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Laag Soeren Portrait: Sandra

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I shot 375 photographs, I checked Lightroom twice to see if I saw it correctly but yes I shot 375 photographs and from all of these images I had to make a selection for todays blog post. Not an easy task as the portrait session can be split in two halfs the first half with Joris the stallion and the second half Sandra only. But even more because there were so many great shots. But I made and here is my selection.

While going through the photographs I realised how special this Saturday has been. To see Sandra and Helga work with the horse. To see management training from a whole new perspective. The interaction between (wo)man and horse. There were so many analogies with the "real" world and so special to watch. And when we started the portrait shoot is was so great to see how much fun Sandra was having with it. Becoming a real model along the way. So it is with great pleasure I show you the results of this portrait session.

I want to thank Sandra for the invitation and say: Sandra you are one special lady!

Leading with a rope

Helga showed that it is almost like a dance between woman and horse

Sandra 'dancing' with Joris

Leading without a rope!

After all his hard work Joris deserved a nice cold shower

The first shots of the portrait session. Straight out the camera. I love these and I love the hay stack!


Loved the light in the stables

The white Priessnitz Chapel

Definitly one of my favorite shots of the day

Location scouting: de Olmenhorst

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Last week while the sun was going down yently we went location scouting. It is always nice to have a number of option to shoot and when I came across this location on the Internet I wanted to check it out. The evening was still quite warm and the orchard was like a picture in a frame. My sister came along and was the perfect model. De Olmenhorst has a lot of different fruit trees, party and training locations. It is open to the public from dusk till dawn and near the town of Lisse.

It was such a peaceful environment and I would be thrilled to do an actual shoot here. So what are you waiting for? Sign up!

Laag Soeren Portrait Preview: Sandra

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This weekend I was invited by Sandra to photograph a very special lesson she takes with horses in the eastern part of the Netherlands. While driving there I realised again how beautiful this small country is. The diversity of the landscape is really breathtaking and I understand why Sandra likes being here. Sandra is taking, what I call, horse whispering lessons. Helga her trainer is also providing these lessons as management training and show managers about management styles. I witnessed something magical. Joris the stallion, a race horse when he was young, has to be led by Sandra and she has to guide him and make him listen without words but with movement and the connection she makes with the horse. She could make he follow her, make him stop and make him galloping. To see this happening was really something special and I consider myself privileged to have received this invitation and being able to document this special portrait.

Afterwards we had some time to shoot on the farm. A truly authentic place with lots of options for great shots. As a preview two shots and I will post a larger selection this week (Off course I hoped  to start this week with a post about the Netherlands becoming World Champion but it was not mend to be).

Family: Corrina, Cor & Melvin

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The difficulty with photography is always which photograph to choose. The more you capture the more choices arise. Well I had that difficulty again after the shoot with Corrina, Cor & Melvin. To many great shots and which to choose and which to eliminate. Well it took me a while but here is the selection of my favorite photographs.


Enjoying the company

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While Spain and Germany were battling it out to decide who would become finalist of the World Cup, I was enjoying a BBQ with collegues. My old department had organised an social event and I was invited. They could not have chosen a better evening. The weather was lovely and not to warm. We were welcomed to the home of one of my collegues. He and his lovely wife had done an excellent job in organising this evening. So we had the chance to talk, eat great food and enjoy the company. What better way to spend an evening.


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After 32 years the moment has arrived. It is unbelievable beyond comprehension we are in the final of the World Cup. I do not think that anyone really believed it was possible that "we" could reach the final but yesterday our soccer team did. Everyone has gone totally mad and anyone believes that now it is possible. We will see what happens. Fingers crossed. Finally we are in the final. Now we have to win it!

The first goal!

Cup cakes and details

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The semi finals of the World Cup are now being played but I can not sit still and watch the game so I am listing to the commentator and trying to write a blog post. Here we go. This weekend I have been busy backing, something I do occasionally. Chocolate cup cakes with white and dark chocolate pieces and sugar toping. As the weather was so great and made a small set up in the backyard underneath the trees that filter the light in such a beautiful way with my yummy cup cakes and flowers.

I got the flowers from all over my garden and this little piece of still life looked so nice. It represents everything I love about summer, the sun light, something sweet, the flowers in bloom and the warmth that you can almost feel in these photographs. At least I can but hey I was there when took these shots.

Oh and update the Netherlands just scored their first goallllllll!

Family Preview: Corrina, Cor & Melvin

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We chatted via email. Corrina and me and we hit it off straight away. She wanted to have some portraits taken of herself and her boyfriend Cor and his son Melvin who is almost 14 years. Birthdays are coming up and what better gift than some nice photographs. We discussed dates and locations and agreed that they would come round to me as we have so nice rural backdrops that look great on photo.

So yesterday it we finally meet and we hit it off just like in our email conversations. The weather was great although dark thunderclouds seemed to ruin our date but luckily drifted off somewhere to the east.

So when we hit the road the sun was out and we managed to take some great shots. Melvin turned out to be quite a photography enthusiast and had some great ideas for poses. Here a preview, one of Melvins ideas and I love it. Through the shoot I could see him relax in front of the camera which is really great. We had a perfect afternoon.

We can be heroes!

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Wow what amazing games have we seen in the quarter finales of the World Cup soccer. The Dutch team had to start first against the Brazilian team. A team that seem to have a head start no matter who is playing, or whom they are playing against. It is that reputation of them being because they are the 5 time World Cup champion. It has been thirty six years since we last won a game from Brasil in the World Cup and it has been twelve years when we last played them and lost (undeservingly is my opinion but you will not be surprised). So the time was now. Time for the Dutch team to win, to take the lead and grab victory.

Well when the Brazilians took the lead after 10 minutes disappointment took the better of me. We were on our way to meet friends and in the car we listen to the radio. How could we win now? All the signs did not point in that direction and them out of the blue the orange lions scored. A long shot and the game was on. The Brazilian team hadn't expected this equaliser and we could finaly play our game, be the team we can be. We could be heroes and we were. The smallest man in the group scored the winning goal with his head and we are in the semi finales.

This proves more than anything that if you have a goal, a dream, that you can reach that goal. As long as you keep on believing in your talent, in what you do best, do not get distracted or side tracked and then anything is possible. Who knows were this might lead. We can be heroes (just for one day).

Yeah baby! They are back: Entourage

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Indeed they are back the boys of Entourage! On Sunday the 27th the first episode aired and I just watched it. It is season 7 and with anticipation have I looked at this season of Entourage. An HBO serie that I have been following ever since the first season. The 4 boys from Brooklyn that lead the Californian lifestyle of fame and succes. It is still only about 20 minutes per episode and still all the main characters are part of this show. Vince, Drama, E, Turtle, Ari and Loyd.

What will this season have in store for them? Can they maintain the luxury lifestyle? How will married life be for E and Sloan? We will find out soon.