.

Oranges because I can make fresh juice out of it or eat it in slices and peaches because I like to add it to my breakfast cereal. Now that it is summer I can buy them fresh and they taste lovely.

Happy Friday!